Family Feud

No, not mine!!  The neighbors across the street.  The old man and the son.  Not sure of the details but I think the son (Forty-something and still lives at home)  broke something and couldn’t afford to replace it.  I watched from my computer chair and it was quite the show!  A lot of arm-flailing, yelling and expletive-filled threats!!  I was ready to run over there if fisticuffs broke out.  Then the mom came home!  Every time she would calm down the son, the old man would walk by and get him started again!!  What a soap opera!!
Soon the son packed up his meager belongings into his car.  Mom and dad left for somewhere and the son stood there and cried.  He finally got into his car (the one he fixed with a shovel!) and just sat there.  I couldn’t take it anymore so I walked over to talk to him.  One-sided, non-conversation…  He just sat there so I left and so did he.  I tried…..
I don’t understand why whenever this family fights, they do it in the front yard!!  Sorry…. no pics!!  LOL!  OH!!  I forgot to mention that right in the middle of this, my redneck neighbor shows up (they HATE him!!!) and starts walking over there!!  I had to run out and reel him in!  "Dude??  Don’t go there!!!".  All is quiet now but I feel bad about the whole mess.
Went to you-know-where today and learned something interesting. 
Blog Photos 001
Apparently most of the strange people in the parking lot are coming from HERE!!
Blog Photos 001
Blog Photos 002
It’s the local recycling center!  Problem is, they are closing!!  OH NO!!!!!!  WalMart (GallMart??) here I come!
I hope you all enjoyed the song I played last night!  Tonight?  Brad Paisley!  He is a super guitar player and does alot of the guitar work in his songs.  Another Great song!!  BTW, I found out that Jamey Johnson (last night’s artist) is actually a long-time songwriter and that song is on his first CD!!
Take care and be well!
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11 Responses to Family Feud

  1. Julie says:

    Yay…I’m the first to reply here! 🙂
    Isn’t it sad to see people you call friends fight? I hate that. We have neighbors that used to fight a lot. They drank excessively and it always ended up in a domestic squabble. The cops would come…she would leave. The next day she’s back and they’re all lovey dovey making up. They finally settled down and had children and now I haven’t heard a fight over there in quite a while.
    This song is nice…waiting on a woman huh? 😉
    How about some more doggie tales? I’d love to hear more about those cute pooches you have.
    Take care Bob.

  2. Beth says:

    Yo, Bob, the fact that you have a big heart shows through in your posts no matter how much you try to hide it.

  3. Joe says:

    Bob, I’m telling you man you could be missing YouTube gold with the stuff going on around your house.  It did sound sad though and I’m sorry for that sort of thing.  I have seen some wild fights in people’s front yards before and it’s not pretty.  Well, I just wanted to stop by before going out to shovel my car… every time!

  4. DANA says:

    Oh that’s so sad him crying by his car. Sadly it’s time for the 40 year old to move out on his own, the nest is getting too small and he’s sittin on his dad’s tail feathers.

  5. Jess says:

    good lord Bob, what a damn mess your neighbors are ! lmfao ! I wonder if they think you’re weird since you are wacko !?!?
    It is so weird to see pictures of Alberton’s, that’s where hubs worked for so long and the whole reason we moved here to Omaha. They closed down in this market too and so he stayed here with the company he’s at , but they’ve called recently trying to get him to do south.
    ANYWAY !
    I take pictures of people all the time too ! Barb and my sister hate going places with me because I ask ppl all the time to take a picture and just about everyone says hell yeah ! lmfao
    Hope you’re fabulous !

  6. colleen says:

    It sounds like your the neighborhood peacekeeper, it was nice of you to try and talk to the kid even if it was one sided. I hope you have a nice quiet evening Bob, Take care…Colleen

  7. Tracie says:

    You be careful with those neighbors of yours!  They all sound,……not so tighly screwed onm don;t want them to completely uncork on you! 
    I think you’ve inspired me to start taking my camera to the grocery store. Ofcourse nothing exciting happens there! 

  8. Kat says:

    Its hard to feel sympathy for a 40 yr old "man" still living at home with Mom and Dad.
    You have a good heart though, Bob-a-roo 🙂

  9. Sue says:

    Know what it’s like to have fighting neighbors!  But I think we have the perfect remedy–my hubby picked up a FREE huge multi-speakered old amplifier several years ago and dragged it out the other day to see if he could get it going.  Well, you guessed it–it is really loud.  Not just our little cul-de-sac can hear it, but the whole sub-division, I’m sure.  And with the mic jacked up to "distortion" level, it really rumbles.  He and my 12-year old had a blast making weird and obnoxious sounds.  But I think a few embarassing annoucements during one of those neighborhood fights might give them pause….!!!

  10. CAROL says:

    I feel your pain BOB.. sounds like HELL HOUSE WEST in my opinion.. course you haven’t got the drug dealers and hookers yet, no one has pulled out and shot off a gun yet or have they???? People around here just lay low.. you are libel to get your head blown off. This is seriously a bad sign to hear all that loud yelling.. You know somethin will explode any minute.  Your trips to store slay me,, you actually GET people to pose so they can be in your BLOG.. people here kind of look at you like your nuts.. hahahha.. I got yelled at at a dang flea market for taking a pic of a stupid display there. SOME people jist like to spoil it for all of us.  : ) 

  11. Fizz says:

    Man. I read about the son and I almost cried, too. I suspect the reason why the fights happen in the front yard is because good ol’ pop’s is throwing his butt out.I’m so glad I have papa and we get on well. I’d hate to have a fight with him and have something happen. That’d be my luck.– Fizz —

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