Guess What I Did Today?

Did I go to the beach?  No!,  Go skiing? Nope!!!  Sit at home and relax?? PFFFFT!  You all exactly know what I did!!  Cleaned the house!!  Our Friend from Morocco came here today.  You remember Mehdi!!  We have known him for 10 years!  He just got his Masters Degree at USC in Human Robotics (he invents and perfects prosthetics!)  And now he has been accepted at Wharton Business School, the #1 business school in the world! (Harvard is #5!!)  He has a Great future ahead of him.  So we went out to celebrate at our favorite Mexican restaurant!!  Chile Rellenos, Tacos, Fajitas, Rice and Beans!  Oh yeah!!  And a few Margaritas!!

Mehdi is staying the night then he is off to Morocco to visit his family. He is basically our son!!


I went in for a lab test today (they MISMARKED the first one!) The Lab Tech searched for 15 minutes for the ‘kit’ that I needed.  She finally found Two but after checking , 1/2 of the kit was expired!!  So she called the lab in Berkley, CA and they told her to use two other vials.   "You aren’t doing this today, are you?"  She said yes and the Berkley guy said "NO You’re NOT!!"  "You can only do these from Monday to Thursday because we don’t pick up on Saturdays!"  So now I’m back AGAIN on Monday!!  ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!  Oh yeah….. The lab tech had a cold and sneezed in my face twice!!

As you can see, my computer is fixed!  I followed my friend Steven’s advice and after 5 or 6 reboots it worked!  I didn’t lose anything and it’s working faster that ever!  Go figure!!

Tomorrow is ‘visit my friends day’!!!!  Love you all!!

I LOVE this Christmas song!!  Jimmy Buffet!!!

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9 Responses to Guess What I Did Today?

  1. sweeti's says:

    wow Bob Thumbs up for ur son…Did i tell u we have a son to….???? well he stays in feels good that he is doing so wellBTW hws ur health????and the wife and the lil doggies???CArlos Xmas GB eventCome to wish u Wonderful Xmas days for u and ur loved ones.Be well Njoy the moments.. Hugs Marijke aka Sweeti news from heaven the angels bring,Glad tidings to the earth they sing:To us this day a child is given,To crown us with the joy of heaven.Martin LutherMJ

  2. Beth says:

    Take care of yourself Bob!!!Hugs, Beth

  3. Jade says:

    Yikes, sounds like you ate a Bomb!"you’re not doing this today are you?" – what?!

  4. renay says:

    hope thjat your doing ok. congrats to your friend on his degree. have a merry christmas. i have to blogs up now

  5. Steve says:

    Very good news for your friend. now that is a Christmas present to you and his family. Mexican food sounds a little bet better than the cold weather here, anything hot is better here! I think not only yo get the right box but to get the right tech. O by the way thanks for the shout out.

  6. TRACIE says:

    Enjoy your visit with your friend! Hope the test on MOnday goes better

  7. Sue says:

    Hope you have fun with your Moroccan friend. Glad you managed to get the computer fixed! When I have trouble, I always just restore to an earlier time and that usually fixes anything that got screwed up. Hope you eventually get that blood test. I think after all that, I’d go to a different place to get one….HA!

  8. DANA says:

    Why am I only seeing your blogs through other people’s comments? Why do I keep losing you off my network? I hate this new stuff. I’m ready to give it up.I need those margaritas you were drinking down……… You lab people need to be investigated. What a bunch of incomps.Wow I sound so crabby and mean this morning, I better get coffee before posting again!

  9. DANA says:

    I was going to ask you to are you sure that was the real Mehdi? Or was that a robotic twin of Mehdi? That is really a cool thing to know, robotics. That has to be fascinating. Can he build a robot to clean my house and cook dinners for me?

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