Rose Bowl Game

Opinion:  USC is the best College Football team NOT going to the championship game.  Oklahoma?? Florida??  PBFFFFT!!  The much maligned Pac-10 conference is about to go 5 and 0 in bowl games, best in the country.  USC is beating Penn State 31 to 7 at halftime.  College Football has GOT to have a playoff system.  Division 1-AA has one!  Division 1-A has the BCS!  Maybe in my lifetime.  Who wouldn’t like to see USC play the winner of the Oklahoma/Florida game?  I sure would!!

Becky’s Pulled-Pork was excellent!!  I made Buffalo Wings today and we are working on them!!  So good and sooo easy!!!  I may post the recipe tomorrow.  Actually, buy a bottle of Frank’s and take it from there.

I’ve been laughing all night while watching the Mythbusters marathon on Discovery channel!! These guys are crazy!!!  LOL!!  They love blowing things up!  Watched the movie ‘Get Smart’ last night and laughed all the way through!!  Recommended!!

Well, even though I took a 3 hour nap today, I’m going to bed!  Big day of crap tomorrow! LOL

Again, I wish you all a Fantastic 2009!!!

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3 Responses to Rose Bowl Game

  1. Beth says:

    I think I am hooked on Monk, he is so funny!!Are you having more tests today?

  2. Sue says:

    The Get Smart movie was OK, but I still liked the original Get Smart, Don Adams, better. Most of the remakes are lacking from the originals IMHO. I didn’t watch the Rose Bowl this year—I’m still a U of M fan and they didn’t play in it. So at least they didn’t lose either! HA! Love the Mythbusters anytime. My son, M, got a T shirt for Christmas with Jamie’s famous saying, "I reject your reality and substitute my own!"

  3. Joe says:

    Myth Busters? Man, I get pod casts of their antics! They had one where they blew up a water heater! You should have seen that thing fly! Looked like a NASA rocket for Pete’s sake! Sounds like you’re staying well fed my friend, I’ve got to cut back some after the holidays so I can get out there with my Speedo come summer….Not LOL!

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