Poked, Prodded And Probed!

Yes, my physical exam was today.  I like my new doctor and I think it went well.  At least he assured me that I won’t be dying in the next few days! HAH!  It took a full two hours and most of the time was spent asking and answering questions.  He performed an EKG, blood pressure, eye and ear exam… even a nose exam!!  Along with the "cough for me" one was the dreaded Prostate exam.  He asked me if I wanted one finger or two!!  When I said "WHAT?????"  He laughed and said that some people want a second opinion!  Funny guy!!
So all in all it went well.  However, he gave me ‘homework’!  In the next 30 days (my next appointment) I have to schedule a chest x-ray and an abdominal ultrasound.  Also a full blood workup and a 3 hour glucose test (to test for Diabetes).  He also thinks that I may have a ruptured disk in my back which is causing my foot and leg problems.  Whew!!!  I will know more in a month.  Luckily my hands and sense of humor are still intact  so I’ll keep blogging!  More good news!!  I didn’t put the gown on backwards this time!!  I feel better just going through it!!
Becky’s computer (this one) has been running really slow.  Now, I run adware scans, virus scans and remove temp files regulary but tonight I checked her registry.  2062 invalid entries!!!!! YIKES!!!  After running a Registry scan it’s faster than ever.  I would have done it maunally but one false move in your registry and you are, well….. screwed!!!  VERY tricky!!
Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day.  I have 5 Poppys and my flag is ready!!  Please do NOT forget!!  And remember that we served for YOU, not ourselves!  I will find an appropriate song for tomorrow.
Love you all!!!
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11 Responses to Poked, Prodded And Probed!

  1. Grandma's says:

    One finger or two, second opinion…LOL …sounds like your doc is a real character.  Laughter is good for the soul.
    Thank goodness you are going to be around for the next few days…whew, what a relief!!
    Glad you got your gown on the right way….I hate those things (I’ve put them on backwards myself…but don’t tell anyone) LOL.  Now you be a good boy and get that chest X-ray done and all that other stuff too!! 
    Sounds like you had a thorough going over today…no hole left unprobed!!
    We are celebrating our Remembrance Day tomorrow….I got my poppy pinned on my lapel and our flag out.  My next door neighbour put an American flag out as well, bless him.  We only live 20 minutes from the Canada – U.S. border so many houses are adorned with flags from both countries.
    Love the song you picked….very appropriate.
    Have a great day tomorrow Bob.

  2. DANA says:

    Oh so now your holier than, oh….. that hole.. never mind LOL
    I’m so happy and feel so blessed at this moment knowing I have no prostate! Keep us all updated of course on all your probes and tests, and results and tune ups! You know as we get older we’re like classic cars, a lot of maintenance and make a lot of noise when we move! HA!

  3. Louise says:

    Ohhhh one finger or two pmsl, bet that was fun NOT. I don’t go to the doctors much and when I do it doesn’t make any difference cos all he says is Im fat and I smoke. Hey so shoot me already pmsl.
    I have one of those registry cleaner things when mines running like a snail but if youre on vista it’s fun cos it does all kinds of things in the background while youre working and slows it down even more at times.
    I’m off to try see my mate now lol, glad youre looking after her, made me laugh so much the nailing the jello to a tree bit pmsl. Yep we’ll have to catch up real soon Bob.
    (((BIG HUGS))) and bright blessings xxx

  4. Beth says:

    Hey Bob, I thought of you having your exam yesterday.  I am glad things went well.  Now do as the doctor tells you and get the other tests done.  I am very grateful for you  and all of our fallen heroes. 

  5. Sue says:

    Happy Veterans Day, Bob!  Loved that joke you sent about the Spoon!!!  My hubby laughed his A** off!  So happy your exam went OK.  You don’t have to stress out about it any more—well at least not as much with just a few more tests to go. 

  6. Tracie says:

    Glad you like your new DR. sounds like you got a full workup!  Thanks for the reminder about the flag I will go put my up RIGHT NOW>

  7. Georgia says:

    So glad you made it through your doctor’s appointment!  Sounds like he did a very thorough job, which is excellent.  Now just make sure you follow through with your remaining tests and exams! 
    On another note, thank you so much for your service to our country.  The men and women who serve to protect the rights freedoms of the American people are true heroes, so thank you ~ on this day and always.
    Be great,

  8. Jude says:

    Glad things went well for you at the docs and hope that your nose exam didn’t hurt as much as my piercing did!  LOL
    On a more sombre note….Lest we forget. 

  9. BRIDGET says:

    So glad your appointment went well and that you might have some answers soon.  I think it’s really important to like your doctor.  It’s a huge trust issue, so if you don’t even like them, how can you trust what they are telling you?  Sometimes that’s the hardest part!Happy Veteran’s Day…and Thank You Bob!

  10. CAROL says:

    HAPPY VETERANS DAY BOB. Thank you for your service to our Country. without you and many more like you what would our country really be.. God Bless the Vets and the troops!!  : )   Glad things are going well.. hope everything else in your tests will be too.  : )

  11. -Grumps- says:

    I’m thinkin one opinion would be way more than sufficient!! *grins … * Yikes Man!! Good that he has a sense ‘a humour.
    His little two finger joke does put me in mind of an saying I’d picked up a while ago … “Once ya gets two fingers in, she’s ready!!” … OK!! I’ll quit already!! *bows head gigglin … *

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