Knock It Off MSN!!!!

 Why can’t MSN leave Spaces alone?  I’m going to tweak the heck out of ‘Spaces Home’!   Three things I don’t like. 
1. Your profile shows every person you commented to, what your comment was and when. 
2. I liked it MUCH better when I could read a comment and the person’s addy was right there so I could visit.  Not anymore…  You now need 2 windows open.
3. You can’t go back to ‘Spaces Home’ from your blog without logging off and back on or opening another window.
I’ll be tweaking away!!!
Just when I thought that I had my neighborhood settled down?????
A firetruck and the Paramedics pull up across the street from me.  Turns out he, Larry,  had his second stroke in the past month!  He’s a Great guy!!  He worked for years on King Crab boats in the Bering Sea. (Deadliest Catch??….. Discovery??).  I hope he recovers….
As I saunter back to my house, Kurt (redneck #1) pulls up.  He is wearing a HUGE insulated coat, wool hat, gloves and a scarf!!  My reaction was, "DUDE!!!!,  It’s 58 degrees!!". "Who are you??  ‘Nanook of the North’???
Who should walk out but Charlotte!!  Barefoot, in her housecoat and holding a CD in one hand and a flyswatter in the other!!  I guess she figures they make good weapons???????????????  I didn’t ask but Kurt told me that she accidently called the police on HERSELF!!! LOL   Apparently those Mexicans were back dancing on her patio.  Never a dull day!  Sorry I didn’t get pics but several of you have asked for a photo of Charlotte!! I can do that!!  And talk her into posing!  ‘Insurance Purposes!).
I keep putting off my medical tests……….  Yeah, yeah, I know!  Not looking foward to a full day of drinking crappy tasting stuff and having blood drawn every half hour for three hours.  Plus an Ultrasound, Chest X-Ray and about 14 things I don’t understand.  HAH!!
But we are trying to consolidate our credit cards, home equity loans, and refinace the house!  I know!  Not a good time but those interest rates on the credit cards??  Had to do it!
Since you seemed to like this song and one person thought it was a ‘Toe-Tapper’ (Dramma!!),  I’m leaving it up!!!  I LOVE this Song!!!!!!!!!
Have a Great Hump day!!!
PS: The more I look at MSN’s changes the more invasive it seems!   Last names?????
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18 Responses to Knock It Off MSN!!!!

  1. Jill says:

    i just knew that you’d be the first of my friend’s to comment on the new windows live. i have found that you can get from blog to the home page by clicking on the "windows live" in the upper left corner.

  2. R U Serious says:

    Thanks Jill!!!

  3. Cat says:

    make up a last name or just use yr first initial – exciting neighborhood you live in – CD and flyswatters for weapons – hmmmmm – depends on the CD content I guess and the volume at which it’s played –

  4. Cat says:

    shoot – Jade said she could hear music using Firefox – but not me – will have to go to IE tot hear yr music – maybe because she has Ubuntu for an OS – I’ll have to ask –

  5. Joe says:

    Yeah, this is quite the interesting little "upgrade" we’ve got going on here. I tried to update messenger and such but it crashed and didn’t stop giving errors until I got rid of it…guess I won’t be using this beta for now. Messing with the settings still leaves way too much info out there…don’t know what to do about that but indure it so far. Your neighborhood sounds like a circus my friend LOL! I don’t blame you for delaying medical tests like that…never fun…things you know you need to do but surely don’t want to mess with…I get that. I opted for it to not show my last name but I mean for Pete’s sake…should I really even have to consider that?

  6. CAROL says:

    Grrrrrrrrr BOB you are so right. KNOCK IT THE H**L off indeed. My computer is so mesed up I moved over to WORDPRESS to let off some steam!! ACK I will keep my space but dont know how it will work out.. Gracious.. that poor fella having two strokes so close together that is NOT GOOD.. Hope you get some answers soon as to how you are doing too. : )

  7. Jean says:

    Well, Joe is wrong.. I blame you for putting off medical tests!!!!!! Get on the phone and set them up and go, Buster!!! Don’t make me yell at you!!!! I don’t care what excuse you have.. I said DO IT!!I’m probably changing to my blogspot.. I’ll let you know…love ya..

