Sports – By The Numbers

Got this from Sports Illustrated
8 – Games this season in which the Red Sox’ Daisuke Matsuzaka, who leads the AL in bases on balls, has walked at least five batters.
6 – Wins by Matsuzaka in those games, the most five-walk wins by an AL pitcher since the Rangers’ Bobby Witt who had 8 in 1987.
$50,000 – The amount awarded by the Orioles to University of Baltimore School  of Law student Kevin Gracie on Aug. 19 for being the 50 millionth fan to pass through the gates at Camden Yards.
16 –  Years it took for Camden Yards to hit the 50 milliom mark, faster than any other stadium in major league history.
474 – Olympic medals won since 1896 by athletes who attended an Ivy League school.  If Ivy were a country, it would rank ninth on the all time medal table.
26.6% – Percentage of Olympic-related news stories (including newspapers, websites, network and cable TV and radio) during the Bejing Games that focused on Michael Phelps, according to a study by Pew Research Center.
4.0% – Percentage that focused on U.S. Gymnast Nastia Liukin, the second-most covered Olympic athlete.
26 – Hits by the Cardinals in an 18 – 3 win over the Braves, the teams’s highest single-game total since 1930.
Trash pick-up is tomorrow because of the holiday.  For some reason my neighbor, "Crazy Lady", has had her bins at the curb since last Thursday!  I’m concerned.  WTH??
The weather is heating up here!!  It always seems to in September!!  Dammit!!  HATE our weather sometimes!!  I may have mentioned before that on Christmas Day a few years ago it was 98F, windy with the humidity at 5%!!  Grrrrrrr!!  I am SOOOO ready for a rainy winter!!  It had BETTER rain this year!!!
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10 Responses to Sports – By The Numbers

  1. Beth says:

    Maybe you would like to come to the heart of the midwest and help me shovel snow this winter??  😉

  2. Julie says:

    Noooo Bob! I am NOT ready for winter! But, then again I never will be ready for the winters here I think. *sigh*

  3. Jane says:

    Have you ever considered that maybe ‘Crazy Lady’ gets a total kick out of making YOU crazy wonder why SHE is so crazy?  Something to think about…

  4. Melanie says:

    Guess what Bob? In Australia it is the start of Spring~just starting to warm up now.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Yes, you are right, I can do this on my own~and I will. Thank you for caring~Hugs Melanie xxxx

  5. Fizz says:

    Why not walk over and know on the Crazy Ladie’s door and just make sure she’s ok. That way, you will satisfy your concern and not have to worry about something bad…– Fizz —

  6. Sue says:

    Boy, I’m with you on that rain!!!  Can’t wait!  Hey, did you catch any of the MD Telethon over Labor Day?  Jerry Lewis looked FABULOUS!  Way better than past years.  What’s up with that????

  7. Cin says:

    I’m with you on the weather.  I love the cool fall days.  We get very few of them here on the mid-Atlantic east coast.

  8. ... says:

    you can have some of our Scottish rain if you like. Our summer has been and gone. Hello Autumn. Sigh.

  9. Kat says:

    98 in December?  *purrrr purrr purrrr* I’m comin for a visit–get yer Santa suit on 😉

  10. Rambling says:

    Did you ever find out what happened there with that lady?  Was she afraid of that camera?  😉

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