Great, Crazy Sports Day!!

After seeing the Cubs and Rays win long overdue playoff spots in baseball this weekend, Today was simply bizarre!!  First, the New England Patriots were shocked by the previously winless Miami Dolphins by 25 points, 38 to 13.  Who the heck is this Ronnie Brown guy??
Then Jacksonville upsets the Indianapolis Colts 23 to 21! Great game!  But the BEST game  was the ‘Battle of Pennsylvania’,  Pittsburg Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles.  Maybe the roughest, Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em game I can remember.  The Eagles sacked Ben Roethlisberger eight times and finished with nine for the game, along with forcing 3 fumbles and recording a safety.  ‘Big Ben’ was forced to leave the game in the fourth quarter and did not return.  Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was also injured along with Eagles running back Brian Westbrook.  The way the Eagles’ defense played it makes you wonder how the Cowboys were able to score so many points on Monday night!  Can’t wait for the rematch in Philly on December 28th!!
In Baseball, my Phillies beat the Florida Marlins  today while the Mets (ugh!) lost to the Atlanta Braves!!  WTG Braves!  That increases the Phils lead in the NL East to 1 1/2 games with 7 to play!  Go Fighten’ Phils!!!!
In Golf, which I actually hate, the U.S. won the Ryder Cup today…. The first time since 1999.  But the amazing thing was that except for Paul Azinger, the other four other guys on the team were virtual unknowns!  No Tiger Woods, no Phil Mickelson.  Just some guys I never heard of. 
OK!!  I know that that most of you either hate sports or just don’t get it, soooo…..
Had TWO F-22 jet flyovers today!!  But by the time I got out there they were gone!!  Darn!!  Someday I will get a photo!!  They were LOW too, and Loud!!  Just ask my dogs!
Saw Billy yesterday!!  Remember him??  The homeless guy??  As usual though, forgot my camera! Grrrr!  But I did give him $5!!  He told me that he changed his name to Richie!!  HUH????
My gardeners were here yesterday!  Weeded, pruned the roses, brought a plant to replace one that had died and fixed a clogged sprinkler!!  Sheesh!!  I gave them 2 bottles of water and Effren HUGGED ME!!  YIKES!!!!  But they are the coolest!!!
One last thing….   I LOVE you people and appreciated your comments last week!  Take care and have GREAT weeks! 
Toby Keith tonight!!  HAH!!!!
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8 Responses to Great, Crazy Sports Day!!

  1. Duckie says:

    Blah Blah Blah

  2. DANA says:

    He changed his name to Richie AFTER you gave him the $5… duh! Also no matter how fast you run, jets go faster than the speed of sound so by the time you hear them they are already gone… unless you have super powers and can run around the world in reverse and slow them down. And the sports… sorry Jimmy Crack Corn… and I don’t care.
    You have got to have the coolest gardeners ever, in history! I’m sitting here with dirty fingernails after trying to plant the mums with no shovel.. a tablespoon an my fingers.

  3. Beth says:

    Good Morning Bob.  Well, of course I will cheer the Cubbies on but it hurts me to do so as I am a natural born Cardinal fan.  LOL
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Rosebay says:

    Thanks for the word about the Rays. What an underdog story. $5 to Billy/Richie and a hug from the gardner. What a day, huh?

  5. Sue says:

    Since my Tigers are out of the baseball running this year, I’m rooting for the Phillies to win it.  They certainly deserve it.  I still think my favorite Tiger, Magglio Ordonez, is one of the best baseball players I’ve seen in a long while.  I predict people will be hearing more and more about him as time passes…

  6. Jaysey says:

    Loving that new Eddie Vedder song…you should play it ;-).  Yah, I know, it’s not country. My new fave golfer = Boo Weekley.

  7. Shelly says:

    My goodness you are a busy busy man!  Can you come to Mich and do my house… I’ve got lots of stuff to get done.   Oh and I’ve got no $ but I’m sure we could work something out. 😉 
    My friend is all about sports too… he calls the sports filled weekends… sporgies!  tee hee ha ha
    Have a great week my friend and remember in mich I’ve got stuff to do!  tee hee ha ha

  8. Unknown says:

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