Show Dogs

Found this article in the Orange County Register (Yes, I subscribe to multiple newspapers!) by David Whiting.  It’s about a local Dog Show and I thought it was excellent!!

My first girlfriend was a dog.

And I called her "Pal."

I’m not being mean.

She really was a dog, a furry, brown and black terrier.

It was many decades ago, when this little dog followed me home from school. She never left. Still lives in my heart, in fact.

I figured I’d come clean right away with my dog bias because if you hate cute, lovable, wonderful, caring canines, this column may be not for you. (Try playing fetch with your cat instead.)

Imagine: 100 dogs gathered in the outdoors, all on their best behavior, hardly a yip and certainly not a nip. That was the scene I discovered this weekend during a random run in O’Neill Regional Park at the foot of Saddleback Mountain.

Dozens of cars, cages and tents were gathered under the oaks for a two-day show put on by the International All Breed Canine Association, an organization similar to the better known American Kennel Club.

I wandered over and immediately was befriended by Bobbie Libman of San Juan Capistrano. She was patient enough to explain the IABCA and the AKC, which puts on the fancy Westminster dog shows in Madison Square Garden.

The differences boil down to two things: one is international, one isn’t (you can figure which is which by their names); also, AKC compares dog vs. dog while IABCA evaluates each dog on the standards of that particular breed.

But enough of the technical stuff. I wanted to check out the beautiful animals, learn a little about an activity I’d never realized often has its competitions in the great outdoors, and find out what turns dog lovers into competitive dog lovers.

"I guess you could call it the pride," Libman answered while discussing why go through all the bother of competition, travel, training, grooming and paying fees. Showing and even breeding dogs isn’t about money, she assured me during a later phone conversation.

"There’s nothing like the devotion and the constant appreciation that you get from a dog," Libman explained. "There also is the unconditional, undying love and affection that you get from a dog."

Libman grew up without dogs. Her mom’s decision. When she was on her own, her first dog loves were Great Danes. But the pain of big dogs’ relatively short lives proved too much.

So, Libman turned to smaller dogs, which live longer. It was love at first sight when she saw her first Chinese Shar-Pei. Twenty years later, she still loves the breed.

"They’re adorable."

The judges in O’Neill didn’t disagree, awarding Libman’s dog, Mikobi’s Little Brick Schmidt House, 16 medals, including three best of show.

As shiny as the medals are, Libman’s love of her dog is brighter.

"They’re pure of heart and soul. They’re great company. They’re fun to watch," said Libman. Perhaps concerned about how her two daughters might feel if they see this column, Libman also was quick to note, "Obviously, you can’t compare them to people because they’re not people."

My wife, Sue, might disagree. She calls Ziggy, our son’s and daughter’s Schnauzer, "My baby."

Turns out, Libman and Sue feel the same way about dogs:

"They’re fur people," Libman laughs.

I’ll have to ask Ziggy.


I went you-know-where today and yes, I brought my camera! 

Nothing earth-shattering but caught my eye.

She is the cheeriest checker in Albertsons

Blog Photos 001

When I pulled my camera out and said "Smile!!", she thought I was kidding!  Another checker told her that when Bob has his camera with him, he is serious!!  HAH!!  She is a sweetie!!

On to the parking lot!!  I spotted this REALLY yellow truck and noticed a cute little Chihuahua in the front seat. 

What I didn’t notice was the Mexican woman in the driver’s seat!!  Oops!!

Blog Photos 002

She spoke little English so I tried to explain to her that have a blog, but she wasn’t buying it! "Why you take picture of my dog!!".  When I got back in my car, her husband walked up and in an angry voice said, "WHY ARE YOU TAKING A PICTURE OF OUR DOG!!!!!!!!"  Uh oh…   So I smiled and said, "I have a blog and thought your dog was cute!".  He just said "Oh!  OK!", and walked back to his car.  Whew!!!

Then I saw this! 

Blog Photos 003

What the heck is a school bus doing pulling into the Albertsons parking lot…….. in August!!  School is OUT!!  Does this woman use the bus as her personal vehicle during the summer??  And it’s not even a ‘short bus’!!

And finally…… These guys have been working on this sewer line for 4 days!

Blog Photos 004

Something broke (cable, hose??), so this is them standing around scratching their heads trying to figure out what to do or who is gonna have to crawl down there!  Probably not the guy sitting down.  He looks like the boss!   Our City workers work sooooo hard!!  LOL!


