Dog Fight!!

Hah!!  No contest!!  A Jack Russell Terrier got too close and Bonnie (Cairn Terrier), all 10lbs of her, put the fear of God in him!!  I knew she acted tough but I never imagined!!!  See how tough she looks?  LOL!

Blog Photos 002

Oops!!  Wait!  Not this picture!!!!!

Dancing Baby Hippo!

Dang!!!!  But she IS tough and made Daddy proud!  Look at that face!!


Not much going on in the neighborhood today…… Just better weather!  72F, sunny and a slight ocean breeze! (Shutty Uppy, or move to So Cal!!)  Only problem is, I have the flu!! Always at year-end!!


Watching the program ‘Storm Chasers’ on Discovery Channel!!  What a bunch of goofballs!!  They couldn’t find a tornado if it landed on them and when they do, these guys pull up their skirts, scream and run the other way! I call them ‘Storm Watchers!!  They need some women there!!  Nancy, Mary and Susie are NOT cutting it!!  Oh wait!!  Sean, Josh and John!  My favorite quote!! "We’re running away and proud of it!!"  WTH???  My second favorite quote…. " There’s a tornado to the East, so let’s go West!!"  LOL!  I might not want to chase storms but at least I have a ‘pair’!!  A lot of back slapping but no results!  Pathetic!!!  I’m done with this program!!


Question?  When do you take your Christmas down?  I’m thinking before the new year. 

Thanks Jaysey for thinking of our troops!  You are Awesome!!  This song is for YOU!!!

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9 Responses to Dog Fight!!

  1. Beth says:

    I didn’t put any Christmas up so I didn’t have any to take down, well my little bitty tree I guess which I took down the day after Christmas.Bonnie is so cute, she is a real tiger!!

  2. Jude says:

    Shush about the weather man!!!!!! It’s freakin’ freezing up here!As for Christmas decorations – I took mine down yesterday, less chance of the dogs running into the tree and breaking things that way.Hope you’re doing well. Take care 🙂

  3. CAROL says:

    AWW sorry that your under the flu bug.. hope you recover quickly! I saw someof that storm chaser thing too.. trying to go backwards down th road as it came right at them. Sheeeesh should learn reverse is a lot more dangerous than they think, As for BOnnie welll dang think she is ready for a major smack down with anyone who crosses her path with no good on their mind! LOL Have a nice new year anyway BOB.. Mom is aching to take the tree down tomorrow..most times we wait.. guess she is tired of looking at it.. Sad it seemed to come and go so fast this year. Snowing again here.. grrrr take care : )

  4. Grandma's says:

    We take all our Christmas stuff down on New Years day.Good for Bonnie….she would probably put the fear of God into my dog too (such a wimp).Hope you recover from the flu quickly. Around here, we usually don’t get flu bugs around the New Year…but are plaqued with…of all things…dental problems. Both of us are nursing sore teeth, waiting for our dentists to come back from holidays on the 5th of January. Gotta go buy more Tylenol and Advil tomorrow.Have a great last day of 2008. *Hugs*Karin

  5. ♥ Aimee says:

    lol…ya i guess you are right…can’t complain if i won’t pack up and move…but i am jealous!♥~♥ :oD because you shared a smile…someone’s day got brighter… :oD ♥~♥

  6. Dana says:

    Was the terrier making fun of her wearing clothes? Tomorrow 2 more dogs will show up from "What not to wear" hahaIsn’t it funny how little dogs kick their back feet? Bella does it. It’s like she’s saying "I mean it!" I also found it funny that your little dog was all tough and then it made you all tough.. haha Seriously, you wouldn’t run from a tornado? You always make me smile with your posts! I took my tree down already. I usually did it on my mom’s birthday but did it on the 28th this year. Give Bonnie a treat for being such a brave girl for me (but let her outside wearing that swimsuit, it’s so last year)

  7. Joe says:

    Bob, from the sound of you on this blog I don’t think that flu is getting the better of you! I laughed at your storm chaser comments…it’s true, watching some of those guys you think they are just uber nerds…but I must admit I love storms, getting pictures and dude, tornados have always facinated me so maybe I should stop talking before you think I’m a real live tornado nerd too! I think the people that are on those different ghost hunts are too funny though LOL! Ever watch any of those shows? We have some of our Christmas stuff down but are looking for some nice new boxes to store our tree in so I don’t know when the heck our darn tree will be gone! Usually I’d say totally before New Years Day.

  8. Sue says:

    Maybe they should rename the show, "Storm Losers!" or "Coward of the Sky!" Chilly here this morning—33 and frosty! Don’t think I’ll go play tennis this morning. My "New" knee doesn’t like the cold–it seems to stiffen up. I’ll bet Bonnie can be a terror if she wants to! Love those little terriers, but prefer my larger Aussie! Happy New Year Bob!

  9. Cin says:

    MSN spaces is crazy. Now it will only let me comment under my MSN space, which I do not use anymore. You will just have to remember my current blog address. I will also add it to the bottom of my comments from now on.Happy New Year!

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