Woooo Hoooo!!

Guess what team made it to the World Series??  The PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I’m SO excited!!  The last time was 1993 and the last time they won it was 1980. I can’t wait!!  As long as they don’t embarass them selves.  Their manager, Charlie Manual, lost his Mother during this series but he stayed and he will be taking a private jet to North Carolina tonight to attend her funeral.  I’m so ready for the Rays to close out the Red Sox  because… well.. the Sox suck!!!  A bunch of old men with the worst beards I’ve ever seen!  A cross between cavemen, Vikings  and Hockey players in the playoffs!  I’m just glad the Yankees and Mets aren’t in it!!  LOL!!  GO PHILLIES!!!!!
Becky and her gang are in Florence for another 4 days.  She might have to buy a new card for her camera.  Tomorrow the are taking side trips to Naples and Pisa.  She reports that the food is just awesome and the wine is cheap but GOOD!!  She thinks she needs to buy another camera card!!!
Tonight was the full moon.  But with the old camera, the pics didn’t turn out so great.  Here is the best one.
Not good, but I waited an hour for the moon too rise.
Cooling off here and the fires are subsiding.  Nice by the weekend.
Well, I have comments to make.  Have a great rest of the week!
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14 Responses to Woooo Hoooo!!

  1. klaus says:

    Thought of you as soon as I heard. Phils are due.Have a good day my friend.

  2. Laoch says:

    Good fortune to the Phillies

  3. Sanjana says:

    hey hello. would somebody care to miss me??????????????????????Boo hooo. nobody loves me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. okei done with the dramatics now. how youdoing bob. my computer still out of order which iswhy im not communicating.lol. hey i thought of you on your bday, just couldnt get to thecybercafeto wish you. im here at the cafe after a hiatus of two months i think……………almost forgot my email password imagine that Bob. crazy nah???? so have you missed me or what.

  4. Beth says:

    Hooray for your team Bob!!
    Take care my friend and have a good day!

  5. Shelly says:

    That moon has been gorgeous hasn’t it!   Thanks for your comments.  
    I hope your day is fantastic!  Now go enjoy some man thing that you can ONLY enjoy when the wife is away!!  Wahoo!  take care ttfn

  6. Sue says:

    Go you Phillies!  Knew they could whip those Dodgers!  With the Rays in the AL, this series should be a really good one!  Glad to see two teams who haven’t been there in a while.  So, excuse my ignorance, but where IS the World Series this year???

  7. Rosebay says:

    The Rays are going to kick Phillies butt! Game on! LOL

  8. Tracie says:

    Hey Bob!

  9. Georgia says:

    So glad to hear the fires are subsiding.  Our moon here in Georgia last night was FANTASTIC!  Full and beautiful.  Glad to hear Becky is having so much fun!  The more pics the better!!  Looking forward to the album upon her return.
    be great,

  10. Kat says:

    I just sat here with my first cup of morning coffee and listened to the song you have playing.
    Its country–but its beautiful.
    It touched me with his description of his life and it reminded me of something you would have written about your life.
    Have a most excellent day, my friend.
    thank you for making my morning 🙂

  11. Grandma's says:

    So glad that your Phillies made it to the World Series.  Funny, I have another blogger friend who is a Red Sox fan and I keep telling her that I will root for them.  Since I am not a sports buff I figure its Ok to root for both teams 🙂 and may the better team win.
    I do, however, watch hockey….I’m Canadian "EH" what can I say.  Hockey players, for good luck, never shave during the playoffs…some kind of superstitious thing to bring good luck…and yeah, some of them look pretty bad.
    My poor computer is ill.  Keeps re-booting itself…but only when I do more complicated stuff on it…no problem playing solitaire or checking E-mails.  No problems checking out spaces…if they don’t have a lot of stuff on them.
    Not sure if it is a virus…can’t run the scanner because she freezes up on me.  (You will note, my compute is a she, tempermental old granny…just like me  HA HA).  Someone suggested that some of my software may not be compatible with other software…perhaps…I dunno.  Gotta wait for son to get his Heine over here to help mom out.  He will probably tell me that I am not compatible with the computer…he may have a point there 🙂
    Anyway, we shall see.
    You have a great day….I’m so glad the fires are subsiding, what a relief (for now). 
    So, are the dogs and Burt keeping you out of trouble while Becky is away?
    Take care my friend

  12. ♥ Aimee says:

    well i await all ofher millions of pictures…i too would need many cards.♥~♥ :oD because you shared a smile…someone’s day got brighter… :oD ♥~♥

  13. Jade says:


  14. Jill says:

    "well.. the Sox suck!!!  A bunch of old men with the worst beards I’ve ever seen!"
    really?! this is the criteria for a baseball team sucking?……bad beards?……no wonder i don’t waste my time with baseball…..  =D

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