Spaces seems to be acting more user friendly today, in fact for the past several days.  Which leads me to beleive that this wasn’t a one day ‘upgrade’ but one that has been ongoing for days and may continue for a few more.  No one ever accused MSN of moving too quickly!!  I think that it give each other tips when we learn something new, we can do this.  At least until the NEXT upgrade!!  I still cannot post photos on my blog.
 OJ!!  HAH!!  33 to life in prison??  Up for parole in 9 years??  What was his attorney thinking when he told the judge that it was OJ’s first offense and she should be lenient??  One question…. who will search for Niccole’s killers now??  Hopefully not on a golf course!
I witnessed a huge cat-fight in the Albertson’s parking lot today.  A woman was pulling into a parking space and a second woman parked her empty cart right in the middle of the second woman’s space.  Rather than getting out of her care and moving the cart, she gunned it and drove the cart into the other woman’s car!!  At that point the yelling, hair-pulling and scratching began!  (I’m sooo glad I didn’t have my camera because either one of them could have kicked my butt!!).  They were big, bad and Mean!!!  One of them dropped her cellphone and the other one stomped it!!  It was wild and no one got near to them!!  Police finally showed and hauled them both off.
Now as for my bank problems, we opened a new checking account and credit card at Ch*** bank because of their great sky-miles rates and we also wanted to consolidate all of our debts through them, plus refinace our home. 
We had a huge purchase pending so I sent Ch*** a check from our old home equity account.  It cleared but I was told that if we paid the full amount now, we would save $2000, so I sent them another check for the same amount.  The second check was NSF (my fault!!).  Ch*** bank’s fraud department jumped all over it and put a $10,000,000, That’s $10 MILLION!!!, debit on our checking account.   Their novel way of stopping fraud.  Three days later I get a letter informing me that would be closing all of our accounts in 10 business days!  Ch*** bank wants a letter from our other bank saying that it was not fraud but just an error.  So I called the other bank and they refused because the check was never returned to them and they consider it still an outstanding check!!
Today I finally had the two banks talk on the phone and guess where that check is??  The fraud dept has been sitting on it!!!  I have been playing phone tag for almost 2 weeks but hope to have it resolved this coming week.  I also had to postpone the appraisel of our home until further notice!!  Merry Christmas!!! 
Between the bank problems and medical tests coming up Monday, I have had a hard time concentrating.  I promise to comment this weekend.
LOVE this song!!  GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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9 Responses to Spaces

  1. Joe says:

    Sorry about the trouble with spaces my friend, I can’t get my own picture in the background either…it now fails everytime though I don’t know why. That sounds like some fight! Ironically we were watching a huge cat fight on "Most Shocking Videos" tonight…man, that’s really something! I’m hugely sorry about the bank mess. That really sounds like a terrible mess, I hope it gets worked out in short order…well, I can wish it can’t I? I’m praying for good results from the doc too. Hang in there bro!

  2. Sue says:

    Boy, sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now, Bob. Don’t sweat not getting back to us here online when there are more pressing matters. Those banks should have been talking to each other all along! What a hassle. I’ve put off changing banks for that very reason. Wow, that was some fight in your grocery lot! Glad you didn’t get involved in it while trying to take photos…don’t blame you for backing off on that one. They sound like they were really crazy.

  3. sweeti's says:

    well i get used to MSN spaces now..Though i did not try to put pics yet.ohhhhhhhhwould love to c those 2 women fght..Women fight mean hahahahaoeps i do hope ur bank probs will be solved soon and good luck with the med test Boba warm hug to ufrom ice cold BelgiumMJ

  4. BRIDGET says:

    Never a dull moment at your neighborhood grocery store!! I got called the other day for two people who were fighting over who pulled up to the gas pump first. Luckily it was just verbal…but COME ON! How childish do these people have to be? It’s ridiculous!! Banks suck. That’s all I have to say about that! Good luck with everything.

  5. TRACIE says:

    I would have freaked witnessing that fight! You’ll never win with corporate banking! Come see me – i’ll help ya out!! LOL

  6. -Grumps- says:

    Having problems getting photos into blobs my friend?? Check out me latest post.~Test Drivin~!26C97D56113C69E8!3321.entry I’m in a bit of a rush here Bob, so will have to get back to ya ta have a better read. If’n ya likes what ya sees in da’ Bunker, know anyone else having troubles with photos in blobs, let yer friends know, alrighty??Catch ya later dude. Ciao Fer Now …

  7. Rambling says:

    OH BOb. Talk about a huge pain…that is a nightmare!!!! (Bank) as for the women..I wish I had been there for the show.

  8. Rosebay says:

    Well at least you got the decorations up…Good luck on those tests tomorrow. I will be think of you.

  9. Rosebay says:

    PS – love the song – had to download it

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