Santa Ana Winds!

We have those damned Santa Ana winds moving in tonight, and I hope they don’t stay long! For those of you who don’t know what these winds are, a high pressure system forms over the Great Basin (Idaho, Utah, Colorado..) and it spins clockwise, bringing strong winds and low humidity into So Cal from the desert.  It’s supposed to start tonight and continue into Tuesday.  65 mph winds and 5% humidity. Temps in the 80’s!!  Main problem is that we  have 6 wildfires burning right now and our firefighters are trying contain them before the winds hit!!  Doesn’t look good!!  And as usual it looks like arson!!  WTH??  We need some of Joe’s ( snow!!!  We’ll see how things go.
Becky and her troop are in Venice until the 14th, and loving it!!  If any of you want trinkets from Italy, let me know! I talk to her everyday.  They are loving the food!  Oh yeah….  and the wine!  lol!!  I told her you all said HI!!  That memory card for her camera holds 504 photos and she has already used up 100!  She has 3 choices.  Find an Internet Cafe and send them to me and format the card, delete the duplicates or buy a new memory card!  Or, Slow Down!!  LOL!  She says she has some Great pics!
Other than that, not alot going on here but there’s always tomorrow.  I might take a drive to Seal Beach and take a few pics there!!  At least it will be cooler and less windy.
I ‘SHOULD’ get my music back tomorrow!!  We’ll see.  Since it’s a free site there’s not much I can do. 
Nite all!!  Survive Monday and have a GREAT week!!
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9 Responses to Santa Ana Winds!

  1. DANA says:

    Is a sweet talking romantic Italian guy a trinket? No probably not huh, well I guess I’ll just pass then. I’ll just look at her pics  and drink some cheap wine and pretend it was me in all the pictures…. sigh

  2. Fizz says:

    Hey… why not have her start buying disposable cameras. You can always get them scanned to disk drive when she gets home. I have a scanner and I know that it’s only $250 dollars and it scans and prints photo quality prints. It’s a good investment. Otherwise, buy her some memory cards and over night them to her. You can get 3 or 4 large ones and send them to her hotel via UPS or Fed Ex, so long as shes in one spot for 2 days.Tell her to have a great time, for me!

  3. Sue says:

    Yes, the winds have been wicked here too.  But they say we might get some rain next weekend.  So sorry to hear that the Phillies came up short last night.  Well, that’s only ONE game.  They can still pull it out!  Sounds like Becky is having a blast.  And I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you don’t get any more of those nasty fires down there…

  4. BRIDGET says:

    So glad Becky and her traveling companions made it safelty to Italy and are having a great time.  How can she slow down on the picture taking?  She’s in freakin’ Italy!!  I’d need three memory cards probably.  I’d want to remember everything.  I’m dying to go to Italy and Spain.  I’ll get there someday.
    You may have a problem with ants, but I have a problem with hornets and ladybugs.  Now, I’ll admit that I’d rather have my ladybug problem than your ant problem…but they are EVERYWHERE!!  I literaly had to vacuum them off of my walls three days in a row!  There were so many of them they started to come back out of the vacuum before I was finished and I had to suck them up again!!  Then I empty them into a plastic bag.  If finding a ladybug is good luck…then I should play the lottery because I should have so much good luck it’s coming out my freakin’ ears!!
    And the other day there were so many damned hornets swarming my front door, that I had to go in through the garage instead!  Of course, they are kind of groggy this time of year so I don’t think they would bother me too much, but why take the chance.
    Have fun and stay out to trouble will ya? ;o)

  5. Georgia says:

    So glad to hear Becky is having a fabulous time in Italy!  And tell her NOT to slow down!!  Can’t wait for the music to return!!!
    Be great,

  6. Jude says:

    Are your Santa Anas responsible for the snow in southern Saskatchewan??  Doesn’t much matter to me, as there’s no snow this far north, it’s just chilly cold here!  hehe
    Hmmm, if the missus could stop in England on her way home  😉
    I’d love to see Venice one day…..the history, the architecture, the canals….*sigh*  Maybe one day!
    Take care and enjoy your week  🙂

  7. Bridget says:

    Hate to say it…but at the moment you can keep your winds and Joe can keep his snow, lol. Its been a beautiful fall here and I’m not looking forward to the snow just yet!! Enjoy your ‘bachelor’ days while Becky is away…and umm, yeah… stay outta trouble 😉
    **hugs**…. three more days off for me…. no work until Thursday!! So maybe I should go rake some leaves or something, lol

  8. CAROL says:

    HI BOB. say Hey to BEcky for me. must be nice to see so many sights.. I would be taking 100’s of pictures knowing me.. once in a lifetime trip ya know.. Hope your ants dont come back and the winds die down. Saw the pics of snow at JOE’s and just shudder to think about winter soo soon.  take care..  : )

  9. Beth says:

    Hi Bob, enjoy the week and take care.

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