Thank You All…

For all of your kind comments.  I passed them on…  You are ALL my best friends!!
I don’t feel much like posting today.  I’m leaving this song up it says so much about with John (JP).  Actually I’m basing my eulogy around it.
One funny story!!  Becky and I had a garage sale a few years ago and on the last day John pulled up with the worst collection of crap I’ve ever seen, including one of those canopy things.  By the time he had set everything up, it was 5 o’clock and Becky and I were in the house watching TV.  We had given up long ago but left our stuff out there and told John to sell what he could.  Becky had some really nice suits and dresses out there, some that only had been worn once.  She had them priced between $10 and $25. 
John walks in an hour later and says, "Good news!!  I sold all of your clothes for 25 CENTS each!!!"  He held out $6 in quarters!!  LOL!!  I thought Becky was gonna jump out of her skin!!  I had to hold her back but it was difficult because I was snorting so hard!!  And the look on John’s face??  Priceless!!
Well…. so much for not feeling like posting.  I needed a laugh!
Leaving that same song up……. For John
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7 Responses to Thank You All…

  1. Beth says:

    Bless you Bob, my prayers are with you and with John’s family.

  2. HEDGE says:

    just checking in you again to see how you’re doing  🙂

  3. HEDGE says:

    oops, meant to say i was checking in on your space again.   forgive my blondness!

  4. ♥ Aimee says:

    sorry to hear about your friend…thinking of you! 
    ♥~♥ :oD because you shared a smile…someone’s day got brighter… :oD ♥~♥

  5. Fizz says:

    That’s a hoot. That’s how I garage sale, but I’ll bet your wife was L.I.V.I.D. I always sell everything in my Garage Sales because nearly everything is priced under a dollar.– Fizz —

  6. _ says:

    I think a good chuckle would be quite appropriate for the eulogy. If being around John made everyone happy and laugh, then that’s how he should be remembered. Happy and laughing.
    Thinking of you tonight. Peace.

  7. CAROL says:

    It is memories like that which will keep his memory alive for you for the rest of your life. Those are ones of a good good friend . HUGS for you ..  : )

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