Three Dogs…. One STINKY!!!!! EWWWW!

I was chatting with a good friend today and decided to hold my dogs, one by one, up to my web cam!!  First Baxter!!  Just a sweet little Dachshund!!  Then Buzz, the Rescue Dog!! 
Next, I had to sneak up on the wild one!!  My Scottish Cairn Terrier Bonnie!!!  Bad enough to catch her and hold on, but PEEE EWWWWW!!!!!!!  Someone needs a bath!!!  Holy Crap!!  No!!  NOT ME!!
Dachshunds are naturally ‘stink free’ and Buzz was OK!!  But Bonnie??  OMG!!  What has she been rolling in??  Dead Rat guts?????  PHEW!!!!!!!!!   She is the mean one (she barks at everyone and everything!!) so maybe she does it on purpose!  Worse yet??  She sleeps in bed with me every night!!   YIKES!!!
As a side note??  Buzz HATES, HATES UPS trucks!!  He can be in the back of the house *snort* and come running out hysterically while the truck is TWO blocks away!!!  Someone told me that it’s the unique sound of their engines!!  I asked a UPS driver and he said, YEP!!    LOL !!!!  FedEx??  NO problem!!  HAHA!!
My gardeners were here today.  Well not really doing my yard!!  They mow my neighbor’s yard on Tuesday and then come back on Saturday and mow my lawn and three others.  WTH??    Anyhow, I walked across the street and gave them water. Must be working!!  Effron thanked me and then gave me a hug!!  WHOA!!  DUDE!!!  He asked if everything was OK and I told him, everything but that hug!!  lol!!
Tomorrow is my birthday!!  Turning 39!  LOL!!!  Wife and I are going to our favorite Mexican place for dinner!!  Casa Gamino!!  SOOOOO Good!!  Chile Rellano and Taco!!  Their Refried Beans are the BEST!!  Margaritas??  Pitcher!!!!!  LOVE that place!!
Song tonight is for my Florida friends!!  1990’s song by John Anderson!!   
Have a Great ‘Hump Day!!’!!!
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15 Responses to Three Dogs…. One STINKY!!!!! EWWWW!

  1. CAROL says:

    HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYY BOB!!!  YAY!!  You are as young as you feel.. age is a state of mind!!  Give that doggie a bath!!  hehehe  Have fun!!  : )

  2. Joe says:

    Wow Bob, first things first happy birthday being 39 years young LOL!  Where do liars go man?  Maybe you get away with it being your birthday and all.  You’re right about Dachshunds being stink free, I truly enjoy that with mine…it does make a difference…though mine are short hair so very little hair to deal with as well.  I about fell off my chair reading about that hug!  I’ve been a typical wester guy as long as I can remember…I’ve pretty much lost all the souther roots I could have ever had but we visit my birth city once in a while in Charlotte, NC.  They were so…huggy, just plain disturbing!  I knew right away what ya meant!

  3. Julie says:

    Bob Bob Bob…what have you let Bonnie into? Call the groomer..let them deal with that stink! heh
    I can relate to the UPS trucks…my Doodles barks at everything that goes past my house. He thinks this road belongs to us and no one is allowed on it. *rollz eyez*
    Ok well I don’t get the hug thing. What’s wrong with it? I’m a very touchy, feely, huggy person. Guess that’s the Southern in me? ( 😛 Joe )
    Happy happy Birthday young man! Do I dare give you a hug? 😉 Have a great night and a better tomorrow!
    Take care!
    Julie 🙂

  4. Duckie says:

    Happy Birthday to you.

  5. Jill says:

    have an incredible birthday!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Melanie says:

    Happy birthday Bob~39 hey? yes you do look younger than me hehe!!! Sounds like you had a lot of doggie fun~lots of hugs always~Melanie xxxx

  7. Beth says:

    Happy Birthday my dear friend,
    May this be one of the happiest days of your life!!!!

  8. Fizz says:

    You’re turning 39 again, eh? Good for you! How many years have you been at 39? ;)Go give that dog a bath. I’d suggest to take it to a groomers, but if it’s mean they won’t touch it…

  9. Sue says:

    Hey, you have a great birthday—just stay at 39!  I know I’ve given up counting birthdays—YIKES!  I KNEW you had to be a Libra too!  There are only a few things more stinky than a smelly dog!  Time for a bath!!!

  10. Rambling says:

    Happy Birthday Hiney!  Many many more and happy ones.  You are one day ahead of mine.  Us Libran’s are a zoo.

  11. Rambling says:

    HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG!! Not hiney!  ROTHFMAO

  12. Rosebay says:

    Happy Birthday – and on your birthday you can be any age you want.

  13. klaus says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Hope you enjoy yours my friend.

  14. Georgia says:

    Birthday wishes being sent your way, Bob!  Mexican…yummmmm, one of my favorites.  Especially the margarita-part!  Hope you and your wife enjoy!!
    Be great,

  15. Abby says:

    Happy birthday to you !!!!   I remember….
    I said I will give your a gife.I’m sorry!!!!!!!  I don’t buy one.But I must buy one and send you.Because I love you . You are my "dad"..Ahhhhhhhhhh““
    One day,you will received.That is gife.Musicbox…
    Have a good birth…Good happy!!!!!!!!!

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