More Italy

I phoned Becky (I have phoned her Everyday) and today was Pompeii.  She said it was fabulous!!  Then back to Rome by train.  They visited the ‘Fontana di Trevi’ It’s the most famous fountain Italy.  It was constructed in 1732 by Nicola Salvi.  Legend has it that if you throw in a coin you will be returning to Italy.  I’m sure that Becky emptied her purse!!!  Then for dinner, Gnochi with Pesto!!  Not sure wat they are doing tomorrow, their last full day, but Thursday it will be back to the Vatican and then to the airport.  I can’t wait to see the photos and have my honey home!  The dogs miss her and are starting to drive me crazy.
Well, I still have some last minute house cleaning to and luckily I have 2 more days to do it.  Good thing too because my back went out today.  It’s not too bad so I did ‘stand up’ work today.  It’s feeling better now. Got all three bathrooms done, the kitchen is spotless and dusting is finished.  Tomorrow?  Hands and knees wood and tile floor scrubbing (Do Not EVER buy while tile if you own three dogs!!!).  But my gel-filled kneepads really help.  Then on Thursday, the rest of the windows, including the 10 X 5 picture window!  That’s always SOOO fun!!  She asked me if she would be proud of me  and I said, "I hope so!!".  I’m sure she will immediately find something I missed!!  I actually considered hiring a maid service!  LOL!
Still waiting for those Santa Ana winds but they are not supposed to be as strong as they thought, and not as hot!!  Woooo Hoooo!!!  Also, all of the fires are OUT!!
An old Toby Keith song (1990’s) but it’s a good one!
Have a Super mid-week.
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12 Responses to More Italy

  1. Lena says:

    The coin in Trevi Fountain is a myth not legend.  I threw a coin in there everyday while in Rome, and I have yet to go back.  sigh.
    Glad she’s having fun.  There’s no place more beautiful than Italy.  NO. PLACE.  Got it?
    Why do I suddenly picture you with goggles and a snorkel on those knee pads? <perks a brow>

  2. Beth says:

    Hey Bob, good job with all of the cleaning.  Becky will be proud!

  3. Joe says:

    Hmm, I like the sound of that:  Bob’s Maid and Gardening service LOL!  I can’t wait to see the pictures as well my friend!

  4. Grandma's says:

    "Three Coins in a Fountain, which one will the fountain bless, one wish will be granted, one heart…."
    Oops, sorry, you kind of brought back an old movie and song memory.
    Hmmm….do you hire yourself out for housecleaning services?  If so, perhaps you and your gardeners could swing by my place LOL.
    Aww Becky will be so happy to see her hubby she won’t even notice if you missed a spot.
    I know what you mean about white tile floors and dogs(in my case you can add cats and grandkids too)…really bad combination.  Seems I am cleaning it and the white vinyl floor in the kitchen 3 or 4 times a day.  I just thank God I don’t have white carpeting as well.
    That’s good news that the fires are out.  Do they ever catch the suspected arsonists?
    Take it easy on the cleaning you don’t need your back to get any worse.
    I hope to find time to update my blog tomorrow.  Managed to wrestle the computer away from hubby for a bit to do a little space walking…but I can feel his presence hovering behind me. 
    Have a great Wednesday Bob

  5. DANA says:

    Hey I’ll bet the gardeners have wives or sisters that could finish that cleaning for you!! Isn’t it hard to watch tv with just the dogs? Even when my hubby doesn’t particulary care for what I watch we still like watching together so we can laugh together, pretty much this week he’s only sneezing and coughing, and I am not pointing and laughing.
    I did make homeade chicken noodle soup for him though. Yay! Becky’s coming back , what a great trip. I’m happy for her and for you getting her back!

  6. Twila says:

    Hey, good job at keeping the house up while ‘the boss’ is gone.  I’m sure she’ll be very proud of your accomplishments!  Glad to see that the fires are out, at least for now.  Sad to see that California doesn’t take more responsibility for their firefighters though.  That’s too bad.  I bet if some of the lawmaker’s homes were in the path of a fire that would all change in a heartbeat.  But, like the Cubbies, there’s always next year’s lawmakers.  🙂
    Gonna’ be a humdrum World Series this week.  Glad your Phillies made it though.  I’m pretty sure the Rays don’t have a chance. 

  7. Shelly says:

    I’d love to come home to a half clean house.  I’d faint if it was "spotless"!!  I can only imagine how much you miss her.  I’m so glad they have been having such a fabulous time. 
    Now before she comes in the door rub yourself down with some dirt and tell her YOU need a good cleaning 🙂 Tee hee ha ha and then tell her if you think my face is dirty you should see………… (WAHOO!)
    Go get em BOB!
    About the white tile floor…. I tried for two weeks to talk my sister out of it.  She didn’t listen and now when I go over there and see all the dirt… I laugh and say I TOLD YOU SO! NA NA NA NA!!
    Take care darlin and enjoy your day!
    ttfn xoxo

  8. Sue says:

    Hope you don’t work TOOOO hard!  So, she’ll be home for the weekend or what???  Bet you can’t wait!

  9. sweeti's says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh  ur Becky has a diamond of a man.
    U do the whole house??? my god.
    i had wonderful time Bob..Hope to talk to u soon.
    and ur lady
    when she gets back….Just listen to her stories..and Njoy
    Ciao Bello ( u know what that means???

  10. Georgia says:

    You ROCK!  Becky will surely appreciate a clean house when she returns.  Looking forward to all the pics!!
    Be great,

  11. Jade says:

    ? Boy I guess the dogs make quite a mess!Seems like there is always cleaning going on !take care 🙂

  12. Kat says:

    She’d be really proud if you came over and cleaned my house too 😀

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