It SOOOO Seems Like A Monday!


Why you ask??

1.  My dog Buzz hurt is right-back leg (He’s the one with the replaced spine) but he seems to be doing better. In the meantime we have renamed him Tripod!!  The poor guy has been through so much.

2.  More heavy rain due tonight and temps in the 30”s!!  I thought that was illegal in California!! 

3.  My wife is taking customers to the Laker’s game tonight.  Eating dinner and watching the game from the Staples Center restaurant.  And me?  I get her leftovers from lunch.  Actually not bad!  Shrimp Fajitas!

4.  Just when I thought that Albertsons couldn’t get any worse they proved me wrong again!  Besides the fact that they hand you a map when you enter their store, it’s so wrong!! It shouldn’t take an hour to buy 8 items when the store is 5 minutes away.  I’m thinking that choosing the ’15 Items or Less’ lane wasn’t the best choice.  The woman in front of me decided that doing her Christmas there was a good idea, so she bought thirty, 30!!!, gift cards!!  Each one had to be scanned and signed.  After standing there for 20 minutes, an employee reloaded my cart and dragged me to the automated ‘Quick-Check’!!  Unfortunately he was a ‘Shopping Cart Wrangler’ so it didn’t go well….  He ran out of bags so half of my groceries were just thrown in my cart!

I had my blood tests today but I sure wish she hadn’t sneezed!!  OUCH!!!  One test left!

Sounds like a Monday to me!!


Quick question….  How can I copy a song from a CD or my Windows Media Player to www.fileden?  There must be a way!!  I use MP3Rocket for downloads and they are very good but have very few Christmas songs I have tons (OK, dozens) on CDs.  I must be missing something here.

If you didn’t know, I LOVE Hockey!!  Anaheim Ducks/NY Rangers tonight (My wife is at the Lakers/Knicks game!) Not going good for the Ducks! Dammit!!! Not at all (Shaking head…).

BTW!  This what I get to sleep with every night!


Usually on my face!!  Bonnie is SOO my Baby!!


New Christmas song tonight!

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8 Responses to It SOOOO Seems Like A Monday!

  1. Beth says:

    Bob, when you put your cd in the computer and the windows media player come on just click on rip. Windows media will rip the files and save them automatically to my documents/my music. Then go to file den and sign yourself in to your acct then upload the song or songs you want. I am glad you are about to finish your tests.

  2. CAROL says:

    Good luck on the results BOB. I sure hope it all shows you are fit as a fiddle.. well maybe a CELLO. anyway.. 30 are ya kiddin me??REALLLY that so does not sound like LA to me.. it is frigid here and maybe this is all our global warming stuff beginning to happen..I sure hope spring comes soon. I signed you up on my alerts so now I will know when you make a new entry. YAY.. Have a good rest of the week.. : )

  3. Jill says:

    we were at disney tonight and it was COLD! even the folks from Canada agreed that this is NOT Southern California weather. but it was fun to bundle up (jacket, scarf and gloves) for a change. =D

  4. Jude says:

    Aww c’mon, don’t ya like it cold??? I’d take 30 anyday over the temps we’ve been having!! LOLAnd didn’t ya know – every day is Monday, that’s why the Boomtown Rats song was so popular! heheheHope things sort themselves out for you soon and you at least get to Tuesday ;-)Take care 🙂

  5. Shelly says:

    I’m sorry I don’t mean to laugh but Tee hee ha ha ha ha ha 30 degrees in socal!! tee hee ha ha ! I too hope you don’t lose your fruit! Yikes! I’m glad your tests went well and yes ouch on the sneeze part! Shrimp fajitas… yummy! Oh and one more thing……GO RED WINGS!!! ttfn

  6. Sue says:

    BOB, I had that same experience with Window Media file. I had to save it to a document file on my computer, then upload it to file den. It finally DID work, but what a hassle. All the files on my computer "Music" documents file are converted to WMA or WAV or MP3 files. Be sure your file has been converted before you try to upload it at file den. Hope this works. HA! I had BOTH cats on top of me this morning, so I know how you feel. I really couldn’t move at all…

  7. Rosebay says:

    Awww Bonnie is so cute! Hope Buzz feels better soon. Good luck with the blood tests.

  8. Rambling says:

    Bonnie is so adorable and pretty. I’m so sorry about Buzz God bless him.

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