The BIG Night!!

Yes, an historical election day.  Supposedly the largest voter turnout since 1908!  We voted at 9:30 this morning and were in and out in 10 minutes.  Fastest ever!  But I watched CNN and saw lines around the block… in the rain!  BTW, am I the only one who flew the flag today??  In my neighborhood, apparently I was.  Gonna spend a quiet (I hope!!!) evening watching the election returns.
Becky has pretty much forgiven me and she hasn’t even read my apology post yet.  She was really sick today (I’m NOT telling!) but, soldier that she is, went out and voted.  I did my best to coddle her.
Finally, my back seems 100% so I got some things done after the morning rain cleared out.  I was feeling good…. until I went to the grocery store!  My new nemesis since they are still changing things around and have yet to put up aisle signs.  All of the customers look like zombies, including me!!  But that wasn’t my problem.  I checked out, paid for my items and carted them off to my car.  As I was leaving the lot I saw a homeless guy (yeah, yeah… I know!) and decided to give him a buck.  So I reached for my wallet…. not there!  Checked my other pockets.  Still no wallet!!!  Made a U-turn and went back to the parking space I was in.  Nope.  Went through car.  Under my seat, beside my seat, behind my seat.  No wallet!!!  So I go back into the store and ask the checker.  NO wallet!!!  Back to my car.  I checked the grocery bags and nothing.  Once again I searched all around the seats.  Nada!!  Back in the store to the customer service desk and NO WALLET!!  By now I’m just thinking about all of the cards I have to cancel including my ATM card and drivers license.  Oh yeah… and how Becky is going to kill me.
I pull into my driveway just dreading having to tell her.  As I get out of my car I hear a ‘PLOP’, and when I look down, there it is!!!!!!  WooooHooooo!!  I have NO idea where it was hiding but I’m soooo glad to still have it!  Losing a wallet or purse is ALWAYS a nightmare!!  Whew!!
I made an appointment with a new General Practicioner today!  He was recommended by my Podiatrist.  I love his name!  Dr Goodheart!!  HA!!  I’m going in for a 2 hour checkup on Monday.  They faxed me a 9 page registration form.  Talk about thorough!  But I need a new doctor.  That Pakistani guy I was seeing just didn’t cut it!  I know that there a few issues that I will have to live with for the rest of my life (Neuorpathy in my calves, Charcot Foot, the hole in my neck that I breathe through) but I just want to stop it there!!  My folks are both 88 and active so I guess I have great genes!!  LOL
Rascal Flatts yet again!  Sorry but I like them!
Hope you all voted!
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17 Responses to The BIG Night!!

  1. Rambling says:

    I did.  Come see who won the election.  My place.

  2. Joe says:

    We had a quiet day today for the most part, it was rainy and cooler…yuck, I knew it was coming.  I have no big news and so far the way the votes are going isn’t suprising me one bit.

  3. Kuskulana says:

    I voted of course, and there was only one person ahead of me, and she was in the wrong place!
    Yes it is a big day for all of us, I will be watching with you.

  4. Beth says:

    Of course I voted!!

  5. Fizz says:

    I voted! And…. I’m at home with a bowl of popcorn watching the projections and all of the excitement. It’s going to be exciting!

  6. klaus says:

    Thank you for your comment my friend. I must tell you, I like your "Phillies"cap on the picture ;)Take care and I will also stay in touch. You are a good man .

  7. -Grumps- says:

    Dang, dang, double dang!!! I would ‘a loved to ‘a seen Becky’s comment to that blob. I spose it one thang to state you find it extravagant to keep such a toy about, but an altogether nother thang to ask of the community of spaces such a vote as though the deciding factor. Definitely a nice lookin buggy to be sure. Glad I kepp out ‘a that one. *grins … * Too many variables.
    Halloween is always pretty quiet on my side ‘a the street. I think I got about twenty goblins at the door, ‘n was givin it away like candy. *wily snickers … * By the handful. Had a couple ‘a the kids sayin that this was the bestest house ever. Next year I’ll give ’em one pez candy each, ’n see how they feels about that. It was a fun night, and fortunately, I’ve not to much extra ta eat. Down to a couple ‘a handful ‘a suckers.
    I’m not one much for keeping track of results as they come in, but am lookin forward to hearing in the morning, I suspect, that Barack is the new president. I’m sure, be this the case, that the ‘KKK’ will be dancing in the streets. *bows head gigglin … * Such the fun bunch they are.
    Good that yer back is better, ’n there for ya Bob. I know that one only too well. Makes it tough ta do the littlest wee things, like puttin on yer socks in the mornin. I’ve bin getting in the habit ‘a wearin back support when I know I’m goin to be puttin it to the task, and it seams to work out quite well. Good deal of the wallet as well. Man oh Man, what a pain in the azz replacing all ‘a that crap.
    Breakfast was grand, and she’ll be getting in touch soonest as she gets back from Algonquin end ‘a the week. I do believe she’s smitten. Take good care Bob. Will catch ya later.
    Ciao Fer Now …

  8. BRIDGET says:

    I voted a couple of weeks ago because I was supposed to be out of town this week (my training got canceled so I’m here…but I voted and didn’t have to worry about lines!).  Rock the vote!!You’re lucky that Becky doesn’t hold a grudge!! ;o)  Good luck with the new Doc.  I’m going to see a new Doc myself (a specialist).  I’m nervous, but hopeful.  Good luck!

