Summer Has Begun – In So Cal

It seems as if every year, July is OK, August is a little warmer and then September hits and the temperatures soar!  92F today, and I live about 4 miles from the coast.  Inland, in the Valley, 103 and the Deserts?  115 to 120!  One place you do NOT want to live is Death Valley.  A breeze would be nice but not much help.
Of course Burt, being a Desert Tortoise, loves it and mocks us!! HAH!  I wanted to post new pics of him tonight.  He has been following me around for a month but when I took my camera outside today??  Nowhere to be seen!!  LOL!!  Shy Boy!!  New pics soon!
Watched that Special about cancer on all networks tonight and it brought back memories.  When I had throat cancer, I was scared to death!!  But I survived and only lost my vocal cords.  That was 25 years ago and I learned to speak without them, but I still worry…  Luckily, they have made SO many advances and hopefully someday, a cure!
Short post tonight!  I hope to have Burt photos tomorrow!!  I hope you all have a Wonderful, Relaxing and Fun weekend!!
For some reason that only MSN knows, I can no longer post music!!  What is wrong with them???????
I’m about fed up with this place!!  I’ll work on it this weekend, but……  Please send me your email addys to  I HATE MSN!!  I just don’t want to lose contact with you!!
And as an added bonus??  My dogs peed ALL over my bed!!  Have a Great weekend!! (I will kill them tomorrow!!  lol!)  Sleeping in the recliner tonight!!
Sorry about no music……!
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16 Responses to Summer Has Begun – In So Cal

  1. Melanie says:

    I was sure I just put a comment on your blog, now I cannot see it, if it shows 2 comments I apologise, or maybe I added it on another entry. I was smiling about your dogs ‘Peeing’ on your bed, not funny really hehe!!
    As for yahoo, they are having a lot of problems too, so Nana Val told me. She can hardly ever get to sign in these days, this is though.
    I hope you have a great weekend, it is cold and wet where I live, and we are patiently waiting for summer to come.
    Have a great weekend, and once again thank you for the comments you add to myspace~lots of hugs~Melanie xxxx

  2. Jude says:

    Summer there and fall (and winter!) approaching quickly here!!  I hate winter *sigh*.
    The dog I’m dog sitting has peed on my bed twice!  First time I caught her "in the act", so could clean up without too much permanent damage being done.  The second time……yeah, well I didn’t find that until I went to bed….my first thought (stupidly) was "is there a leak in my roof in my room now??" and then it hit me "that f***ing dog!!!!!".  Nothing like a cold and wet end to your bed to get you hopping, hey?  LMAO
    Take care and talk soon  🙂

  3. sweeti's says:

    Ohh   Bonnie  also??? no????!!!!!!!!
    well  Bob i will add u on yahoo   but  im not that much there.
    hope to talk soon.
    here its  sunshine  for one day….after weeks of rain and temperatures below  18C
    its summer here
    But i think   that  those ppl  upstairs   are pusing  the  autumn button.
    bye now  and
    get a pic of that guy oke??
    lots of smiles
    and  ur doing oke  Bob…I know  the  worries are still there…Believe me  i KNow.

  4. Beth says:

    Hey Bob,  Delete the media player then put it back on.  Start all over again from scratch.
    Take care and grab old Burt for some pics.

  5. renay says:

    enjoy the warm weather. at least your not getting hit by any huricanes. were slowly going into are fall season. were still hahving really warm temps. and very humid. so it’s making it really uncomfrotible here.
    hoppe to see pictures of your tortise soon.
    have a great weekend.

  6. Rosebay says:

    Yes MSN does give us fits at times. Not sre why. I’m sure your music will work today. I came right into the blog so I didn’t have chance to see if it is working. Now why would your dogs do that? Bad dogs. I hope you slept ok. Later.

  7. Jaysey says:

    It would be great if someday there really were a cure…we can only hope.

  8. Sue says:

    Funny you should mention that you can’t get music—I’m having the same trouble with my space.  I’ve found I have to post only short short songs.  Perhaps there is some problems with the space itself and they are trying to correct it.  Keep trying, though….

  9. Jade says:

    Hi guy! Sorry about your bed :(Firefox doesn’t play the music, so it is the same for me :)Shall we all go on a "where’s Burt" hunt?

  10. Rambling says:

    Looking forward to seeing Burt!!

  11. Joe says:

    Your pictures have always brightened whatever part of the day I’ve found myself in so I look forward to what you’ve got.  Excuse me for smilling about the dogs doing that….mine have done that before…made me wonder how possible it would be to wrap them up in the offending blanket and put them out with the trash LOL, of course not…but the thought kept me warm on cold mornings!  I don’t get the deal with music, I’m going to change mine up here in a minute, I’ll see if it works, have a great one Bob…now, go take a shower LOL!

  12. Tracie says:

    We usually have that last hot spell in August/September too, right when school starts, but it’s been COLD here.  I think its going to be an early and long winter. 
    I am hearing music–must have gotten it fixed.

  13. Jill says:

    dude, you know you wouldn’t trade SoCal for anywhere else… live by the BEACH!!!!  it WAS hot yesterday, the A/C was still cycling at 8 o’clock and we usually turn it off and open windows around 6.  yikes!
    sorry about the bed…..our dogs can’t jump up on the bed so when they feel neglected, they just leave treasures next to it for us.  =D
    it’s the WEEKEND!!!!!  have fun!

  14. klaus says:

    I always imagine S. Cal as a place where meteorologists go to retire..they can just pre-record the year’s forecast and go to play golf 🙂

  15. DANA says:

    I too watched the Stand up for Cancer show. I lost my parents and all of my uncles and 2 friends to cancer. It’s encouraging they are finding the cancer genes, I believe it’s the only thing that will end it. Stupid Nuke tests in Nevada in the 50’s altered our genes I believe. I admire your bounce back from it, how scary.
    Your dogs.. in their little furry minds,when did they make that decicion to cross that line?? To get up, look around and say "ahh what the Hell I’ll just pee right here and then go back to sleep in it?" bad dog bad dog!!
    If I wasn’t here and only Gary I’m sure by now our dogs would be trained to wait for Gary to carry them to their pee pee thrones in the yard. (Not to say your pups are spoiled…pfftt) I better not see pics of your pups in diapers and plastic pants!!

  16. Jane says:

    Bad Dogs!!!
    Are you sure it was the dogs, Bob?
    In case you’re wondering Burt took a plane to my house… he was craving a REAL desert.

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