Last Night’s Dinner

Again….  It was GREAT!!  Even though I was stuffed I ordered a dinner so that I could eat it tonight.  Grilled lobster, filet mignon, garlic mashed potatoes and green beans.  It looked SOOOO good!
Anyhow, my wife’s cousin, Chuck, was sick so he left early and asked us to drive his wife Josie home.  As we were leaving, I gathered up the three doggie bags and had Josie carry them to the car.  When we dropped her off, she grabs all three bags and starts to get out!!  "Wait!!!  One of those is mine!  The dinner I’ve been guarding with my life all night!!".  She looks in each bag and says, "Nope!!  This is Chuck’s, this is mine and this is my dessert".
What???  The my wife pipes in with, "Oh, It’s OK Josie.  Bob didn’t want it anyhow"!!!  GRRRRRR!!  I’ve been stewing all day!
Well, this afternoon Chuck calls and tells Becky that they have my dinner!!  Apparently both of their dinners were in one bag.  "I’ll have Josie run it right over".  Of course, Becky comes through again and says, "Oh no!  Just keep it"  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!  I made her call back!!  So I now have my dinner for tonight!
Here it is!!
Blog Photos
Becky received some nice gifts last night including a digital photo frame.  You can simply plug in your memory card from your camera and use the remote to go faster or slower or pause.  But the best part is, you can take it with you.  It also can play videos, has sound and inputs for speakers.  VERY COOL!!
She also received these flowers arrangements:
Blog Photos 002
Blog Photos 003
Blog Photos 004
But the Coolest??  Dan, who she works with, is an ‘Imaging’ professional.  He does all of the signs and canopies for her company’s gas stations.  He called around came up with this!! 
Blog Photos 001
It’s all of her business cards for the past 25 year!  Notice how many times her company has changed hands and names!  He did the imaging and had them professionaly framed.  Amazing how he could have those little cards enlarged and still have them come out so clear.  The framing looks expensive.
Well….. we didn’t break the record from her 20th but Captain Jack’s is more expensive.  Final score?
20th – $2500.    25 – $2000!!  Becky’s dad is a stockholder and he told her boss that for her 30th??  McDonald’s!!!  HAHAHA!!!
Oh, she also was ‘roasted’!!  LOL!  The best one was from her best friend who mentioned that before she worked at this company she worked at a racetrack and a mental institution!  Her boss said that was what they had been looking for!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
Can’t wait for five more years!!!
Looking forward to some rain here tomorrow.  FINALLY!!
I hope you all have SUPER weekends!!!
After a week of Non-Country songs it’s back to the GOOD stuff!!
This is for my new friend Grumps (  Hope he gets to hear it!!
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11 Responses to Last Night’s Dinner

  1. CAROL says:

    Nice talking to ya BOB.. hope you have a great rainy weekend.hehe ( had to say that) anyway.. glad you finally got your dinner and that card plaque thing is a neat idea. Know she will cherish that thing.  Take care..  : )

  2. Joe says:

    You sound good Bob, perhaps that meal revitalized you, way to fight for you meal bud!  Reminds me of the times my littles Dachshund always managed to get hold of the meals she wanted a piece of.  She’s always been small but she is creative enough to find ways on the table one way or another…I could only imagine the two of you battling for meals LOL!  Have a great weekend yourself chief.

  3. DANA says:

    Dontcha love when others are free with YOUR food. That would be a meal I wouldnt give up either! How yummy.
    That was a funny blog. I wish someone else had a camera and could have taken a pic of the look on your face when she was giving it away haha. The dinner sounds like fun and the gifts were so nice! Happy you had a good time!

  4. David says:

    I love to eat out, and your dinner looks yummers! And the flowers and very nice.

  5. Tracie says:

    You’re so funny!  Love reading your posts

  6. Beth says:

    I would have fought for my food too Bob.
    Congrats to Becky,  She really made a good haul.
    Be good you old rascal!

  7. sweeti's says:

    wow  Bob  sounds  funny as always..Seems  u had a true fight to get ur  own food  back  .
    well itlooks  very njammy   ..
    im gonna  eat Thi food..We have Thai friends   and they can cook   like no other.
    They spend so much time  on their food. all day…wow
    well i make food in turbo speed…
    and  the gifts  are  awesome .I like the flowers ..
    specially the  one  below.
    Bye now  and
    Bon Apetit  ..Cheers   Drink  a wine with it..oke??
    bye now and  i wish u  a wodnerfu weekend  to

  8. -Grumps- says:

    When will women ever learn that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach!!! Give my meal away will ya?? … Bang Zoom Baby!!! To the Moon!!!
    That’s quite somethin, this company puttin on such spreads as this for these landmarks of service. Enough ta have a person feel good about being there. … McDonald’s, huh?? *bows head snickering … * ‘Congrats Becky’
    I near busted a stitch reading of the beer ‘n booger bubbles blowin out yer nose Bob. *still grinnin … * Glad you enjoyed. I’m certainly not the most frequent blobber, but I keep pluggin away, ‘n get ‘em in when I can. Oh, and yeah … The song certainly is quite appropriate. Good choice.
    Will catch ya later dude.
    Ciao Fer Now …

  9. Sue says:

    SO glad you got your dinner back.  You have to tell Becky, that she’s just toooo nice.  But one has to wonder if it had been HER dinner, would she have asked for it back????  I would bet on it.  Glad she got those cool gifts.  That’s the problem with being self-employed:  you can’t have those special anniversary dinner with surprise gifts and such.  With our financial status, just going out to eat is a gift in itself.  Enjoy the cool down of this weather and the rain that will be coming your way—we’re getting it today!!!

  10. Jade says:

    glad you got your dinner back for heavens sake!!Granted I would have boxed it myself & kept it with me :DThe flower pictures are very pretty-Beautiful weather here-chilly!!

  11. michael says:

    The dinner looked great, and I hope it tasted good , good hotos of the flowers.
     Wishing you a nice sunday your brother in arrms, Michael

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