Tonight has NOT been a good night!!  No one on MSN IM (, so I sat here in this big, empty house listening to music.  What a drag!!  I know it’s a Saturday night!!  You folks must be partying!!  Good for you!!  But for me??   PFFFFT!!!   FUN!!!!  Whatever………!!!
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11 Responses to Crap!!

  1. Rambling says:

    you should have come over to my house.

  2. Gina says:

    LOL…. you’re a nut. You do know that, right? :o) 

  3. Sara says:

    omg, ya crazy like me lol. I guess we were the only ones who couldn’t party last night. my mouth was sore from taking my wisdom tooth out.grrrr…. lol 🙂
    have a great Suday.

  4. Beth says:

    I was on messenger about 945pm central standard time.  Where were you???

  5. MizAngie says:

    Your little man wasn’t green when I was on here. That sounded dirty, didn’t it? I MEAN, the little guy on Windows Messenger. Ha!! I think I unplugged around 10:30 pm CST.
    Stop yer whinin’!!!

  6. CAROL says:

    We had storms here and I unplugged my computer. Sorry about that.. I was only on line a short time. Hope you find some time to have fun today…  : )

  7. Jill says:

    HEY!   i have to share the computer with 4  other folks….my computer time is usually around 2AM….lol    no complaining about having uninterrupted youtube viewing time…  =D
    make sure you let Becky know how lonely you were while she was gone and how much you missed her.

  8. renay says:

    hope you had a good time listening to music.

  9. Jade says:

    sorry guy!Just haven’t been on much lately…but I see a few people were looking for you!

  10. Tracie says:

    I worked last night.  Sorry you are so bored.  Should make your wife happy that you miss her!

  11. Raven says:

    You’ve been late with your friendship fees again, haven’t you? For that, you shall be punished!

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