Off To Italy!!

Well, I drove the Three Stooges to the airport!!  Becky always gets soooo worked up!!  It was such a joy!!
"Go Faster!!",  "Change Lanes !!",  "Slow Down!!"  "Watch That Guy!!",  "That Lane !!", "I See A Plane !!",  "Did I Turn The Iron Off?"    But we got there THREE hours ahead of time.  It was a touching moment as I unlocked the doors, slowed down and booted their butts out!!  lol!!  Actually, I took a picture of the ‘Stooges’ but Becky is taking that camera with her.
But fear not!!  I still have my old, huge, clunky Sony Mavica!!  It uses floppy disks… you remember them??  But it still works Great!!
Oh Yeah!!  I get home and receive FOUR phone calls from Becky at the airport.
Becky:  I’m having a Margarita!!
Me:  That’s nice  ‘Click’
Becky:  Did you check the iron?
Me:  It was off ‘Click’
Becky:  Where’s my passort??? …..  Oh, here it is!
Me:  Good!  ‘Click’
Becky:  Don’t forget to feed the dogs and Burt
Me:  Grrrrrrrrr!!!!
By now they are in the air and probably over Nebraska.  Thank God!!
Now that My Phillies are in the NLCS (National League Championship Series) against the L A Dodgers, I have started wearing my bright red Phillies cap!!
This one!
Not suprisingly, I have encountered quite a few Dodger fans.  When they see my cap, the usual response is, "Oh Lord!!  A Phillies fan!!"  My response is to smile, walk over, shake the guy’s hand and say Good Luck!!  (Sucker!!!)  I haven’t been assaulted yet!!  Now if the Phils take a big lead in this series I will ‘lose’ the cap!!  First game is tonight!  GO Fightin’ Phils!!!!
I do have one correction to make.  The flight from L A to Rome is 12 hours, NOT 24!!  But still……!  Too long for me!   I DO hope that my Stooges have a GREAT time in Italy!!!
Still no music.  Enjoy your Friday!!
Phillies won game 1 with their Big Bats!!!  WOOOOOOOOOO1
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15 Responses to Off To Italy!!

  1. Fizz says:

    Those Dodger fans prolly say that cause they didn’t even know that the Phillies had fans!Exactly what could have been done if the passport wasn’t on her? Wouldn’t it already have been too late. She should have called and asked you where her panties were… LOL!!

  2. Rambling says:

    You too, Bob and you know I am a Phillies fan so I won;t go thru that again.  I love your blogs, like I haven’t said that before.  🙂

  3. Beth says:

    I will holler for the Phillies just for you Bob since my Cardinals did not do well this year!!
    Take care!!

  4. Grandma's says:

    The three stooges 🙂
    I’m sure they will have a wonderful time. Good thing she found her passport LOL.
    Enjoy the game and have a wonderful Friday.
    Oh….and don’t forget to feed the dogs and Burt (who is Burt?)
    Take Care

  5. Duckie says:


  6. renay says:

    i hope that becky has a good time in italy. i hope that your team wins.

  7. Jane says:

    Kicked them to the curb, did you? 
    I can see why you didn’t go – 12 hours in a plane would probably put me over the edge.
    party on Robert!

  8. Laoch says:

    How about those Phillies!

  9. -Grumps- says:

    I was thinkin twenty four hours was a bit of a stretch. Ya’d near need a fuel tank as big as the plane ta stay up there that long. How fast was ya goin when ya drop kicked ‘em out the door.
    DON’T FORGET YER PASSPORTs ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    I’m sure they’ll have a great time … just as I’m sure you will. *grins … *
    I don’t fully understand how this bandwidth thingy works, but is the same problem with pictures disappearing from blobs as well. With the pics, is just a matter a how ya does it. The lick ‘n stick method (copy ‘n paste) sucks up the bandwidth, where as if’n ya right click, then clicky on ‘Save as’, browse to the file ya wants it in, yer golden. With you having your songs playing through the media player, I can’t say as I could venture ta tell ya how ta steal the dang thangs out ‘a there. Nor am I certain if the bandwidth gets used up every time someone plays it. I’ve never had any interest in music playing in the spaces though, so there ya go.
    Look at you’s down there enjoying hunnert degree weather still, and here we are just about due ta be buried under a blanket ‘a snow. Hopefully not til next month, but did see a bit ‘a frost on the ground just yesterday morning for the first time this year. Fall?? hahaha!!!
    Have a great weekend Bob. Nice Cap!! Catch ya later.
    Ciao Fer Now …

  10. Sue says:

    Glad they got off OK.  Wear our Phillies hat with pride!  I still wear my Detroit Tigers hat (even though I get some pretty strange stares??!!!), but I don’t care!  I’m surprised how many Dodger fans are up here…poor suckers!!!  It’s fun to razz them when they lose!!!

  11. BRIDGET says:

    Does Mrs. Becky know you refer to her and her travelling companions as "The Three Stooges"?  ;o)  And I’m sure your all talk about "booting their butts out"…you’ll miss her and you know it!  Be good!! :o)

  12. nodope says:

    Load ’em up an’ kick ’em out eh? Good thing we know how much you love your wife Bob!
    Now you got the house to youself and I’m preparing for company. On my end though that’s a nice change. The dogs are great but the really suck for conversation, not to mention, well…
    Have a good one man

  13. Stephanie says:

    Dennis is hoping that your Phillies win, cause he hates the Dodgers!
    Now, did you tell Becky that she has a dusty footprint on the back of her butt, from where you kicked her out? LOL
    Enjoy your peace and quiet.
    How do I get ahold of Becky? I forgot to call and ask her about the Rosaries! Give me a call! BIG HUGS, Steph

  14. Georgia says:

    BOB!  Forgive me for being MIA here lately!  I’ve been a total slacker, I apologize!  Glad to see you haven’t slowed down ~ I have a bunch of reading to do here!!  I hope Miss Becky has a fabulous time in Italy.  What ever will you do in her absence?!  And I’ll side with you on the Phil’s.  Having grown up outside of Philly for the first 12 years of my life, I’ll give you permission to wear your Phillies hat.  Just so long as you sport those *smokin’* sunglasses along with!  😉
    Be great,

  15. Unknown says:

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