Christmas Time’s a’Comin!!

I can tell because Becky decided she wanted to GET READY to decorate.  Which means cleaning the house and me dragging in the boxes of decorations while she does the actual placement of the decorations.  My other job was to wash our 20 foot X 5 foot picture window so that complete strangers could look in and see our 3 foot tall fake tree!!  LOL!  But being a good hubby I did it, even though I missed most of the USC/UCLA football game.  But that’s OK!  I’ll take a picture of our stupid tree!  I’m going to make Hamburger Soup tonight.  One of our favorites and sooo easy!!  Wait!!  Why am I cooking??  Oh yeah…. She is decorating!!
OH NO!!  I brought in the Halloween decorations!!!  Someone shoot me!!!!
OH NO Again!!  Becky just got shocked plugging in a lamp!  Apparently Bonnie chewed on the wire!!  Becky has this big black thing on her hand!  (I changed lamps back to the original one…  Why she changed lamps??  Who knows!
Another huge brawl at our neighbor’s house across the street today.  Another of their sons (let’s call him redneck #3!) got into a shouting match with Rod… the Patriarch!!  Rod is seeming to me as the guy who is starting all of these fights.  It got ugly!!  The son was irate, his girlfriend was screaming at him, Rod was following behind and adding snide comments and poor mama was crying.  Every time these thing happen they take place on their front lawn!!! 
One of these days I’m going to intervene!!  I can take all of them….. except mama!!  LOL!
So all in all, we had a pretty quiet Saturday, don’t you think??  LOL!  
Diamond Rio tonight!!  Enjoy your Sunday!!
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12 Responses to Christmas Time’s a’Comin!!

  1. Beth says:

    Yo Bob, seems like I can only find your update through my recipe space. Oh well at least I am here. I hope things went well for you with all of the tests.

  2. Cat says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t you live in that Republican stronghold to the south of me where all the residents are quiet, conservative and well-behaved? Geez, my hood w/ the occasional ok fairly frequent copter flyovers is an oasis of calm compared to you – and most of us are Dems!! – and good luck on those tests – or did you already have them? take me so long ot get to where I want to be on Spaces these days that it oculd be next year already for all I know –

  3. KatSoup says:

    Fighting on the lawn, how sad. I do not know if i will decorate the house. Russ decorated the store and that is really enough for me. We may go to the Casino at Cherokee for Christmas anyway. It is weird to be at a Casino where there is no alcohol, weird and that is sad too. It is an Indian Reservation, that is why no alcohol. Pfft.

  4. CAROL says:

    YA call that quiet?? HAH. sounds like my HELL HOUSE alright.. everything took place on the porch or in the yard. I used to pray for winter so that they would fight INSIDE the house. Yellin is okay as long as they dont carry any knives or guns.. Wonder someone dont get arrested.. Is that the guy that had the heart attack or something. BUSY at your place that is for sure.. Tell Becca to get well soon. I bet that did hurt.. Take care and good luck next week on the tests.. : )

  5. Grandma's says:

    Well howdy stranger. Just want to let you know that I will be praying for you.Your neighborhood is something else, alright. You don’t even need to watch T.V. just open up the windows and you have live shows every day it would seem…..comedy, drama, action LOLJust as long as nobody gets hurt…that’s the important thing.Poor Becky…not nice getting zapped like that.Looking forward to seeing a picture of your tree. Hubby got our house lights up…but the tree will have to wait until next weekend. Gotta do some major housecleaning before I start doing any interior Christmas decorating.Take care my friend.~Karin~

  6. BRIDGET says:

    QUIET??? What??? Manual labor…family brawls…and…ELECTROCUTION!! There is NOTHING quiet about any of that Dear Bob. Nothing. You better cook so poor Becky can heal her hand. Yikes! Scary! How about you lock yourself in the house tomorrow so you will ACTUALLY have a quiet day? How does that sound?

  7. sweeti's says:

    hohohohohmy god wish wish i could see al that LOLu going to get the stuff…lol and as every man does Just get the first box he get in sight lolIts like comedy capers …yahoooooooi enjoy reading this entry Bob..Its very exciting inn ur house and also outside the house.we have on tv such a family serie And i think ur neighbours could be the actors.i love this My GOD…i need ur stories to get my day started hahaim going now for my sunday runand its below zero The streets are dangerous…but when i fall on my ass i will have a big laugh Thinking abt ur bis Christmas tree showing off for everyone…I love ur Becky She knows how to handle men..can u give me her foon Number…I need some info…lol

  8. Jade says:

    Snow here-Yaaay!!!definitely puts one in the mood to string the lights

  9. Lena says:

    Ebenezer Serious.It’s snowing here.BAH HUMBUG!

  10. Sue says:

    Well, maybe quiet for YOU. Sounds like a lot of stressful neighbors to me. Glad we all have an acre here where we live—we’re not right next to our neighbors that way and miss most of their tantrums. I know how Becky feels about moving stuff around at Christmas. We have to re-arrange our whole living room to fit the tree in each year. That entails moving a HEAVY wooden "window" seat full of LPs to the other end of the room, ’cause that’s the ONLY place our tree will fit. Well, here we go again…

  11. -Grumps- says:

    . . Holy shizz man!!! That’s you, and Robyn as well sayin ya’s had problems with the writer. I had it installed on the old computer, again on this one, and haven’t had any problems at all. The only wee pain I experienced was that it didn’t put a shortcut anywheres, so had ta go to ‘start’, ‘programs’, the ‘Windows Live’ folder to find it, and put a shortcut up myself. The friggin thing is worked like a charm since day one. . . There is a gal in Germany I know who had problems, but that was that she couldn’t get the options of fonts. I figured perhaps something to do with Germany, copy write laws, whatever. . . Never mind intervening these rednecks Bob. Set yerself up ‘a ticket booth, ‘n charge admission. Sounds like quite the clown show goin on yonder crossed the street. Ya might want ta keep some lemonade, ’n popcorn at the handy as well. That’s where the big bucks is at. . . I’ll be thinkin ‘a ya Monday bud. Just don’t be kickin the doc in the kahonies when he sticks one ‘a they needles into ya. Have a great one dude.Ciao Fer Now …

  12. Kat says:

    Sounds like a "shockingly" good time!ha ha ha ha ha–sorry–HA HA HA HA HA–sorry!Just had to say it 😀 Glad Mrs S is OK though!!!

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