Yet Another Five Hours I’ll Never Get Back, LOL

We have had this antique bedroom set (full-size bed, dresser and mirror) in our garage for 25 years, taking up space.  My SIL asked if she could have it. We said sure!!  Get that thing out of here!!  BIL Jason says he will be here in two hours so I go to the garage to survey the situation and oops! The headboard, footboard, sideboards and slats are stashed in the rafters.  And the dresser is buried beneath tons of crap in a corner. 

So I begin moving stuff from the corner, pry the dresser out and wait for Jason.  He’s a really cool guy!  Firefighter/paramedic…. He’s seen it all!  After three back surgeries, a neck surgery and donating a kidney to his chief, he still has a Great sense of humor.  I’m thinking that he had better because I’m not going up that ladder!!

By the time he arrives I have moved the cars to the street and the dresser is ready to go.  But the bed of his pickup has a mattress and box spring, filling it to the top.  We decide to pull the mattress out, lay the bed parts and mirror in and then reload the mattress.  So far, so good.  But then there’s the matter of the dresser!  He tells me, No problem!!  I have plenty of tie-downs!  And sure enough, that load was secure!!

We shoot the breeze for awhile and he takes off (50 mile trip!) and that’s when I realize that I have to put all stuff back!  But it is more organized.  Now wasn’t that an interesting story??  LOL

Then rain is gone (we got 4"), and the snow is gone (our cabin got 2 feet!!) but more storms are lined up beginning in Monday and yes, my sprinklers are turned off.  I wish my neighbor’s were…

Buzz’s leg is doing much better!  He’s back to barking at the mailman, UPS trucks and school busses!!

Pretty boring post but I like to keep in touch with my friends!!

Garth tonight!


PS:  The lab called today and informed me that they ‘misplaced’ my blood sample so I have to go back tomorrow!  Idiots!!!!

PPS:  My Desktop PC took a HUGE dump tonight!  Won’t boot and so I can’t get to "System Recovery", so I am on my wife’s machine.  I need to either take it in to get fixed or get a new one for Christmas.  Becky’s friend got this one for me and he asked what model I wanted but he bought something totally different!!  This thing has not worked well since I got it!!  I WILL buy my own the next time.  So tomorrow I’ll switch to my laptop.  I’m tired of talking with ‘Techs’ from India!  In the meantime, I might be missing for a few days.  If I don’t get back, Have a VERY Merry Christmas!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

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9 Responses to Yet Another Five Hours I’ll Never Get Back, LOL

  1. DANA says:

    What kind of dracula doctor do you have anyway???? Geesh! We still have over a couple of feet of snow (added pics to my last blog so you could see I’m not kidding!) Garages are evil. They only exist to show us how disorganized we are! I liked the story!

  2. Beth says:

    Oh, that happened to me once. I had to have blood work redone. Aggravating for sure.Take care!!

  3. maillady says:

    Well, aren’t you the generous one!

  4. Grandma's says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times we have had to re-organize stuff in our basement to give to other. I think we are finally done, for now anyway. It is quite the job. Nope not a boring post at all…I can relate to it.As for the misplaced blood sample…doesn’t that just burn your butt!! I have had that happen (not to blood samples) but other samples involving nastier invasions than just a needle prick. I often wonder where all these misplaced samples disappear to. What a bother having to go back….totally sucks. At least you don’t have to worry about ice, snow and blizzard conditions when you are driving around. I was so thrilled when it finally snowed….and even more thrilled knowing we were going to have a white Christmas….but after seeing the carnage on the roads….all I can say is "Be careful what you wish for". Take Care BobHugs~Karin~

  5. Joe says:

    I don’t think re-organizing is every boring…somehow it so often turns into a real adventure. You have a way of talking about it that makes me smile every time. As to the lost blood sample I have to say your said it right: idiots. I’ve seen stuff like that over and over again…I guess it doesn’t matter what state you’re in huh? Bad weather coming for us too but if it brings the first white Christmas in eight years I’ll find a way to be happy about it!

  6. Jude says:

    Holy cow, you’ve been busy!!! I’m just trying to keep things straight about what kid’s doing what where and when, let alone what the hell I’m gonna do next week! heheAside from that, same old, same old here…..although we did just go buy little dog a new coat for the winter (they were sold out of booties or I would have bought them too!)….best thing about the coat is it’s pink! HAHAHA Hope you’re doing well and your lab work goes smoothly tomorrow. 🙂

  7. Steve says:

    It is one way to clean garage. One thing i would to is to do it in the summer. I have an aching laptop that i too could not use system recovery. I had to reboot it two or three times and yeas i lost of many things that i had to download. I did not lose windows email but i lost my music files.

  8. Shelly says:

    what a hero your bil is!! WOW!! Take care and hope the computer issue gets worked out for ya! ttfnxox

  9. Sue says:

    You never have a boring blog, Bob. Your writing is really lively. Try to think positively—no snow to shovel and you can actually get out of your house, unlike many of the folks in the East! Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!

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