One or some people tried to break into our house two nights ago.  They tried to enter through a skylight but because it would have been a 40 foot drop, 3 barking dogs  and our Brinks security they didn’t get far.  But they did manage to break the outer dome on the skylight!  Grrrrr!!!!!!!  
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Seeing as how the three skylights are almost 20 years old, we are just going to have them all replaced.  BTW, I HATE going on the roof!!  LOL
I doubt they will be back.  They will find an easier house, but I warned the neighbors and filed a police report.  Scary stuff??  Ask Becky!!
The semi-redneck across the street who was fighting with his dad has returned home and all is quiet.  I really like the guy but Geez!!!  It seems to happen every few months.  Knock it off!!!
Other than that, slow day.  I’m feeling alot better and actually ate today!!  hahaha! 
New song tonight…. well, at least for my space.  Lonestar!  Hope you like it!
Thanks for your comments today.  They meant alot!!
PS:  We have been waiting for the damned police!!  Tonight??  I heard noises, so I walked out, unarmed,  and there were 2 Asian men trying to ‘jimmy’ the steel gate!!  When they saw me they ran!!  WTH??  We called 911 and the police (they are the worthless!) finally arrived! Showed them the skylight and explained things.  They said. "Oh…  It’s probably some teenage pranksters!"  WHAT??  No way!!  I saw them!  They had moustaches!! 
Anyhow, they promised to have extra patrols drive by!!  Big Deal!!  Tomorrow yours truly is going gun shopping!!  Thinking Glock G38 or G39.  Don’t worry!!  I can handle myself! (Vietnam??) I’m just pissed at these ass*&$%’s and the police!  Guess I’m on my own!!  Damn!!! NOT the best week!!  lol!  Becky is frantic!!!
You all take care!
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21 Responses to Break-In!!!

  1. Fizz says:

    You need bigger dogs that don’t give you those goofy looks every time you take a photo of them. This would REALLY deter intruders.Did you know that the original definition of  "Red neck" was a good, hard working, union coal miner. The term redneck came from the Appalachia in western VA… all the coal miners on the march down to the last union run mine tied red Bandannas on their neck so that everyone knew who they were. Here’s a link to the story on Wikipedia, but I first saw it on the History Channel.– Fizz —

  2. CAROL says:

    WOW thank GOD the drop was big. let me guess. NO ONE HEARD a thing.. right??? So sad. no one looks out for anyone any more. Thank GOD the dogs were there. I bet the noise was well deafening hahah.. Hope the whole thing gets fixed before the rain comes.  take care.. Have a swell weekend and get better soon.  : )

  3. Jude says:

    Yikes!!!!!!!  That’s just scary!
    Hope they don’t come back!  :s

  4. Jean says:

    Wow.. busy week for you! Glad they didn’t get in! Be careful.. I’m sure you’ll find another FABULOUS handyman to put new skylights in.. why can’t these people live here????lol Get that machine on your feet!

  5. renay says:

    glad that you and becky are ok. have a great weekend.

  6. sweeti's says:

    Police is ur best friend…haha Slogan   u know.
    we had  a bank  aside our house…In the middleo the night the alarm went off
    Police stationis 100 meter away  the heard it   very wel.
    Police came to investigate when he alarm was off…Tehn they knew  somw one was there  already  .
    but Bob…
    they are afraid….they are  babies…walking arond  with  a uniform.. sowing off.
    but but
    buying a gun   BOB???? 
    watch out
    imagine u have a fight  with ur wify…  and she says 
    Bob  i shoot u  Crazy ass???? ohhhhhhhhh dangerous toy  BOB
    well i hope  the guys  wont come back.
    and tx  to Bonny and her friends….Remember  
    bye now  and  dont get paranoid  oke???
    sleep well

  7. Isabelle says:

    If I were you I would start by SHOOTING at the police!
    *Isa takes her MEMORY ERASER, MODEL X3000, and clears up the temporary memory of everybody who reads this!*
    Well, I bet the Super Cops who knows it all will at least send patrols and be a hinderence to what appears to be teen prankster……they must be very old teens…and errrr…. dangerous pranksters….so I would also suggest you to shoot them like pigeons if it is you or them.
    I am really tired of some people lately….can I borough you pistol?
    Anyways, please take care of you guys and please do not trust anybody…even your gardners….I do not want to look paranoid….just keep your eyes open!
    Take care,

  8. Shelly says:

    Jiminey Crickets!!!!   Enough already with the bad crap happening to you!  S-O-B!!   Get the damn gun and then on every area of your yard put a sign out that says PROTECTED BY BR*NKS SECURITY SYSTEM, SURVALENCE CAMERA’S AND A VETERAN WITH A GLOCK 38 & BULLETS!   Do you have an old video camera or something that you can jimmy rig up to look official?   If not go to a pawn shop or a thrift store maybe they have some.  
    Do you know what they are after?   Man they are obvioulsy persistant!   I’m sorry you have all of this crap to deal with.   A great guy like you doesn’t need this crap!!  Give Becky a hug from me and I hope it’s getting better each day. 

