Phillies Are Up 2 Games To 0!!!!

When a Manny Ramirez three-run homer complete with a chest-pounding, finger-wagging show for the home crowd becomes an insignificant detail, the Phillies have done plenty right.
The Phillies did just that in downing the Dodgers, 8-5 in Game 2 of the best-of-seven National League Championship Series on Friday at Citizens Bank Park. From Shane Victorino’s four RBIs and strong defensive play to pitcher Brett Myers’ three hits and three RBIs and another outstanding effort from the bullpen.

Philadelphia, which scored nine runs in its previous two postseason games on home runs, scored eight on Friday without a ball leaving the yard.

Four runs came in the second inning, and Myers  again was right there, like when he unraveled Milwaukee’s CC Sabathia in Game 2 of the NL Division Series. After Carlos Ruiz hit a two-out double to score Greg Dobbs and tie the game at 1, Myers singled home Ruiz with the first of his three hits.

Rollins singled, then he and Myers moved to second and third, respectively, on Matt Kemp’s bobble in center. Victorino delivered them both with a two-run single for a 4-1 lead.

Los Angeles got a run back in the third, but Philadelphia extended its lead to 8-2 with four more runs, capped by a two-run triple.

According to, Myers collected the eighth three-hit game by a pitcher in postseason history, the first since Dontrelle Willis in the 2003 NL Division Series against the Giants.

Running the bases took its toll on Myers, who needed 102 pitches to escape five innings. Ramirez’s homer in the fourth pulled Los Angeles within three runs, where it remained.

The Phillies became the 19th team in history to win the first two games of the NLCS. Of the clubs that have jumped out to a 2-0 lead, 16 of the 18 teams have ended up winning the series.  The Phillies look as if they are on their to the World Series and I’m getting excited!!!  They play in L A on Sunday.


Becky bought a special cellphone card so I could call directly to her phone at a much lower rate.  Because of the time difference (Noon here = 9:00PM in Italy)  I tried to call her today…… NINE TIMES!!!!  So either she gave me a wrong number or she forgot to turn on her phone.  I’ll try again tomorrow and if that doesn’t work, she will have to call me.  There’s nothing like getting an operator who only speaks Italian!!  The good part?  I have the number memorized!!  And the operator had a really sexy voice!!  LOL!


 It now appears that my music files are being stolen from Fileden and not Spaces.  When I get my bandwidth back I will increase the security for Fileden in my firewall.

I REALLY hope you all have wonderful weekends!!!!!


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10 Responses to Phillies Are Up 2 Games To 0!!!!

  1. Duckie says:


  2. Kat says:

    I see you are enjoying Man land! lol
    Don’t get too lonely!! 😀

  3. DANA says:

    Why do you blog about sports when you know I don’t like it? Don’t you know now it’s all about me.. all the time?

  4. Julie says:

    Aww, are we going to have to change the name of this site to "Bob’s Sports Page"? :p
    Good to see you’re surviving your alone time. 🙂
    Take care!
    Julie 🙂

  5. Leslie says:

    So glad you sent me your blog – fantastic reading, and very, very funny at times! 
    Have a good weekend my friend!

  6. Jill says:

    living in LA and wearing a Phillies cap…..someone is going to hurt you.  silly man!

  7. Rosebay says:

    Rays lost the first in seven against Boston. Rilvery is high between the two teams. I know where Boston is staying so if they all of a sudden fall ill, don’t blame me. LOL Second game is tonight and I’m ringing the cowbell. Have a good weekend.

  8. Sue says:

    Love to see the Dodgers get beat!  The Phillies definitely deserve to go to the World Series!  Haven’t been watching the games, ’cause I know you’ll fill us all in on the details!  go Phillies!!!!

  9. Stephen says:

    Bob –
    Sports = Greek to me so I’m lost with the teams and their performance. Sorry about that. Haven’t heard much from you lately and thought I would drop in and say Howdy and hope your are doing well. 😛
    PS – Now let me know when you want to discuss MMA, I love that sport and love talking about it. I realize you consider it almost of form of WWF which it IS NOT, these guys get their respective asses kicked and it’s a blast to watch!!! Have a GREAT weekend my friend!!! 🙂
    Peace -Stephen

  10. Twila says:

    Yeah, I’m rooting for the Phils since the Dodgers had the balls to beat my Cubbies like a step child!  GRRRRR!  Anywho, luck to you and the Phils.  I stopped watching after the Cubbies went home with their tails between their legs.
    Oh well, there’s always next  year.  🙂
    Hope Bec has a great time in Italy.  I’m so jealous! 

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