Redneck #2

You know him too.  The 45 year old neighbor who lives with his folks and rides a pink bike?  Well, I talked to him today.  We ll, we are becoming good friends…. as long as he doesn’t drink.  Anyhow, who said life is fair?  Tom had 3 DUI’s 10 years ago and has been attending AA meetings since then.  He just got a great job last week.

His wife divorced him in 1999 and she got the car.  She refused to make the car payments so HE got a notice that the car would be repossessed so  he made a wire transfer to pay the car off and received a receipt.  Two nights later he hears a noise and the is a Repo Man in the car!  He confronts the guy and shos him the receipt but Repo Guy tells him, "I’m in your car…. It’s mine!" And he then kicks Tom in the stomach!!!  Tom drags the guy out of his cars and kicks the crap out of him.  He is arrested for assault. 

Now those DUI’s??  The Statute of Limitation on them was 8 years but our county decided to increase it to 10.

Bottom line, he goes to court tomorrow morning (with the DUI’s back on his record) and faces a year in jail for the assault!!  I feel so bad for him!!  He has really tried to get his life back together.

I mean really!!  He attends his AA meetings, he paid off the car, with proof, and was assaulted first!!!  As we were talking, he was crying….  He will miss Christmas and his son’s birthday.  All I could do was hug him and wish him the best.

I did try to lighten things up by advising him that when they serve the fried baloney in fail, stay away from the red sauce!!


Here’s a funny

Ballard Street

This song is for Tom…… In his old days!!

Have a GREAT Friday!!

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5 Responses to Redneck #2

  1. CAROL says:

    AWWW that is a shame! Maybe you could be a witness for his character or something.. I don’t think that REPO man was on the up and up something smells reallllllllly bad there. Hope he gets a Christmas miracle. and celebrates early with his kid. : ) HUGS to youI posted my tree pic for you to see. Colored lights this year, Mom’s favorite. Take care.. : )

  2. Jody Lynn says:

    Wow! This guy sounds like a REAL winner, i must say.

  3. Sue says:

    Sounds like he got the worst of that deal! Glad you could be there to listen to him. Have a great holiday!

  4. DANA says:

    Hey Bob! Wow your poor neighbor I feel bad for him too. It’s like a spiraling situation for him. The cartoon is hilarious. We finally got our snow yesterday and this morning awoke to a foot of it everywhere. My son and grandson just left for the airport to go back to Colorado it was so sad to see them go. I want all my kids right here of course. Anyway.. still looking for the camera and the cd to load the info in to my computer. argh…..

  5. Georgia says:

    Oh Dear Lord…you warned him about the "fried balogoney" in jail…;) You continue to crack me up on a continuous basis…I need to come here more often! Thank you for keeping up with me ~ since I’ve been a total slacker in the blogging department. Hope you are enjoying the holidays thus far!!Be great,j

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