Hump Day!!

I appreciated all of your comments very much.  Then I visited my German friend’s space.  WOW!!  I didn’t realize he was a Neo-Nazi!!  He can call it what he wants but after I cool down I WILL be commenting to him.
Tonight are the CMA’s (Country Music Awards) so I hope that all of you Country fans (both of you!!  LOL) will be watching.  Should be a good show. 
I got off my butt today and got tons taken care of.  Three banks, Two credit card companies, watered my bonsai, laundry, dishes and kicked the dogs!! (Kidding!!!!  Just ONE credit card company!!).
While I was watering, Charlotte, my old neighbor (Crazy lady) rang my doorbell.  She informs me that someone tried to break into her house last night.  She wants me to cut her a piece of wood that she can use to block the window from opening (it’s a vertical sliding window).  So I grab my tape measure and a saw and head over there.  She shows me the window and there is already a piece of wood there!  4 feet long and square on the sides.  When I point out that the window can only be opened 1 inch her response was, "Well, round is preferrable"!!  I tell her it’s fine.  Again, "round is preferrable"!!  I ask her if she has any ’round’ wood dowels and she now wants me to go to Lowes and buy her one!!  I explain once again that her window is secure and by the way…. Where is your son Kurt??  You remember him….  The Hillbilly!!  "Oh, he won’t be home for 30 minutes".  So I left to "round is preferrable!!!".  SHEESH!!!!
Seen on a T-shirt!!  HAHAHA!!!!
Heaven is where the police are British, the chefs Italian, the mechanics German, the lovers French, and it is all organized by the Swiss.
Hell is where the police are German, the chefs British, the mechanics French, the lovers Swiss, and it is all organized by the Italians!
Tonight, Brad Paisley’s newest!!  Don’t forget the CMA’s!!
PS  How do like Bonnie’s bikini!!  LOL! (profile photo)
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11 Responses to Hump Day!!

  1. BRIDGET says:

    You crack me up! :o)  I wish I could watch the CMA’s, but I’m working…and oh wait, I don’t have any satellite (which is the only option here).  Oh well.  Maybe next year.  You’ll have to tell us how it goes.Gotta love crazy neighbors!  My former neighbors used to let their dog crap on my lawn!!  So if I were you, I’d be happy with Crazy Lady!!  Just a suggestion. ;o)

  2. Rambling says:

    I love her bikini!  Glad she is in warm weather where she can dazzle us.  🙂

  3. Grandma's says:

    CMA’s…..oh I better check my TV listings! 
    Are you for hire?   I could use someone to do laundry and dishes….just keep your mitts off my dogs….poor Bonnie LOL. 
    Enjoy your show tonight (hope we can watch it too).
    Have a great day tomorrow. 

  4. Beth says:

    I don’t watch the CMAs anymore because I really can’t stand todays country music. 
    Bonnie looks so cute!!

  5. Kat says:

    Well PHEW!! I got all caught up on your blog. Sheesh, I take off from blogland for one weekend and EVERYONE decides to blog their bloga&&’s off! 😀

  6. Twila says:

    Hey!  Looks like you’ve had a great couple of weeks!  Happy belated V-Day!  I didn’t fly my flag cuz we don’t have one, but I have a big magnetic one on my door.  Does that count?  My neighbor has one.  I get disgusted with him though, he leaves it up all the time in all kinds of weather!  It’s usually pretty badly damaged.  What a dipspit!
    I did post my tribute to ‘my’ veterans though.
    Congrats on the election.  Now lets all hope things go as ‘planned’ for him.  Time will tell.
    Love your lawn!  Still would like to borrow those guys!
    Hope you have a great weekend Bob!  BTW, that Bonnie is a ‘real looker’!

  7. Shelly says:

    did we ever find Bert? 

  8. Sue says:

    Love the T-shirt!  Have you ever seen the "smallest books" jokes?  That joke reminded me of them!  Your neighbor really IS crazy.  I’d stay away from her, Bob.  I’m surprised Bonnie would put up with you putting that one her!

  9. Georgia says:

    Gotta love the "craz neighbors"…;)  You’re sweet to entertain her.  Caught part of the CMA’s last night ~ the performances were FANTASTIC! 
    Be great,
    ps – love the bikini! 

  10. -Grumps- says:

    I was figuring your “German friend” was in reference to a comment left to your V-Day blob, but see no such thing. *Hmmm … * Go easy on ‘im Bob. Wouldn’t want ta be starting up WWIII now, would we?? *Smiles shaking head … * Ya know … We all hears about the atrocities what the Germans ‘n Japanese had committed, but I’m sure there was plenty enough atrocities accrued at the hands of allied forces as well. What president was it ordered an “no prisoners” policy what saw Koreans ’n Chinese captured, ‘n taken down execution style in the rice patties?? Hokey Man!! What a mess war can be.
    This Charlotte, all be it a little off ‘a plumb, seems an enduring, and entertaining neighbour. Me wonders why I gets the feeling that the “hillbilly son” makes a career ‘a taking advantage ‘a the ole gals nutty ways. I trust Charlotte has an round dowel to secure her window now??
    I’m thinkin you’d mayhap want ta be careful where ya wears that T-shirt Bob. *gigglin … * Take good care bud, ‘n will catch ya later.
    Ciao Fer Now …

  11. CAROL says:

    Bertttttttttttttt I miss ya boy!!  Bonnie is a cutie though,, sick her on that whacko woman next door! heheehhe. aint I evil?  Hope you dont run into some whacko at the store .."TIS THE SEASON"  .. take care..  : )

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