Anniversary Dinner Last Night!!!!

This week is the 25th anniversary of my wife Becky being at the same job!  That’s a LONG time!!!!!  Her company is throwing her a dinner party at a really nice restaurant (  There should be 20 to 25 people there including bosses, co-workers, friends and family…. Oh yeah, and me!  The food there is excellent!!  For her 20th the bill came to almost $1,500 but I have a feeling we can out-do that!!  And Yes, I’m bringing my camera!!
I’ll be back after to wrap this up with pics!
OK!  Here is the restaurant
Blog Photos 019
Can you tell it’s a seafood place??
This is what I ate… Three of these!!  I know, I know… but I LOVE oysters!!!
Blog Photos 008
The stuff in the cups was minced shallots in vinegar and and cocktail sauce with REALLY strong horseradish!!!! 
Then it was on to these!!
Blog Photos 003
Oak-grilled Artichokes with Sesame oil and mayo dip!!  OMG!!!!!!  Sooooo Good!!
A salad and some bread and I was DONE!!!  But I did order the ‘Turf and Surf’ (filet mignon and grilled lobster) for the next day.  (Oh Wait!!  That’s Today!!) and ice cream pie for dessert!  WTH!!  I wasn’t paying for it!
I Blog Photos 011I was ‘banned’ from showing the rest of the pics but here is one of Becky and her two best friends!!  Can you tell that they had been drinking??
And here is Becky and her sweet MOM!
Blog Photos 009
OH!!  Here are a few that people had blown up and brought with them.
Blog Photos 015
Check out the glasses!!  *snort*
And this one was taken right before we were married.  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
Blog Photos 013
At 10:00 I asked the waitress what time they closed and she said, "Ummmm, an hour ago!"  LOL!  I wondered why chairs were on tables….. 
It was a GREAT night!!  I was a designated driver so I only had one beer but Becky will PAY tomorrow!!!  HAH!!
 Looks like our rainy season is starting early this year!  Like Saturday!!  But knowing what idiots our weathermen are, I’m not counting on it.  But on Wednesday the temp was almost 100 and by Saturday it’s supposed to be in the 60’s!!  Crazy weather!!
Sorry I didn’t change songs on Thursday but since it’s the last day of non-country music week, here’s a little something ‘special’!!   HAHAHA!!  I’m sure you will remember it and I hope you are all doing the Y.M.C.A. dance!!!!  LOL!!!!   I know I am!!!!!!   *snort*
Have a Fabulous Friday!!!!!
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10 Responses to Anniversary Dinner Last Night!!!!

  1. Tracie says:

    Congrats to Becky on 25 years!   Looks like a great party!!!

  2. Julie says:

    Congrats to Becky! And you get to reap the benefits also! Yay! Raw oysters…my mouth is watering!
    Take care, Bob!
    Julie 🙂

  3. Sue says:

    Seafood!  I love it.  I could eat it every day for the rest of my life and be happy!!!!!  We grill oysters with garlic and olive oil and a pinch of cheese on top on a half shell.  Boy, are they good….Usually we do this on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve.  I’ll eat almost any seafood except squid or octapuss–too chewy for me.  Enjoy our lobster and I’ll try not to drool as I type this…

  4. Jill says:

    HEY!  we’ve been to Walt’s…’s an awesome place!   glad you guys had a great time!
    socal weather…hahahahahahahaha     we hit 103 this week and it’s only forecasted to drop to the 70’s for us on Saturday. 

  5. Grandma's says:

    25 years at the same job…that is a long time…good for Becky.  She deserved a great anniversary party.  The food looked delicious…yum, I am already drooling just looking at the pics.
    Love those glasses 🙂  I remember a friend of mine who had similar ones …must have been the rage way back then LOL.
    Its first thing in the morning here, for me….so sorry if I am not jumping up doing all the motions to YMCA at the moment….let me wake up properly….LOL 
    You can be sure I will have that song going through my head for the better part of the day though.  We sang and danced to it on our cruise.  The second to last night of the cruise they had a "New Year’s Eve Party" in September, of all things.  LOL.  Was a lot of fun.
    Hope Becky is feeling OK today and you are being a good, quiet, doting hubby armed with aspirin and some strong coffee. 
    Take care

  6. Duckie says:

    Where have you been!!!!

  7. _ says:

    Unfortunately I lose the sound when I enter a comment. Darn! Now in the first paragraph you said that Becky’s family was invited… and you too. Aren’t you family? If not, just what are you? P.S. I see why you married her, and I’m not talking about the glasses.

  8. Rambling says:

    Bob..this and every other blog make me want to say how very much I enjoy you and your blogs.  ‘Strewth.  You’re just the best.  Go Phils!!!

  9. HEDGE says:

    ymca!  no way!

  10. Lena says:

    Happy Anniversary Becky!  (I don’t think she checks her space LOL)
    I love oysters on the half shell too.  Imagine that!  N’awlins is the best I’ve ever had.  Big fat juicy and meaty.  Kinda like a clit.  They make me wanna become a lesbian.
    Have a great weekend Bobert!

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