As warned by Jane, I have been having sprinkler problems.  And yes Jane, I keep the sprinkler key thingy around my neck, just like your Homer!!  Anyhow, after 9 phone calls my landscaper, Roland, shows up today.  He determines that there is a leak in one of the pipes!!  He finds it, borrows my shovel, tarp and pliers.  He digs my lawn around the suspect sprinkler (ACK!!!!), runs off to Lowes for a part and fixes it.  He tests it but there appears to be another leak!!  He finds it and digs up yet MORE of my lawn!!  (ACK!! ACK!!).  Back to Lowes!!  Fixes that one and re-tests.  NOOOOO!!  Another broken one!!  More digging Confused and BACK to Lowes!!  It seems as if my excellent gardeners have been hitting the sprinkler heads with their edger (From now on??  String Trimmer ONLY!). 
By now he has been here for 4 hours!!  He is hungry, I am hungry and Becky is hungry, so off to Subway I go.  Line out the door!!!  (The guy in front of me ordered $87 worth of sandwiches!!).  I get back and he shows me one sprinkler head that is shooting straight up in the air!!  After lunch he says he will go to Home Depot for a new sprinkler head!  My head is now spinning but we sit on the patio, eat our sandwiches and have a great talk!! (I’m sorry but this is the only picture that was taken –  Idiot that I am!!!). 
Blog Photos
Then, off to Home depot!
FINALLY, sprinklers are working perfectly after 6 hours and 3 trips to Lowes and one to Home Depot!  I ask him how much I owe and he says, "Oh, no charge!!  Thanks for lunch!".  WHAT????    So I now have the best gardeners AND the best landscaper!!!  Talk about blown away!!!
I went to the ‘Grocery Store’ yet again today!  And I took my camera!!  AGAIN…. nothing weird happened!  But I did get a shot of my VERY favorite checker!!
Blog Photos 001
And as an added treat (even though it’s out of focus), this is a photo of my neighbor Charlette (Crazy Lady).  It was a blind shot because I was hiding in the garage.
Blog Photos 002
Not sure, but I think she was picking her toes!
Unbeleivably, no Rascal Flatts tonight!   Tim McGraw as requested by my friend Julie .
Have a GREAT weekend!
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14 Responses to Sprinklers!

  1. Beth says:

    Gotta love ya Bob.  You always make me laugh.  You are the dickens with that camera, no one is safe from you.

  2. DANA says:

    Ugh I have a couple spots my underground sprinklers just look like they’re weakly pissing, I just left them cuz I have no gardener, so nothing grows there. I wish I had your gardeners! Oh and Bob, my messenger makes my computer crash, that’s how lame my computer is. I’ve had to delete lots of stuff. I also lost the ability to change my background, since I’ve dropped my laptop on the concrete, it just isn’t working that great anymore. Love your pics, poor crazy neighbor getting caught in a housedress, picking at her feet.

  3. renay says:

    glad that you got your sprinklers fixed. cute pic.

  4. Joe says:

    We’ve had no tragedies with our sprinklers and I’m very glad for that because we don’t have a gardener and even if we did it sounds like yours is one in a million.  As to the pictures LOL, you’re crazy yourself you know?  Crazy in the best way!  It’s good to see the subjects of some of your blogging finally!

  5. Jane says:

    That Jane!  Does she know sprinklers or what?
    Sadly we currently have two holes in our yards, Homer has his work cut out for him this weekend… we don’t have a freebie landscape guy.
    Good luck!

  6. Julie says:

    Ahhh thank you Bob! That’s one of my favourite country tear jerkers. *dries eyes*
    Water sprinklers…ahhh. I’ve watched my mom fix her sprinklers. She refuses to pay someone to do what she says she can do herself. She’s such a ‘do it yourselfer’. It really doesn’t look that hard to do but…I’d rather have  your gardner! heh What nice people you have that help you with your lawn! They really must like you…I can understand why though. 😉
    Poor crazy lady Charlotte…lol. If she even knew she is famous on spaces now and pickin her toes!! hahaha You’re too funny Bob. Now I’d be skeerd to be your neighbor..no tellin what you’d catch me wearin! 😉

  7. KatSoup says:

    I imagine you new sod looks like caddyshack.  Glad the leaks are under control.

  8. Bridget says:

    At least when you have sprinkler problems you don’t have to dig very far… mine’s buried a long ways down due to the winter freezing. Ugh….
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Melanie says:

    Come live near the seaside~sending you lots of weekend hugs~cute photos~hugs Melanie xxxx

  10. CAROL says:

    LORDIE BOB you have to be the luckiest son of a gun in the world to have people help you out and NOT CHARGE up the wazooo for all that work. It is just amazing. 6 hours and 3 trips would cost the reg JOE SMOH about 200$ for sure.THAT MUST have been one heckuva SUBWAY SANDWICH!!! 
    Hope it all works well and you have narry a leak from now on. As for the camera I find that when I DONT Have it is when I want it.. so that;’s why I carry it all the time now.  I actually get to see a race today on reg tv and if A BUSCH wins it I will just be so disgusted… enjoy your day…  : )

  11. Tracie says:

    Oh I didn’t realize I had missed so many posts!  I was gonna say that your landscaper was dinking around just so you would feed him!  LOL   Love Tim!!

  12. Isabelle says:

    I should sue you for putting that "woman" picking her toes!LOL!!
    Okie got to go!
    Take care,

  13. BRIDGET says:

    Well, I believe in karma.  You’ve obviously done enough nice things for people that you got someone to do something amazingly nice for you!  It’s the universe I tell ya.   Good for you!  You deserve to get something for free for a change.  Soak it up (no pun intended…hehehe).
    And I see a pattern in your "favorite" checkers at the grocery store…you like all the cute girls!!  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…just noticed, that’s all. ;o)
    Also, way to get a stealth picture of Crazy Lady!  Never a dull moment in your world!!  Oh, and I finally posted my list if you want to go check it out.  Take care…

  14. Debbie says:

    I love reading your blog! It’s so intertaining!

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