It Went Well!!

Better than expected.  No tears and I remembered to breathe!!  I even improvised some stuff like memories I will always have.  Right before I got up to speak I was so nervous that I was shaking.  But I tried to imagine all of you, my friends, sitting there.  I guess it worked. 
His sister spoke to and her eulogy was very emotional.  She spoke of how John  took care of his dad after strokeand his mom during her cancer.  A few other folks spoke who I didn’t know but we all kind of bonded after the service.
My only problem was coming down with the flu on Tuesday!!  Grrrrrr!!  Came home and slept for a few hours.  Feeling better!
So, it was a nice ceremony but I’m glad it’s over with.  No burial ceremony….  cremation.
Take care ALL of my friends and thanks for your thoughts!!  Sorry it’s Country but…..  give at listen.
BTW, I hope all of you who could, listened to this song!!!!
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16 Responses to It Went Well!!

  1. Beth says:

    I’m proud of you Bob!

  2. Sara says:

    I am SOOOO proud of you. and it’s a good think you remembered to breathe, very important. hope you are ok now and hope your flu is gone. take care.

  3. CAROL says:

    Glad for you BOB. I told you you could do it.. NO TAKE CARE OF YOU.. okay.. nasty being sick in the summertime.Lets hope you shake it fast okay!!  HUGS!!  : )

  4. _ says:

    Good to hear that. Now take care of YOU!!! That’s an order.

  5. Jean says:

    You did good.. Now go to bed and sleep this flu off.. it’s probably due to stress.. and take care of your FEET!!!!!!! I know you’re not.. so get the deal-y on your feet and be GOOD!!! I’ll tell Becky if you don’t!!lol
    I’m glad you made it through the service… now just keep in touch with her.. it’ll be worse for her in about a month..

  6. Laoch says:

    Sending off a friend is unbearably sad.  Good wishes to you and his family.

  7. Abby says:

         You must sorrow.But you have to strong.I hope you are very well.Don’t cry!!!
         Take care of you.Don’t forget you should see a doctor and have eat something.Anything will change good.And you have me .So don’t worry!!!I support you forever!!!!
         haha ….Happy everyday!!!Nothing serious.Trust me,ok???
        Bob,come on^_^!!! I’m fans of you!!!.lol…

  8. Cindy says:

    I’m gladit went well.
    Take care of you now!
    Feel better.

  9. Shelly says:

    Very Proud of you Bob!   I’ve read before that mourning can sometimes use as much energy as it takes to run a marathon.   So please do take care of yourself and get better soon.  Sending you love and healthy wishes! ttfn

  10. Sue says:

    NEVER be apologetic about the music you put on your space—it is your space and YOUR choice.  It’s what YOU like.  It all helps us know you better.  Glad your eulogy went well and you were calm enough to get through it all.  It’s a tough one.  We knew you could do it OK!  Have a great holiday and try to relax, Bob!!!

  11. Fizz says:

    Glad to hear that you not only did your speech but did some improve too!!! I usually do improve, I won’t write  a written speech. I just write the topics down on a cue card and flip when I’ve said what I had to say!Very proud of you!– Fizz —

  12. sweeti's says:

    Standing  there
    In front of ppl…..saying ur words for  ur friend. Words come easy. No tears.
    ur strong  man  Bob..
    i cant do such things…Once i had to speech for my tsunami  projects  and  i  cried  My god..But after one minut 
    i took deep breath and  talked   like a waterfall..
    remmeber ur friend….my condolences  for those who stay behind.
    Sleep well

  13. Jade says:

    I agree with Jean- Please take care of your health!!!!PCmagazine seems to be an interesting magazine!

  14. BRIDGET says:

    Glad it went well.  Be well my friend…

  15. Melanie says:

    Hugs my friend, you were very strong, and I am glad you coped so well. The flu in Australia is raging at present, and, it will be the 1st of spring here soon ‘September’
    Have you got some nice music for Melanie please?
    Hugs Melanie ‘from the land down under’ xxxx

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