  8. Bridget says:

    Oh why can’t they leave well enough alone? I mean, sheesh…I aint getting any younger and every change…. well, ok, I’ll get used to it. Enjoy your week…

  9. Cindy says:

    I noticed the last name thing too…but it can be changed. Just go to your profile…and I think it was under the details tab. What a mess this thing has turned into.

  10. Kat says:

    I’m glad I live on Blogspot block :Pand the story about the doggie in the animal shelter…OMG Dude…you about broke my heart in two with that one!!! 😦 I need a hug now 😦

  11. Kat says:

    oh and…Get yer stubborn butt to the doc! 😉

  12. Sue says:

    I’m glad I saved everyone in my Favorites…it’s easier to just go there to get to various spaces. I hate this new thing they’ve done to screw up the spaces! You can bet someone is sitting there laughing at all the havoc he’s created with this change!!! Hope you will check out my new short story anyway–put part 2 up today!

  13. -Grumps- says:

    . . There certainly is a plethora of superfluous dribble on the home page these days. I bin muckin about for the last couple ‘a days now, and startin ta get things figured out. As for getting to someone’s space from the comment link, it’s not so bad as all ‘a that. It brings up the whole ‘what’s new’ with the person page, and to view the space, there’s a button near to top left below the profile picture ta take ya right to it. If you simply want to see the latest post, you can click on the title ta get there, so it is doable. . . I think it must still be a work in progress, cause you can indeed get to your space from your blob now with the navigation buttons to the top ‘a the page. I think it’s all just a matter ‘a getting used to it is all. Seems every time we go through these changes, it’s the same thing with all ‘a the confusion for a week or two til things settle in. . . As for last names, there is the option to hide it in the “new” *bows head gigglin … * profile editing page, just a matter ‘a trackin it down. First names are a given. No hiding them at all. Aliases always work, although I myself have never bin too overly concerned about it. My biggest concern would be some babe come hunt me down, ‘n take advantage ‘a me. Life is sweet Bob. Catch me later. Ciao Fer Now … PS: Don’t ferget ta have the ole gal tuck ‘er housecoat in fer the pic. Perhaps wearing a sombrero if’n there’s any Mexicans about??

  14. Twila says:

    Hey Bob! Mornin’! I’m with you on the Spaces if forever changin’. Haven’t had time to check it all out yet. Will be doing that in the next couple of days…I hope. And yes, I love that song!As you probably guessed, DH will be heading to the doctor shortly too. But I’m intrigued by this diabetes test that you mentioned. DH has never had to do anything like that. At least not that either of us remembers. Hope all goes well for you at the dr office and that they don’t find any surprises! Have a great day!

  15. Twila says:

    ok, I give up. How the heck do I get back to my space now? Oh no, I’m locked in Bob’s space?! Hey, let me outta’ here! Hmm. There’s gotta’ be a way to get back to my neighborhood. I’ll find it. I hope!

  16. Rambling says:

    Hi Bob…came over here to see how the Rednecks were doin’! And to see if you got a new bikini for your little one there for Christmas. I must say she looks fetching!!!

  17. Beth says:

    Bob, if I am brave enough to have a needle biopsy done on Friday then you be brave enough to go and get the tests done that you need. OK??

  18. Fizz says:

    Well… I don’t like that I have to book mark my spaced home to get to it… but I like a couple of things like the comments looking good and in one spot and more than just a few. I like that I don’t have to have the "email" option under comment and that the space to type is automatically there so I can just click in the area, type and click "Add"I didn’t like all my profile information blasting. They should have err’d on the side of caution, not letting everyone see everything…

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