Thoughts and Omaha Beach

It’s late and I should be in bed.  But I need to explain a few things about me.  NOT bad!
After Vietnam, I was a professional musican.  I played the Trombone….  mostly Jazz.  Played in Big Bands (remeber Buddy Rich??, Woody Herman?? Played in both of their bands)  and played on my own.  Just showed up and asked to sit in.  Smart A$$ kid!!   LOL!!!! 
Well, after my throat cancer, that was a thing of the past.  But really, no regrets.  Oh sure!!  I miss it, but life goes on.  I still have my Trombone and I take it out once in awhile, but…
I still remember my Dad taking me to downtown Philadelphia to buy me one.  I remember being Thrilled!!  It was NOT a good one but I didn’t care! I had a REAL Trombone!!  Just to look at…….
I practiced sooooo hard and made it into my High School band!!  I had only been playing for two years at that point!!  At the end of my senior year, I knew I had two choices.  Navy Band or regular Navy.  I chose the later.
Nodding of!!  I’ll finish tomorrow.
I know….  Where did this come from??  Well, I watched a program on History Channel and the stories I heard from my Uncle John, who landed there, came flooding back.  Remember that movie ‘Saving Private Ryan,’??  The first 15 minutes were pretty accurate.  On most landing craft there were 30 young soldiers who had never  experienced combat before.  On the average, 3 soldiers from each landing craft made it across the beach without being shot or drowning while carrying 60lbs of gear.  That’s like 3 bowling balls.  
The Navy shelled the German bunkers for two hours but only destroyed 3 of about 30 of them.  My Uncle John watched as his buddy got shot.  He was screaming in pain but as a Medic (big red cross on his helmet!!) came to his aid, he was shot too.  My Uncle said that alot of men died who were in great pain and dirty.  Their bodies just had to lie there!!  It was ugly on BOTH sides!!!!!  Favor??  Next time you see an old Vet selling those Poppys??  Please buy one.
My Uncle returned suffering from shellshock.  One day, my uncle went into the pharmacy and the pharmarmcist (who did NOT serve) blew up a paper bag, snuck up behind my uncle and popped it!!  He spent a week in the hospital and my uncle, three days in jaill!!  Venting???  Not really…..!  But I’m done.
Look what I found in my yard today!!  HAH!!
Blog Photos
Yep!!  A plastic police whistle from that birthday yesterday!!  It’s actually pretty effective on the dogs!  Now if it would only work on the wife!!  LOL!  Back to helping her get ready for Italy!!
OK! She is packed except for a few last mimute things.
Gotta go!!  Bratwurst, German potato salad, Saurkraut (Nathan’s!), Muenster cheese and thick slices of Rye bread for dinner!!  I usually simmer the Brats with onions and beer, but tonight??  Right on the grill!!
Clay Walker tonight!!  Enjoy and take care!
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18 Responses to Thoughts and Omaha Beach

  1. klaus says:

    I think that the saddest part of D-Day was that it should not have happened. But you are correct, too many broken lives on both sides there.Dinner sounds great my friendk~

  2. Beth says:

    I would rather have regular potato salad if you don’t mind.  The rest of it sounds good though.
    I always buy a poppy.  My husband was a lifetime member of the American Legion.  In fact they were selling poppies here on Saturday.

  3. CAROL says:

    HOW very very cruel of that pharmacist… guess he learned his lesson. Sad they had to jail him for any time at all.
    About that trip 24 hours on a plane non stop. HOW in the world do they do that?? WOW that must be some load of fuel!!
    or Did I read that wrong?? Anyway.. Hope you have plenty to keep you busy that’s a long time for Becca to be gone.. Take care..  : )

  4. R U Serious says:

    Ok, it’s the wife here (Becky) with just a few comments.  Numero uno, the big jefe here, BOB, is invited EVERY time, but prefers to stay, so don’t cry for me Argentina!!  I try to edit most of his entries (Sheesh, don’t even talk about the chicken and dumplings!…I wasn’t consulted and don’t have a written recipe).  What can I say about a guy with SUCH an imagination, other than good for him!!  Day after tomorrow I’m on my way to Italy for over two weeks.  Bob’s choice to not go and (I think) wow, look what you’ll miss.  The good thing is we have a relationship that he trusts me and lets me spread my wings (as far as they can go at 50+ years..shut up)…Just watch out in case I meet a really hot Italian stallion!  Hee hee and in my dreams.  Let me know what treats and trinkets you guys want me to bring back for you!  Oh, yeah, and keep your eye on Bob while I’m gone…

  5. Jill says:

    hey becky….have the BEST time…i’m sooooo jealous! 
    we’ll let you know if Bob gets out of control while you’re gone…promise

  6. Joe says:

    You know what Bob, once a musician always a musician even if you have to settle for a police whistle…just thinking of you with that makes me smile!  Yep, back when they didn’t have a fancy name for shell shock like PTSD people suffered without even having a real diagnosis.  I’ve talked to a friend of mine that’s now a retired vet of the current war…he has that and I walk very lightly with him to say the least…he doesn’t sell anything but I do my best to be there for him in anyway I can.  I wish I could crash your dinner and bug ya for food but I guess that’s out 😦

  7. Kuskulana says:

    Yes I remember the big bands, my Dad loved them so I heard a lot.
    Trombone awesome! Big brass.
    And yeah what all those guys did is simply amazing and we are beholding to them.

