Round Two

The fires here are out!!  Round two??  The mudslides that always follow.  As I’m typing this. people (volunteers) are filling and putting down sandbags.  As usual, the ‘Weather Idiots’ have no idea what to expect!  But in their defense, when storms roll in from the Pacific Ocean you never know what to expect.  Rain Tuesday and Wednesday and more on Saturday.  Oh yeah… And our broken skylight still hasn’t been replaced!  I will try to climb on the roof tomorrow and cover it with a tarp. 
Here is this morning’s sunrise!! 
Sunrise 002
I really need to get rid of that TV antenna and the power pole can go too!!  Maybe I can talk Tom and Kurt into doing it for me!!  LOL!
Quiet in the neighborhood, which kinda scares me!!  I get nervous when it’s too quiet!!  So I’m watching Football!!  LOL!
Music on my space:   I will be playing MY favorites here this week….. Starting with the #2 Official R U Serious song!!  LOL!!  GREAT SONG!!   Who else?  Jimmy Buffet!!
I hope all of your weekends were FUN!!
PS:  I have scary medical tests this week.  Liver, Chest X-Ray, Glucose (3 hours!!!!!) and MRI!!  Pray that I put the gown on the right way!!!!!  LOL!!
Take care my friends!  And listen up folks!!  Words to live by in this song!
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15 Responses to Round Two

  1. Babblelot says:

    So happy the fires are out. Mud slides are scary. You could always hold your thumb up to cover unwanted scenery eh? Good luck on the testing this week. The strings go in the back by the way.

  2. GreatGranny says:

    Hoping fire and mud slides stay away, careful on the roof, you’ve got the prayers and don’t scare the nurses.  LOL.   hugs,  Ann

  3. Beth says:

    Yo Bob, just in case you have forgotten, you are on my prayer list.  I know what it is to have scary medical tests.  I have one coming up next month.

  4. FotoTrek says:

    No fires, no mudslides, and good results on all your medical tests. Liz : )

  5. Joe says:

    No fires = GOOD, Landslides = BAD, Both = NOT AS BAD AS IT COULD BE.  I guess take the good where you can right?  I didn’t know you still had a broken skylight…geez, where’s Bob the Builder?  Aren’t you guys related?  I had to stop by and get my dos ‘O Bob and see what’s up…keep us posted on that skylight buddy and don’t forget that dude on the pink bicycle!

  6. Lena says:

    Good luck w/the medical tests!

  7. Fizz says:

    Hey… ask crazy vespa neighbor or pink bicycle boy if they want the stuff. I’ll bet they will and they’ll salvage it and get money for it. If you take that metal down and take it to salvage, I’ll bet you can get several hundred dollars AND you’re recycling the stuff. Just a thought.
    You are in my prayers… You will do fine. I wouldn’t worry about the gown so much as putting on backwards and then ppl laffing… 😉

  8. Grandma's says:

    Never mind the antenna and the power pole….get Tom and/or Kurt to put the tarp up for you.  Don’t need you falling off the ladder, Bob.
    I’ll keep you in my prayers with regards to your medical tests.  As for which way you put the gown on…ah phhht…I’m sure the nurses have seen it all.
    Sure glad the fires are out lets hope the weather guys are wrong this time…ya don’t need mudslides.  But just in case, you might want to warn Kurt and Tom to rescue their treasured vehicles…heaven forbid if they lost those precious (choke) belongings in a mud slide…LOL.
    You have a good week Bob and Know that we will all be thinking about you.
    Love and Hugs

  9. DANA says:

    Don’t drop anything in those gowns! I hope all your tests go by very quickly and effortlessly. Oh and of course that they just tell you you’re normal. We all know that isn’t the case but they don’t have to know that. THey don’t need to know that I’m not normal either.
    Hey you should have caught Roy Orbison on PBS today. Everybody was there with him, Bruce Springsteen, KD Lang, Costello, I can’t remember them all but it was AWESOME. 
    Stay off the roof, and send the drunk, he’s use to falling down…. 

  10. CAROL says:

    Prayers to you and hope they all come out wonderful with no problems..  : )

  11. CAROL says:

    PS Stay off the dang roof.. call someone else to do it.. sheesh.. rain .. you say rain.. it never rains in ca. didnt you hear hahahahah  LOL

  12. Duckie says:

    Yeah, yeah, it’s long lost Duckie leaving a comment.  I have decided to "Roll with the punches."
    Be well.

  13. Sue says:

    Like Caroldee said, STAY OFF THAT ROOF!  Hey, maybe your gardeners would fix that skylight–they seem to be able to do everything so well.  The rest of those lyrics about not raining in California—…man, it pours!  Remember that!!  Hope you don’t live near a hill side…

  14. BRIDGET says:

    Good luck with the tests.  I’ll be sending you super healthy vibes!!

  15. Jill says:

    stay off the roof….i’ll bet your landscapers would do it for you…   or maybe one of the redneck neighbors (and then we’d get some fun pictures) =D
    did you catch the news with the homeowners who want the city to come out and put up the sandbags for them? (these were young, non-disabled men)  I lived in the fire zone once (lost my home to a wildfire in 1993).  our attitude was:  "we chose to live here, we are responsible for protecting our property."  they could have had the bags filled and in place, in the time that it took them to get a news crew up there so they could complain.  just hit the wrong chord with me today. 

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