Here We Go Again!!

Our Santa Ana Winds are back, humidity is around 20%, temps are approaching the 90’s and yes, there is a fire raging in Montecito near Santa Barbara.  You have heard it all before.  And we were informed today not to expect any rain until at least December!!  The drought is on!!
Funny!!  We have (had) this OLD floor lamp that for no apparent reason completely fell apart today!!  As the lamp hit the floor, Bonnie hit the ceiling!!  LOL!!  When she finally came down we took turns breaking it into pieces so it would fit into the trash.  only problem was, it was plugged in behind a 800lb china cupboard thingy and it took me an hour, and a wound to my arm, to get the plug out.  So the demon lamp is gone and Bonnie was such a huge help!  Especially while I was on my stomach on the floor trying to get that %*&#$@* plug out!!
Went to Albertson’s (grocery store) today and as usual I forgot my camera.  It’s getting better!!  They have signs up along the aisles and they now pass out maps!!  LOL!!  But I made a HUGE mistake!!  I got in a checkout line behind two old Vietnamese women.  Now if you lived in SoCal you would know:
1.  They drive at a top speed of 15 mph
2.  They do NOT understand the concept of one-way streets
3.  They wear oven mitts while driving
But the worst thing is at the checkout aisle at the grocery store. Here’s how THAT goes!!
1.  Their groceries are scanned bagged.
2.  They fumble around for cash, finally pull out a checkbook or, God help us all, use a debit card!  That always means re-training.
3.  If using cash, the change MUST be counted THREE times!
4.  When they receive their receipt, that must be checked at least FOUR times.
By then, their groceries are bagged but still sitting on the conveyor thing and and mine are being bagged and added to theirs!!  Today they had to shut down checkout aisle while we went through EVERY item to determine whose was whose!!  "Mine, yours, yours, mine, mine, etc!!!".   But you know??  If I moved to Vietnam, I would have the same problems too….. Except for the oven mitts!!!  Bless their hearts!
Oh!!  As I was face down on the carpet having my face licked while trying to get that plug out, the doorbell rings, and rings, and RINGS!!  I answer and guess who it is??  My new bestest friend Charlotte!  She was there to inform me that there was a piece of paper under one of my windshield wipers!!  I told her that I had just returned from Albertson’s and it’s only an ad.  Her reply was, "They do that?".  I gave it to her.  It was from some place called ‘Tip Top Nails’!!  Sheesh!!  Maybe her son can use it!
Tonight’s Funny!!
Top Ten Signs There’s Something Terribly Wrong At McDonald’s

10. You order Filet-o-Fish and the cashier makes the sign of the cross

9. Lowest-priced item on the Dollar Menu is 80 bucks

8. Employees are warming buns in their pants

7. Iraq helped them prepare their 12,000-page nutritional information report

6. Everything is "McXpired"

5. One of your "French fries" is wearing a wedding ring

4. Hans Blix is snooping around the back with a Geiger counter

3. Seconds after you order the McNuggets, you hear frantic squawking from the kitchen

2. A new hamburger is introduced called "The McWidowmaker with Cheese"

1. Happy Meal Toy: Cigarettes


The CMA winner for tonight is by Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland) for ‘Song of the Year’.  I saw her live and she cried all the way through it!  Not my favorite but VERY good!!  They also won ‘Duo of the Year’.

Have a SUPER weekend!!



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10 Responses to Here We Go Again!!

  1. klaus says:

    excellent top 10 list 🙂

  2. DANA says:

    Why do they wear oven mitts? I can’t even dream up why they would wear them while driving. Do you know?
    Love the top 10 list. I just picked up free meals tonight from there because they screwed up our order so badly las time!

  3. Joe says:

    Yep, you got me going again Bob!  It paints quite a picture every time I read your blogs.  Are you sure you’re not working on the script for "One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest"?

  4. Grandma's says:

    We were watching the fires on the news tonight.  Any idea what started them this time?  Arson?
    Sure would love to send some of our rain down there.
    Oven Mitts?  Why on earth do they wear oven mitts….surely you must be joking!!
    Hope you didn’t hurt your arm too badly….so sweet of Bonnie to help you LOL.
    Love the top ten list  HA HA HA
    Have a great weekend Bob

  5. sweeti's says:

    Hi Bob
    its been so long i heard some sign of life…from U..I hope ur not mad wth me?
    if so?
    tellme  oke??

  6. Rosebay says:

    Oh no, not again… I just saw the fires on the news. be careful there.
    The McD list is why I never go ther, thanks for confirming my suspicions, lol
    HAve a good weekend

  7. Sue says:

    I know how it is when you get down in "dog" territory–on the floor.  They seem to get a big kick out of licking you to death or laying on your face.  I even have trouble tying my shoes with Nikki laying on the shoe on her back wanting her belly rubbed!  Dogs!!!

  8. Grandma's says:

    Thank God you guys are OK….that fire situation is downright scary.  Couldn’t they find something lighter to protect their hands from he sun….rather than oven mitts  LOL   Seems rather extreme and hot….but to each his own, I guess.
    Hope you are having a great Saturday.
    *Hugs* to you my friend.

  9. Beth says:

    Bob, my dear you are a hoot!  You always make me laugh.  Be kind to little old ladies, you will be little and old someday.  😀

  10. Lena says:

    Oven mitts? 
    I completely understand!

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