  8. Grandma's says:

    Oh, I cut my teeth on Big Band Music.  My dad played the trumpet and the trombone.  He was also an awesome accordian player (diatonic accordions…buttons on both sides)…I have them now and am trying to learn.
    After his cancer he sold the trumpet and trombone (too bad, the grandsons probably would have loved to have them) but I think it bothered dad to have them sit there and not be able to play them.  He put all his energy into the accordian…even wrote some original music….that is why I am anxious to learn how to play.
    Oh man….I am coming over tomorrow for leftovers, if there are any.  Bratwurst, German Potato Salad, Sauerkraut, etc etc.  throw in some Schnitzels and I may never leave LOL.
    November 11 is Remembrance Day (or Poppy Day) in Canada….I always come home with at least a dozen poppies on my coat lapels.  Brings tears to my eyes when I think of the sacrifices of all those young men.
    Tell Becky to have an awesome time and not to worry…we will make sure you behave yourself LOL.
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

  9. Raven says:

    Bob, have you been reading all the comments on my space? Your dinner sounds like the topics being discussed!
    Hope your week is going well…

  10. Twila says:

    David played trombone in high school.  Then switched to guitar.  Eventually had his own original r&r band, in the middle of our dining room!  Loud but pretty danged good!  Anyway, he speaks of his trombone days often.  I think he misses it.  We still have it…packed away in the garage somewhere in storage.  Will have to dig it out some day.  Hmm.  Wonder if he can still play it?
    Dinner sounds wonderful!  Well except the Brats.  Yuck!  Just don’t like brats.  Give me a good polish sausage anyday!  🙂  Have a great one Bob!

  11. Sanne says:

    Consider that poppy bought :o) 
    I, myself, tried to play the flute until one day when my band teacher said to me "Sanne, some people were made to play the flute and some people weren’t" I walked out and never returned…I can take a hint…LOL
    As for the brats and potato salad…yummy!  I ordered some really yummy german brats from once…check it out if you like German food :o)  Unless, of course, you’re on of the lucky dogs with access some other way.  There are absolutley no German shjops around here…totally bums me out.
    Hope you have a great day!

  12. Rambling says:

    Bob, this was a meaningful and sober blog despite the add on’s.  I always buy a poppy and from now on I will buy a bunch of them.  I am deeply interested in World War ll and its history.  I knew those horrible facts about Omaha Beach.  It still makes me upset afresh each time I read of those ultimate sacrifices that were made. Thank you for the reminder and for the blog.

  13. Shelly says:

    Howdy Bob!!
    I’m feeling much better today.  My lil bro forced me to do Niquil last night and it helped.  YEAH!!  I would have loved to hear you play.  I love Jazz!!  There is something about that music that just gets me groovin’!   Any recordings of you?   Can you put it up here on spaces? 
    About your uncle…hopefully that pharmacy arse hole learned something.   Probably not.   My hubby when he came home within 3 months had several A & B charges against him (7). 
    I always buy the poppies and when I’m with someone else… I explain the importance of them and ask that they buy one… if they choose not to for whatever reason I then go on to explain what that guy that was selling them saw, heard and lived through… Usually they turn around before we leave to get one.    And it’s still not enough!
    Take care dear friend and I’m watching you like a hawk per Becky’s request.  tee hee ha ha
    Oh shit where’d you go?   tee hee ha ha !! 
    Tell Becky to have a great time and if there is an HD dealer over there I’d love a shirt!!  That would be cool!! 

  14. Sue says:

    Love to hear about your music career.  I’ve known some great trombonists over the years–wish I could have heard you play.  Do you have any recordings of your music years?  I still have several reel to reel tapes of my first husband’s band and his playing.  I’ve transferred some to DVD and CD for my oldest son, so he can remember his Dad that way.  You played with some pretty good greats.  I knew a trombonist (who moved back to San Diego) who claimed he could sustain a note forever because he could breath in his nose while breathing out through the mouthpiece at the same time.  HA!  Ever try that?????

  15. Jane says:

    You try that whistle on your wife and you may end up like the pharmacist AND your uncle.Oh, and why aren’t we going to Italy, too?  My passport’s all ready… I can pack in like a minute.

  16. Jade says:

    I have one word for you= YUM!!!

  17. Rambling says:

    I am going to have to challenge Jade about that statement.  🙂

  18. Jade says:

    oh crap! LOL!!!!!Erm, the FOOD the FOOD!!!

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