The End Is Near!! (They Live Among Us!!)

Apocalypse Now: There Were Signs Everywhere!


Arsenal Soccer goalkeeper Manuel Almunia was excused from practice to rush home to his wife, who said she has seen a ghost.

April 14

During a book signing in Chicago, Jose Canseco rejected a cup of coffee left for him because he thought it might be poisoned

July 14

An English soccer player was fined $2600 for hitting a nightclub doorman with his girlfriend’s handbag.

Sept 22

A 33 year-old Green Bay woman allegedly stole her estranged 15-year-old daughter’s identity and enrolled in high school because she wanted to be a cheerleader.

Aug 18

The city of Kannapolis, N.C., took down flags honoring native Dale Earnhardt because Martha Stewart was coming to town

Oct 13

An Elgin, Ill student had to remove her Cubs jersey she wore to her high school because a staffer thought FUKUDOME was a curse word.

Dec 1

Until it was changed in November, the test for Australian citizenship included questions about Cricket.


Lots of activity on my street today!!  Tree trimmers trimming, gardeners mowing and carpet installers…..  well, installing!!  So there I was with my camera!!  And of course, they posed for me!!  LOL!

How they fit so much in that truck is beyond me!

Yard Work   Not Mine!! 004

Oh yeah!!  A machete and a chainsaw helps!!

Yard Work   Not Mine!! 006

This guy was the ‘climber’!!  Chainsaw hanging from his belt.

Yard Work   Not Mine!! 007

Gardener showed up at the same yard!!!

Yard Work   Not Mine!! 008


Then the carpet guys. Remember Charlotte’s flood problem???

Yard Work   Not Mine!! 003

All in all, it was an interesting morning!  Look at how blue our sky is!!!

Don’t hate me for our weather!!!!!

PS: Are Rascal Flatts the BEST band or what???  I hope you like this song because ‘HERE" is spaces and without spaces I would never have met you!!!   Have a GREAT night!!



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15 Responses to The End Is Near!! (They Live Among Us!!)

  1. Jane says:

    I hate you for your weather.Okaynotreally. Looks like a hoppin’ day in your hood. What’s for dinner?

  2. Beth says:

    I love blue skys. I don’t hate you for your weather, I am not even envious because in 3 more months it will be Spring!! lol

  3. Joe says:

    You showed just what it means to be bursting at the seams Bob! It is amazing, I’ve seen such thing in the other countries where I’ve lived especially because it’s usually on a scale I don’t see here in America. I don’t hate you for your weather but I do wish we had it hear. Warm for us has been a bit above forty and that’s just making a mess on the streets that just seems to never end. I’m California dreaming I guess until spring comes along.

  4. klaus says:

    Thank you for your kind comment my friend. I am certainly happy we became friends this year as well. Have a great New Years , and congratulations to your Eagles. American football is the primary thing I am missing back home now.~k

  5. Dana says:

    WTH??? Look at your weather! Stupid California, always hogging all the good stuff.! I know that Arnold, your govenor, (can’t spell his last name) has a vacation home right in Sandpoint 30 miles away… I’m going to call him up and give him hell. He comes her and swooshes through all our snow and then goes home and gets a tan! How dare him I say!!!!Sigh… another foot of snow today. Now see watcha did .. now I have the hiccups. I got all worked up! 😦

  6. Jill says:

    i won’t hate you for your weather, if you don’t hate me for mine.

  7. Isabelle says:

    Thanks for the update on apocalypse…… Cherry on top is that we are a mutating species……we are more greedy and ….. more greedy… Have I said greedy?Blue skies i would trade for like a month….against some nice snow….that would magically disappear so I don’t need to shovel hihihihi!!!! Yes I am a dreamer Bob!Happy New Year 2009….. and yes they are amongst us ;OP

  8. Shelly says:

    Hate you… Not a chance in hell! And when your water all dries up you are more than welcome to come to my state and enjoy some FRESH CLEAN water. So don’t hate me for that! Plus You will never know the fun of a naked snow angel festival! HA! xoxome

  9. Sue says:

    Sounds like stuff from Men In Black for sure. You just never know… Take care and keep your dogs close during the hoopla on New Year’s Eve! There seem to be more fireworks around here at this time of year than the 4th of July! Of course, it IS safer with everything turning so green and all…

  10. BRIDGET says:

    Since I have been away, I had a lot of catching up to do here Bob! First of all, your dogs are hilarious! So glad that Buzz is doing better. My cat Spooky thinks she rules the roost…but I’M THE BOSS (this is what I keep telling myself…and her! LOL). Aren’t pets great?So glad you had such a great Christmas with so much family. I haven’t blogged about mine yet, but my trip to NYC was great. Have you ever seen the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall? If not, I TOTALLY recommend it! They are AMAZING! I’m so glad I decided to get tickets!Oh, thanks for rubbing the great weather you’re having in my face! ;o) If you haven’t been watching the weather channel, the northeast has been PUMMELED with snow! Right before my trip we got almost 3 feet! Then a lot of it melted…and now it’s snowing again! It’s going to be a looooong winter, I’m afraid. Got a guest room? I may need to head west! (kidding…don’t worry, I’m not heading out…yet! ;o) )

  11. CAROL says:

    What would you do with a blah street BOB.. be glad your neighbors are getting things done to improve their places. Better than old beat up stuff on the yards with a big dog chained to a tree! LOL We got more snow coming gonna be a white new year. I am about ready for a beach retreat and really HOT weather and it isn’t even FEB yet. A longgggggg winter here. I had to laugh at those signs up above.. Who does MARRTHA think she is..never take down an EARNHART.. never. how rude.. LOL Take care : )

  12. Fizz says:

    Rascal Flatts? Don’t get me started on Yucky, Ear Bleeding kack!!! ;-)How ya been? Your holidays good????? I’m ok. Feeling puny again, whats new!Later…

  13. Jaysey says:

    That is a lot of activity on your street!

  14. ♥ Aimee says:

    wow…you have no snow…lol…♥~♥ :oD because you shared a smile…someone’s day got brighter… :oD ♥~♥

  15. Laoch says:

    New year felicitations to you

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