Music Is Back, Burt Is Not!

But I found him. Hiding in an inaccessable spot.  We used to have an in-ground hot tub and still have a small cinder block enclosure that housed the pump, heater, etc.  We are planning on having it torn down and removed, before it falls down on it’s own.  The equipment is still in there so we are going to have it removed.  It has a natural gas hookup, so our ultimate plan is to lay down a concrete foundation, put a new BBQ grill in there and hook it up to the gas line (No more Propane!!!).  Of course, we will build a new enclosure but this time with a roof.  Here is what it looks like now:
Blog Photos 002
Blog Photos 003
This is Burt’s normal hibernation place
Blog Photos 001
My wife is gonna kill me if she finds out I posted those! 
Where was I?  Oh yeah!  Burt has been in there for two days.  He goes through spells when he hangs out for days or weeks in different places.  We just don’t want him hibernating in there.  He came out today for about 15 minutes to eat a mango but now he’s way back in a corner where I can’t get to him.  So, when he comes out I promise those pics.
I got my music back so I assume that MSN was ‘fine tuning’ yet again!  Grrrrr!!  They really need to find better times to do that!  Either that or just leave Spaces alone!
A  little bit ‘lighter’ music this week, starting with tonight.  I hope you are all having a Great weekend!
Here’s my Sunday Song!!   Craig Morgan! 
Nite All!
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14 Responses to Music Is Back, Burt Is Not!

  1. Beth says:

    Glad you got your music back Bob, you just wouldn’t be the same without it.  LOL
    I am glad you found Burt.

  2. Jaysey says:

    He eats mangos?  Interesting.

  3. Jaysey says:

    He eats mangos?  Interesting.

  4. Rambling says:

    Why can’t Burt hibernate there though?

  5. CAROL says:

    Could be dangerous in there I guess.. hope you fix it where he can’t get back in there. I bet he makes his way back under the house somehow. Hope he comes out for a snack soon.. must mean winter is coming .. awwww RATS!!
    The fall leaves are no where near turning yet here!  Take care..  : )

  6. Lena says:

    did you think maybe hes humpin’ the hot-tub pump since ya hid the wok? 😦
    Poor Burt!
    How would you like it if Becky hid the pillows? :O

  7. KatSoup says:

    That Burt, he’s always giving you a run for your money.  I, for one, am very relieved to see there is something at your place that is not in a freshly painted state of rediness.

  8. Sue says:

    Hey, why would Mrs. S care about THOSE pics???  I think we all have spots around our houses similar to that one.  I know WE do.  Glad you finally located the missing Burt.  You maybe should stick a homing device on his shell—then you could always know where he is.  HA!

  9. Stephen says:

    Greg –
    If you want to see an eye-sore, try looking at our storage room that is also a bedroom!!! What a fricken zoo that is!!! Who is Burt, a lizard or something. I had an iguana before but he got me sick so he had to go by-by.
    Never consult with a spouse when posting to Spaces, post it and hope they don’t read it. Ken doesn’t really read my blog "so he says". Wait a minute, that reminds me; insert filters so he won’t know what I am blogging about. LOL
    Peace Brother –

  10. Jade says:

    hey, if you aren’t going to do work on it right away just let him. seems abit more private anyhow… Not like it will have a bunch of snow weighing it down, maybe brace it up where needed?

  11. Bridget says:

    funny how they always seem to find just the right quiet place, huh? thanks btw for the info on turtles the other night…. I’m visiting the kids this afternoon, I’ll share the info and maybe a pic…they are going to think I"m crazy taking a picture of their ‘pet’, lol… but then again, they do know me tooo well and will just roll their eyes and laugh! Have a great Sunday!

  12. Rosebay says:

    Glad you got your music back. Enjoy your Sunday

  13. Rambling says:

    OK…I understand fully about Burt now.  I thought he could just hang there for the winter but if you guys are gonna tear it down then he has to find another crib.  That’s all there is to it.  🙂

  14. ZePp... says:

    Seems ur still the busy beaver Bob !!  LOL.  Sorry to hear about the funeral (  Always hate those.. plan on skipping my own if I can )
     An Bart.. now Bart seems to be a real character !! Woulda figured that Bart would turn shy for the camera ??  Maybe intice him with the overturned flower box to stimulate his love interest ?? Or has Bart moved on and found a cozy rock or something to fall for ?
    Burglery huh ??  Damn people why wont they learn its just as easy and alot safer to WORK for aflipping living ???  Grrrrr  I hate common thiefs !!!  Have you seen the show "It takes a thief" on Discovery yet ??
    They break into peoples homes and then show them how easy it was to get in. Then helps the family/ home owners to fix thier house to where it cant happen as easily as it did before.. if not downright make it impossible to do for the normal thief. New types of windows.. alrams.. GPS monitoring devices.. locks.. coded items… cameras.. boy you name it they use if in protecting the people they help.  Check it out sometime if you get a chance.
    I dont know the laws for Cali on this but I have had cops here in the midwest tell me off the record.. if you do shoot someone while they are breaking into your home.. make sure they are inside when u shoot them.. even if you have to drag the body back inside the wimdow    😉
    On the friends list.. bud U still have my OLD site up on your friends list.. kill that one for sure.
    I have you as "invited" to my new site.. not sure if you didnt see it or didnt want to join the listing.. its cool either  I know I dont post alot and dont get by others spaces as much as I should.. so I dont expect alot of friends on here.
    Peace bud.. and good luck getting pics of those low fast flying boogies !!!!   LOL

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