  9. Isabelle says:

    Happy I made you laugh!
    Well I loved the song!!!
    Thanks again;O)
    Take care,

  10. Jane says:

    Yikes!  People really get on roofs and break in through the sky lights?  That really doesn’t seem like the smartest way to go about it – especially with that first step.
    Be careful with that gun…

  11. Sue says:

    I guess it’s time to electocute that front fence!  That is ridiculous that the police won’t do anything, especially after your skylight was damaged.  Maybe you should post a bunch of "Beware of Dogs" signs and some video cameras (even the fake ones will deter most intruders).  Wonder what they think you have that is so valuable?????

  12. Tracie says:

    You need to booby trap things like on that movie "Home Alone"!  Then set up a movie camera for a good laugh!

  13. Shelly says:

    Or you could put another sign that says…. Beware of the pissed off Polish Princess with a photo of ME!  That’ll scare em… tee hee ha ha
    Have a good weekend darlin!  I’m thinking that you and Becky should stay very close to one another this weekend as to calm each others nerves…. Clothing is optional but definatley gets in the way! wahoo!! 
    Wait… could it be the bad gardener trying to get revenge or something…has he ever been in your home?    Spooky shit man!
    take care and go be with your wife.  

  14. Laoch says:

    Maybe installing some video cameras so you’ll have something to show the police?  Scary.

  15. Melanie says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your scary experience. In Australia we cannot just go and buy a gun for protection like some countries. We get told there is less crime, if, we cannot buy guns, but there are so many break ins, in the seaside resort, where I live, that, they choose flats and not the ground floor ones either, they pick the high ones that leave their glass doors open that lead onto their front porches thinking they are safe~the law sucks sometimes. I am glad you are both safe, and, that they will not try beaking in again. Have a lovely weeknd~hugs Melanie xxxx

  16. ... says:

    Hi Bob.
    THanks for taking the time to drop by.
    Maybe it was like teenagers with false moustaches???? Ok, so perhaps not. Just trying to find another excuse for the police not to bother, not that they seem to need one.
    Watch what your doing with that gun.

  17. Kat says:

    holy cow man!! thats some scary shizzle!!
    I know you’re a tough hombre–but please be extra careful 🙂 *hugss*
    I’m so glad that the funeral went well. I knew you’d do a grand job 🙂

  18. Rambling says:

    Gees Louise Bob!  Man…what in the world is going on that they’re targeting your place like this!?  I know you have Brinks (me..ADT) but that idea in the other comment about video camera surveillance is a good idea.  Please do that.  This is not good, what’s been happening to your place.  Have one at the gate and another on the roof looking dow to the lawn etc. for general surveillance.

  19. Julie says:

    Wow! I missed this blog. WTH?! Why are they targeting you? Ok Bob…fess up,  you have the lost watergate tapes or something huh? heh j/k I hope you’ve detered them now and they leave yall alone. Scary!
    Glad you’re feeling better and able to eat something now. Gotta keep up your strength for those crazy’s coming into your neighborhood!
    Take care Bob!
    Julie 🙂

  20. Greg says:


    That’s one thing I don’t miss about living in So Cal…Crime!
    Portland, Oregon wasn’t much better.
    Let’s come in agreement that these thieves get apprehended quickly.
    If I lived there I would renew my handgun permit.

  21. TheSpeedofLife says:

    OMGosh!  Some people will do anything huh?  Our house has never been burglized thank God.  It wouldn’t be hard really with all our solarium windows but the dumb a*& would have to go through two vicious red heeler dogs first.  Police are worthless, we don’t count on ours, we’ll just shoot them in the leg, LOL.  Plus, if our town cop is off we have to call the sheriff, if we are lucky one is nearby if not we have to wait 30 minutes to an hour for one to show up. 

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