Hi all!  I know, I haven’t posted in two days (gasp!).  But I have excuses, errr… reasons.  My back, which is finally starting better (thanks for all of your suggestions!  the ‘hot/cold and the stretching helped with the pain but what really occurs is that a nerve gets pinched and it takes several days for the spasms to subside). 
Next, Becky has returned from Italy and has a LOT of pics!  You will love them!  I hope to post them this weekend. 
And lastly, my internet connection took a dump on me.  So I called my cable company yesterday afternoon and amazingly, a technician showed up this morning.  He informed me that the setup I had was no longer being used or supported by them because "This Is Crap!"  LOL!  So he removed the old modem and the two ethernet adaptors that ran through our electrical lines and replaced them with a wireless modem and a wireless USB adaptor.  When I told him that I also had a laptop he gave me an adaptor for that too…… all at NO CHARGE!!!!  Much faster and reliable.  On a side note, the cable guy had his car alarm go out and I had to give him an AAA battery to turn his obnoxious alarm off.  He was so embarassed!!
For the past three weeks my local Albertson’s has, in their infinite wisdom, decided to change the whole store around for no apparent reason.  What used to be a 15 minute trip now takes 45 minutes to an hour.  As an example, aisle 1 = beer, aisle 4 = wine, aisle 7 = liquor.  There  is a sign over one of the aisles that reads ‘Hardware/Coffee’.  Another reads ‘Toothpaste/Picnic Supplies’!!  What are they thinking?   And the worst part is that they change it everyday!!  When I asked them about it they reassured me that they would be handing out maps!!  HAHAHAHA!!!!  I’ll need a compass too!  You should see the regulars pushing their carts around with blank looks on their faces and their jaws dropped (including me!).  It looks like a scene from ‘Night of the Living Dead’!!  If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny!  Some aisles are so narrow that you can’t pass anyone or turn your cart around!!  That would be the Juice/Femine Hygeine Product aisle!!  It took me three trips to find the paper plates…. in the pork and beans aisle!  I tried to buy whole bean coffe today but there was none.  The drone I asked said that it was beause their grinding machine wasn’t set up yet.  I told him that I had my own grinder and got a blank stare, so I had to buy some Don Francisco crap!!  Now Becky is ticked too!! LOL!!!
The Santa Ana winds weren’t so bad and only 2 small fires.  Cooling off this weekend if you consider 86 cool!
It looks like game 3 of the World Series will be rained out since there is a 90% chance of rain.  If that happens there will be no off day on Tuesday and the two teams could play games on five consecutive days. But now it looks like the storm might blow out of there by game time but it’s going to be cold and windy.
A Sawyer Brown song tonight.  Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
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13 Responses to Wireless!!!

  1. Jade says:

    wow I cannot believe he did all that work!!!They switch stores around because they want you to spend more time in there-grrrrryawwn, have a great weekend!

  2. Beth says:

    Meijer where I shop is constantly doing that too.  It is a big pain in the wazoo and it takes twice as long to find anything.
    I bet you are glad Becky is home.  Bring on the pictures.

  3. Joe says:

    Wow not only a change of aisles but now you have crappy coffee?  What is the world coming to Bob?  I might suggest getting yourself a good GPS locator and have them give you the coordinates!  I can’t wait to see the pics buddy, have a great weekend!

  4. Jude says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon, hun! 
    Just home from a work trip myself.  Not long enough away from my chaotic life for my liking, but it’s a start!  hehe
    Every time I turn around, something’s breaking down in my house it seems!  I think one of my rads is leaking…nah, I know one of them’s leaking, I’m just afraid to get someone in for fear they’re going to tell me that they have to replace it all…….I’ll be freakin’ selling it if that’s gonna happen!  LOL
    Hope you’re doing better.  Talk soon  🙂

  5. Rambling says:

    Feel better babe!!!And by the way, I loved your vivid description of the shoppers in the grocery!  ROTHLMAO

  6. The Gaelic Wife says:

    I saw your comment on another space about Sarah Palin making some man a great end table someday. Do you mean she’d make an end table out of some man, she’d be some man’s end table, or she’d build some man an end table? I’m not sure what you meant.

  7. DANA says:

    I hate when they switch stuff around. This is the baby boomer generation for God’s sake, stop confusing us! My rant is I want them to put the feminine hygiene products, the hair and lotion stuff and the chocolate all in one aisle. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK????  If I’m huntin for the feminine products you BETTER not be making me search for the chocolate!!!!!!!!
    Oh I forgot this is your space and not mine…sorry, never mind…..

  8. Grandma's says:

    Really happy to hear that your back is improving and then Becky is safely at home.  Can’t wait to see the pictures.
    Yeah, I was wondering what happened to you….the thought that your internet connection crapped out on you never even crossed my mind…I figured you had perhaps gone into hibernation with Burt.
    Love the way you describe the changes in the aisles of that store…..were you serious or just joking about how the placed some of the items??  Feminine Hygiene products and juice in the same aisle?   
    What brainiac came up with that idea?
    Have a great weekend.  I suspect you and Becky will be sorting through a lot of pictures.
    Take Care

  9. Isabelle says:

    Long time no see!
    What happened to your back????
    Thanks for the email, but I will not give in to these bunch of stalkers and I think that everybody should stand up straight in front of these basta*ds.
    So many people have had their fun spoiled or even have closed their spaces because of a bunch of psychos. I cannot stand this!!!!!
    One someone is attacked they should be covered by the friends on the friendlist. And if the stalkers attack these friends then enough proof will be gathered and MSN have actions taken.

  10. Melanie says:

    Heaps of hugs from me to you~at last I have caught up with you~sorry to hear you have a bad back~feel better soon ok? and as for the supermarket shelves I am sure they change things around so we buy more groceries. Have a wonderful weekend~Melanie xxxx~

  11. Sue says:

    Glad to hear Becky made it back already!  Now you won’t have to suffer alone with your back.  You know the Sa**way stores around here are remodeling too and what a MESS.  I used to like to shop there, but now, it’s just a big hassle.  Hope they get it straightened out soon!  Looking forward to seeing the Phillies again soon—hope they can get it together better than last time!

  12. Kat says:

    Albertsons is in big financial trouble. They’ve closed all the stores by me. My guess is they are tossing things around in frantic hope that people will spend more time in their stores. Business statistics report that the longer people stay in a retail store the more money they will spend. Its a break down of the impulse control people walk into a store with.
    HA! Didn’t know you were gonna get a lecture did you? 😛

  13. BRIDGET says:

    Glad your back is feeling better.  Glad Becky is back safe and sound.  Glad you got your internet connection fixed.  Sorry they messed with your store.There, how’s that for cutting to the chase? :o)

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