New Grocery Store!!

We received an advertisement in the mail from this new grocery store.  It’s called ‘Fresh and Easy’!  I call it Fresh and Cheap!!  It’s a cross between Albertsons and stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.  Except their prices are 50% cheaper!!  It’s self-checkout only and bag your own but hey, I can do that!!  It’s not far away so I’ll be going there but they don’t have some items that Albertsons has so I’ll still be going there too.  I was impressed!
One of my pet peeves (rant?) is Asian drivers and especially woman Asian drivers and Old Asian men wearing hats!!  Alot of them wear oven mitts!!  WTH??  Anyhow, I was driving home from Albertsons yesterday in the right lane, no one behind me.  This Asian woman zooms past me on the left, cuts me off by inches and then slams on her brakes and makes a right turn!!!  GRRRRRR!!!!   I swerved and luckily missed her!  I thought of two things.  Flip her off (she probably wouldn’t know what that meant) or follow her and scream at her (she probably speaks no English), so I came home and stewed!!  lol!!  Just as well I guess.  I guess she got her drivers license at Pep Boys with a set of tires.
 I expect to get my new sunglasses next week.  I’ll post a photo and I expect to look like Clint Eastwood!  LOL!!  Or Curley from the Three Stooges!!  Depends on whether the wife gives me a haircut this weekend.  Or I could wear a hat!
Today was ‘street-sweeping day’, and it’s a $50 ticket if you are parked on the street when the sweeper comes by. So everyone scrambles to find an empty driveway for an hour!  Thing is, some people leave ther trash bins out for FIVE DAYS!  The sweeper can’t sweep but do they get a ticket??  NOOOO!  I may have to start tipping their bins over (kinda like ‘Cow Tipping’!).
One last thing.  My gardeners stopped by yesterday just to feed my lawn and spray it for weeds!!  I had weeds???  These guys are the BEST!!  You should see my lawn!!!
OK…..  Now I’m just rambling!!  But tomorrow is FRIDAY!!  Always a crazy day!!  Charging up the camera!
I FINALLY got this song to play here!  John Michael Montgomery.  It’s a Good ‘Un!!
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14 Responses to New Grocery Store!!

  1. Jaysey says:

    Sounds like a great store!  You should post a pic of your awesome lawn. 😉

  2. Joe says:

    You really covered the bases today didn’t you?  Asian drivers and cow tipping?  Wow, that’s some blog you’ve got going on Bob, I’ve had many the hair cut which required a hat…speaking of fresh and cheap…that’s the kind of hair cuts I usually get!  LOL!  Well, I’m sure you’ll look great with the shades no matter what…if not might I suggest a ski mask?

  3. Lena says:

    Fresh and Easy sounds more like a douche!
    I love Trader Joe’s, but I’ve never purchased a douche there.  Wonder if it’s organic vinegar and herb infused water.  What say you?

  4. Lena says:

    oh, Asian women in oven mitts while driving?  WTH?  We don’t have that out here.
    I do however, on scary days where chemtrails are visible and the stock market is crashing, wear a bike helmet, swim goggles and yellow rubber kitchen gloves.
    But I don’t cut people off.  I promise!

  5. Cindy says:

    The store souds good! I wish I could find a good market…Have GREAT Friday:-)

  6. Beth says:

    The new store sounds great and a lot like the Sav-A-Lot stores in this part of the country.  You will have fun shopping there.

  7. _ says:

    And isn’t tomorrow also a full moon? Even crazier than usual. Better be careful with those Asian drivers on a full moon.

  8. Rambling says:

    I wish I could try shopping there.  I love Trader Joe’s but I can only find one in Charlotte NC when I go see that son who lives there.I LAUGHED at your description at the women and men in oven mitts!  Go figure!!!  But good laugh here.  I’m still smiling.  I like the trashcan tipping…do it.  And take a picture of them lying on their sides!!!

  9. renay says:

    let me know what the pricewse like in the grochery store. hope that you gotall of the weeds out of your yaRD,

  10. Melanie says:

    You always make me laugh~tipped over garbage bins~Asians with mitts on~50% off groceries~cannot get that anywhere near where I live! Sun glasses hmmm! Weeds, have got them.
    Hugs from your friend~Melanie xxxx

  11. Sue says:

    Cow tipping???  Please tell me you have never done cow tipping.  Maybe outhouse tipping, but not cow tipping!  Your new market sounds GREAT.  I LOVE Trader Joes, but it is in the next town, an hour away.  Rats!  I know all about crazy drivers.  We used to ask,"Did you get your drivers license at Sears and Robuck?" but you never hear that anymore.  I’ve had to learn to drive defensively and patiently here in CA, with all those luny drivers out there…

  12. Tracie says:

    "Fresh & Easy"  sounds like a brothel!  LOL
    Oh Bob, you’re a hoot!!!

  13. Fizz says:

    Yes… tomorrow IS friday… I mean today is friday, I think. Heck, I have no idea what day it is… it must be a weekday cause I’m at work. 😀 With AC!– Fizz —

  14. TheSpeedofLife says:

    Hey Bob, I just had to tell you….I killed my Bonsi tree *sniff* My sister bought me one in May and I killed it!!  I’m so sad.

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