Killer Whales

This TV program came on Nat Geo today, supposedly about Whale Watching on Monterrey Bay, Ca.  I thought, ‘How cool!!!  I’ve done that before and it was fun!!!’
So off in the distance they see alot of splashing and everyone is excited.  As they get closer they realize it’s a pod of Killer Whales (Orcas).  A rare sight!  People are snapping photos and taking videos.  Then they see someting much larger in the water.  It’s a female California Gray Whale and the Orcas are attacking it!! (Killer Whale actually means whale killer).  They are trying to drown her, jumping on her and holding her underwater.  Now Gray Whales can hold their breath (mammals) for 15 minutes but this whale had not eaten since the last time she was on her feeding grounds, about 6 months ago, so she is weak.  The eight Orcas are relentless and are all over her.  Then the folks on the boat spot something else….. a three month old Gray Whale calf!  The Orcas split into two groups and are attacking both whales… using their tails. head-butting, biting and laying on the whales heads.  At one point the mother rolls on her back and puts her calf on her stomach but then she couldn’t breathe.  Then, as if things weren’t bad enough, another ten Orcas join in!!  Now there is blood in the water and they are in DEEP water.  The Orcas are working like tag-teams with short breaks in between attacks because they are getting tired too.  It had been 4 hours since the attacks began.
Then ever so slowly, the mother begins pushing her calf towards shallow water (Orcas hate shallow water!).  After another hour, in shallow water, the Orcas suddenly break off their attack and swim out to sea!!  Both mother and calf survived!!!  And after 5 hours, the Orcas got nothing!!
Oh yeah, this attack took place on a Mothers Day!  It was definitely NOT what I expected.
My neighbor ‘Pinky’ bought a bell to replace his horn!!  Still waiting for the pink basket!  He took off on his bike about 2 hours ago with several large bags of bottles to be recycled and still hasn’t returned.  Uh Oh!!  He may have to buy a Hello Kitty cart for his bike.
Hope you liked the last song.  New one tonight.  If this one doesn’t make you cry, you have no soul!  lol!!
Have a Great weekend all!!! 
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7 Responses to Killer Whales

  1. klaus says:

    I saw Orcas at sea world several times. Very impressive animals, but I am glad the whales got away… much to be said for a mother’s protection.Have a good weekend Bob

  2. Beth says:

    Yo Bob, I hope you have a great weekend.  Great song too.

  3. Fizz says:

    You stop that kind of teasing Mr. Bob… that Hello Kitty comment is going to get you a whole bunch of karmatic retrabution!!! Be nice! (You don’t get karma issues if you THINK it only, it’s the typing it out loud that got you in trouble)

  4. FotoTrek says:

    Man, what a "whale of a tale!"
    How could those whales possible survive? So glad they did, but sure can’t imagine how.

  5. Duckie says:

    There goes my life…………….

  6. Grandma's says:

    I just knew "Pinky" was gonna get himself a bell….not as likely to get stolen.
    As much as I love all shows about wildlife, I have a tendency to turn them off as soon as I see blood.  So happy to hear momma and baby were OK.
    Loved the song tonight Bob…very moving.
    Back to "Pinky"…did he make it home safely?  Does he have a helmet?  Up here, in our province of British Columbia, it is the law for anyone…man, woman, or child to wear a helmet whilst riding a bicycle.   Wonder if there are any Miss Kitty helmets available?  I should send him one LOL. 
    Have a wonderful weekend Bob.

  7. Sue says:

    Amazing that the Grey survived all that.  I think we tend to forget that these mammals are intelligent beings.  It’s no surprise that the Orcas would learn to hunt together, like wolves, to overcome a larger prey.  Love whales and have been whale-watching up near Fort Bragg, CA a few years ago.  I was the only one who didn’t get sea-sick!  I just hope we can stop so many whales from being butchered by those Japanese.  Now THAT’s a real crime!!!

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