  9. DANA says:

    I can’t even imagine where that wallet was LOL! THANK GOD the election is done and hopefully we can all move on from all those ads! Good Grief! Our family was split so it was a fun debate time for all of us (we are all competitive and love to debate) so I have to get off here and call 2 of my sons to hum the "president song" haha.

  10. Twila says:

    I voted.  Got my butt kicked!  Oh well.  In a year or so, I’ll be saying "it’s not my fault."  Or, "don’t blame me, I had nothing to do with it."  🙂
    So sorry ’bout missing the ‘action’ that you must have caused with Becky.  Now I’m really curious.   That’ll teach me not to stay away so long.  Dadburnit!  But I’m betting that whatever you did,  you probably deserved every bit of her torrent.  WTG  Bob!
    Our trick or treaters get to knock on doors from 5:30-7:30 ONLY.  We set time limits years ago.  It’s nice to know that we don’t have to answer the door ‘forEVER’.
    Oh and one more thing…the time change.  Last year was the first year that we started a new time change schedule.  Used to be spring forward the first Sunday in April (I think) and fall back, the first Sunday in October.  Last year they started springing forward sometime in March and falling back the first Sunday in November.  They’ve extended it for the next 2 years through 2010.  The gov’t is doing a study to see if this time extension will help with energy conservation.  As far as I’m concerned, they should just leave it alone.  My body HATES the time changes!  Takes me weeks to get used to it every time we change the clocks.  No wonder everyone’s so tired every spring & fall!  Ok, I’m off the soap box now.  But wanted to let you know that you’re not crazy.  Things did get switched up.
    Have a great day Bob!  Gotta’ get ready for work now.

  11. Shelly says:

    Hope Becky is better soon.  By the time I got to the Dr. for a 2 hr appt my blood pressure would be off the charts!
    Whew on the Wallet thing!!! 
    Have a great day

  12. Jade says:

    UG! Glad you have your wallet :DI hope you have found a good doctor- amkes all the sufferance in the world.

  13. Sue says:

    Boy are you LUCKY with that wallet find!  You should have gone right back out and bought a lottery ticket!  That is truly a nightmare situation—hey sounds like a good plot for a short story….Sure hope you like your new doc.  His name is priceless!  We’re in the market for one too.

  14. Kat says:

    WHEW! I totally felt your panic on the temporary loss of your wallet! Sucks and is highly stressful.
    Glad you found it!!
    LOL@ walking the store with your fellow zombies…I can just picture that in my mind 🙂
    I’m glad Mrs S is forgiving you. You must have done some good groveling 😀
    *pets you*  Goooooood groveler. GOOD groveler *scritches behind the ear*
    Have a great one, Bob-a-rooooo

  15. ♥ Aimee says:

    good thing you didn’t lose it!
    ♥~♥ :oD because you shared a smile…someone’s day got brighter… :oD ♥~♥ 

  16. Grandma's says:

    What a great name for a Doc!!   You would just love the name of the urologist Hubby went to …Dr. Yu Pi (yup, pronounced pee)  LOL.  Wonderful man, 2nd generation Chinese so his English was flawless and yeah he was used to all the jokes people made about his name. 
    So how does it feel to have all this election stuff over with?? 
    How is Becky feeling??  My hubby is sicker than a dog right now…the flu (compliments of the grandchildren).  I just hope it ends with him and that I didn’t drag any of those germs over to my mom. 
    Take care Bob…give my best to Becky and I hope she recovers quickly.

  17. Tracie says:

    ha ha ha…oh my you had me giggling on the wallet story, that is the worse feeling, I remember that happening to me at work last year as I had ran out to get some lunch at work. (worked in the worst part of downtown) I could not find it anywhere…up and down from parking lot to my desk about 3 x and on my last trip and a serious prayer, I opened my vehicle door and there it was between the seat and seat belt connector thing.  I musta had it on my lap and it fell there as I was getting out.  I though oh my gawd………….there is some street person having one hell of a trip on some crack now and draining my bank acount.  lol…whewwwww! 
    Hi I am Tracie I came over from Archies blob….just wanted to see what you had written on the election as you had mentioned in his blog you were going to write something about it.  I am glad to see you support Obama, as many people do or he would not be sitting where he is sitting.  I am a strong believer in everyone needs a chance and we all start somewhere….I am not in my job cause I am cute (well I hope I am cute my dad always said i was… anyhow, I got to prove my skills when I got out of doing my training and though there was a lot of crap going on an stuff to wade through I settled in quite well and did what needed to be done. 
    Ok, nough said…lol  Pleasure to meet you and have a great weekend!!!

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