Continuing on with ‘Female Country Artist Week’, here is an absolutely beautiful song by Pam Tillis!!  I KNOW you will like it!!  Remember Mel Tillis??  The guy who stuttered but sang so well?  His daughter!

BTW?  Loved all of your comments to yesterday’s post!!


PS:  My gardeners were working across the street today ( why they don’t do all four yards on the same day?  I have no idea!). But I brought them water anyway!   Effron asked me why I was hand watering and I told him just for a little extra water on some of the iffy spots!!  Told him my sprinklers run every other day for 20 minutes and he said "Good!". Then I pointed out a leak in one of them (that HE caused!) and he said he would fix it on Saturday!!!  YAY!!  They are just TOO good!!!





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12 Responses to Show Dogs

  1. klaus says:

    My mother is very much a cat loving person, but myself..always dogs. Good pictures above….and glad the man knew enough English to know "blog"Have a good day my friend!

  2. Beth says:

    Great pictures Bob.  I am glad you don’t have a black eye because of the doggie pic you took.  LOL
    Personally, I doubt very much if he knew the word blog from a hole in the ground.  😉

  3. Michiko's says:

    I found your space when I was visiting Kyle’s space, I enjoy reading your various blogs and pictures.
    Have a great day,

  4. Greg says:


    Hey Bob…
    How’s it hangin’???
    Yep…I was just at Joel’s.
    Look out!!! Bob has a camera.
    I’ve been doing a little camera window shopping myself.
    Probably be a Christmas gift to me.
    Pam Tillis performs here in Branson once or twice a year with her dear old dad Mel.
    We have had an awesome summer here. So…Of coarse I have been away from the ‘puter more.
    But then I think most of us been out and about more.
    Safe travels and enjoy the Olympic basketball. If I get out that way I will look you up. Maybe we can go to Albertson’s?
    Be well Bob…Greg

  5. _ says:

    Yep, we’re a large-breed-dog family. Our last one was a Bernese Mountain dog (I blogged about him just for you). Our present one is a Great Pyrenees.
    When I first saw it, I thought the picture of the school bus was of the green motorcycle. Mine, or the one that used to be mine and is now Hubby’s, is red. That would’ve been one looooong ride. LOL

  6. HEDGE says:

    I like hearing about your neighbours or the people who work at the grocery, etc.  Makes me think of the Jimmy Kimmel show and his uncle & the mexican who are on staff  🙂    Entertaining!

  7. Sue says:

    Hey, my cat Caruso would gladly fetch the dog’s tennis ball if he could get his mouth around it…he always beats the dog to the ball and then doesn’t know what to do!  So funny the way he hits it with his paw while the dog barrels him over to get to that precious ball!  I saw the cutest small dog ever the other day—it was a Yorkshire Terrier—all fluffy and full of energy.

  8. Jess says:

    Ok you are KILLING me with the pics ! Soon, people will start mobbing you to be in the pics I bet !

  9. sweeti's says:

    Imagine  Bob
    the guy  used  his fist.. I mean the Chihuahua  guy..LOL
    the  osme one else  could take a pic of ur blue eyes.
    I know  a woman  She  traines  Dobermans….really  awesome dogs..
    and well  teached  u know
    lots of love to u
    and  Bonny of course

  10. Jess says:

    Awww shucks Bob ! You are always makin me blush dammit ! AND you better go to the other site too Mister !
    Now, the pics. People will really want their pictures taken you’re gonna be a famous photo blogger ! Star mag will prb call you soon lmfao !

  11. Jess says:

    You are full of piss and vinegar today aren’t ya !?!? Yeah I got that warning earlier too, I emailed the editor about it but I’m glad to know it’s not just me ! I dunno how they’d phish, you don’t even register lol

  12. HEDGE says:

    I laughed reading about the Mexican woman & her husband.  There are actually laws (at least up here in the great white north) about photographing people.  I’m not an expert on the subject; just heard about it.  I should be, though, since I’m in media, but my work doesn’t involve footage of people on the street, usually.  Supposedly, if there’s only a few people, you have to get permission.  But if there are more than 20 people, then it’s a free country!  I don’t know how accurate that all is.  But hey, you meant no harm.  I think it’s great fun what you’re doing.  You should make some business cards, that have your blog URL, and then your name and underneath that, "blogger".  What do ya think?  🙂

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