Redneck Neighbor #2

You remember him!  The 45 year old guy who lives with his mom and dad across the street from me.  I have witnessed several near-fistfights between his dad and him.  He lost his job and his car so he bought a bicycle.  Now this is not just any bicycle, oh no!!  It’s a pink, girls style ‘Hello Kitty’ bicycle!!!  His dad and he have been working on it for over a month (I have a front row seat through my picture window).  I think he’s also trying to ‘soup’ it up!!  HAHA!!  And of course, they argue over it every day!  Also every day, they will ‘work on it’ in the morning and then Tom zoom off, only to come walking it back an hour later.  I think he added a horn today!  I’m waiting for the pink basket!!! 
I have GOT to get a photo of that bike!!  Even better, with Tom riding it down the street and waving at me!  Big smile on his face and no shirt!!
 Short fire update…. Good news for a change!
The winds have diminished down to nothing, humidity going up and 20 degrees cooler tomorrow through the weekend.  Also, no deaths occurred and it was NOT arson this time!!
I turned on my Country radio station this morning and they were taking donations for the people who had lost everything.  It was pretty cool!  They set goals and every goal was met.  Between 5am and 6, $5500.  Between 6 and 7, $6500.  Etc.. But what got me was a call from a woman whose family had lost everything….. And she donated!!!!  She figured that there had to be people worse off than her.  A lot of fierfighters donated too, as if they hadn’t done enough already.
Tim McGraw tonight.  I PROMISE you will like this one!!
Be Well!!
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17 Responses to Redneck Neighbor #2

  1. J says:

    Redneck neighbor and his bike sound like a hoot! Can’t wait for the pics.
    Good news from the fire fight front. Hey, try that real fast three times in a row! Ah, maybe it’s just the southern drawl.

  2. Grandma's says:

    Yeah, you really need to get a picture of that guy on his bike  LOL…..sounds like you’ve got some pretty colorful neighbors.  Maybe you should buy the poor guy a pink basket for Christmas (and maybe a pink banana seat…remember those?)
    I always find it so heart-warming to hear about people who give to others in need…especially those that really don’t have the funds to do so (or have already given their all — like the firefighters) but feel in their hearts it is the right thing to do.  May they be blessed ten-fold. 
    Sure am glad things have settled down….and after seeing all the newscasts, it is truly miraculous that no lives were lost.
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow Bob…you deserve a rest.

  3. Jude says:

    And here I was thinking my "neighbour" was a sight for sore eyes… least he doesn’t have a pink bike….yet……course I’ll be heading to a lawyer if he does that  – fuel for the "Big D"  ROFLMFAO
    Hope things are well with you, Bob.  Stay safe  🙂

  4. klaus says:

    it is good to wake up and see this news my friend. And no deaths, very lucky?or blessed? either way, a relief. I have been worried about you and several other friends in California, I wonder if the fires and the earthquakes are just God saying"I cannot let anyone be in heaven yet" because without those, California must be close lol.Have a good evening my friend.~k

  5. Kat says:

    A souped up Hello Kitty bike, eh?  This I gotta see!  Put your ninja suit on and sneak over there in the night to snap some photos of that bike!!  You better snap a few of you in that ninja suit too….ROFL!!!

  6. Rambling says:

    Bob, I would love seeing that picture.  The dogs WILL point and know they will.

  7. Rambling says:

    Bob, I would love seeing that picture.  The dogs WILL point and know they will.

  8. Joe says:

    That would be a picture worthy of any comedy show I’d say Bob!  I think we’ve had "the Clumps" living near us a time or two before.  This time we live in a pretty quiet end of town.  That’s why when we go to church on the other side of the tracks (literally) it’s a whole other world.  Plenty of nuts, fruits and flakes to check out down there if I get really bored!  Blessings to ya Bobber!

  9. Kat says:

    OMG!!!!!  WHAT is a grown man doing riding a HK bike??
    Wrong I tells you. WRONG!
    I should have that bike! (LOL) 😀

  10. -Grumps- says:

    Hello Kitty?? What the dillio is that all about??? *google google google … * Ohhhhhh!!!! That esplains it!!! Nice lookin bike … for a girl!!!
    Turns out Hello Kitty is 34 years old, and plenty enough folk are Hello Kitty fanatics. Check out ~this gal~ what had Hello Kitty carved (literally) into her calf. Then of course, there’s this poor sot whose wife is an Hello Kitty freak fanatic, ‘n puts ‘im through ~Hello Kitty Hell~ on a daily basis. I’m sure he must love it though as his entire site seems dedicated to the hatred of Hello Kitty. Go figure. … Yes Bob, you must get some pictures. Me wonders if’n it has the original ~Hello Kitty Bicycle Tire~ on it?
    Good to see the weather is accommodating a little for the fire fighters. Tough to imagine this nature of loss. Although I’m not sure if it’s the same string of fires, I did hear this morn that Christopher Lloye’s Home burned down either yesterday, or the day before. Doc Emmett from Back to the Future. Yup, even the rich ‘n famous ain’t impervious to Mother Natures wrath.
    Gots ta go Bob … Have a good one, ‘n I’ll catch ya later.
    Ciao Fer Now …

  11. DANA says:

    Oh my God, I so want a picture of that guy doing that. That is so hilarious. I see these guys in our town too. You know it’s because of DUI’s. One guy looked up at me and smiled really big and then took off REALLY fast pealing the tires on his banana seat schwin bike. I think I even said out loud, "He’s got to be kidding" But no, he was trying to impress me. He was like 49-50… Yeah that does it for me, the banana schwin, the backpack, the wire basket in the front, the tires spinning in gravel……LOL

  12. Jade says:

    No way! Now that’s a picture-LOL!!!

  13. Setterspirit says:

    Thanks for the laughs this morning over the neigbor.  After reading Dana’s comment do you think there is a middle aged man hello kitty bike riding cult that none of us knew about?
    Good news on the fire update.

  14. Fizz says:

    Glad that things are going your way on this Fire bit. I really want to see a photo of Mr. Dude on a pink bike… pretty please!

  15. Sue says:

    Yes, you REALLY need to get a pic of him riding that pink bike!  Can’t wait to see it!

  16. Georgia says:

    You have GOT to be kidding about the neighbor on the pink hello kitty bike…with no shirt!!!  Something is seriously wrong with this picture, speaking of which, I am waiting for that photo!  Too dang funny…:)
    Glad to hear things are getting better with the fires and the weather.  Such a tragedy for so many…  It is nice, however, to see people come together in the spirit of giving to others.  Very touching.
    Be great,

  17. Rosebay says:

    Please get a pic of of that bike! I gotta see this. Maybe for Xmas you can give him that basket. 😉

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