More Neighbor Antics!

I woke up this morning to the sound of Bonnie barking her head off!  I looked across the street and the plumbers (different ones) back at my neighbor’s house.  Remember this??

Blog Photos 003

And the plumber barfing on the roof??

Blog Photos 002

Well, I wondered why there had been a septic tank smell for the last two weeks….. and no one here has one of those!!

Just as the plumbers left, the high speed internet people showed up.  I’m a’thinkin’ they may have problems.  I’m still trying to relate the two!

Then my neighbor Rod, father of redneck #2, was outside running his leafblower for the FIFTH STRAIGHT DAY!!! He loves it, I guess!  He blows the leaves into the street.  Problem is, after 4 or 5 cars speed by, the leaves are back in his yard.  His solution is to stand in his yard and tell "Slow Down A$$*%#&" at them!! LOL!!  One of these days one of them will come back and beat the crap out of Rod!!  I’ll take pics!!!! HAHAHA!!  Solution??  Blow and then RAKE!  DUH!!  Who knows what’s in store tomorrow…..!

I finally got the cars out of the garage, the crap moved and the Christmas boxes put away.  All done for another year!!  Song tonight?  Who knows!!

OK, Something romantic!

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9 Responses to More Neighbor Antics!

  1. Beth says:

    Oh Bob you tickle me! You are so darn funny!!

  2. Grandma's says:

    Our neighborhood is so blah in comparison to yours…LOLWonder if they have their computer in the bathroom….the toilet overflowed and the computer drowned in crap. In your neighborhood ya just never know LOL….that would make any plumber barf on the roof…guess the sewer vent was plugged up too, why else would he be up there…but again…with your neighbors who the heck knows….LOL.

  3. Jude says:

    Ummm…..number one – why was the plumber on the roof and number two – why was he barfing?? And if their internet and plumbing problems are related your whole neighbourhood’s in trouble! ;-)Crazy as always here – little dog has found it too chilly to go outside and has decided that the dirty laundry dumped by the kids in front of the washing machine is the perfect place to relieve herself…..I sure wish my neighbour would have told me the damn dog wasn’t house trained before I agreed to take her! Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh Any suggestions on house training a lil dog?Other than that, just trying to work off the extra *ahem* weight from Christmas goodies and get back into a normal routine – here’s hoping I can do both! heheTake care and talk soon 🙂

  4. CAROL says:

    THat vent pipe is from the bathroom on the roof and I would bet the fumes were bad enough that even MIKE ROWE wouldntbe able tostand them. PU.. always something nutty happening in your "hood". Grab BEC and the dogs and join me on the beachwe are gonna have some fun!! : )

  5. Cin says:

    You have the most interesting and busy neighborhood. Oh and I am going to hold you to that trip to Mexico when you win the lottery. Don’t think I won’t find out about your winning…I have people.

  6. Dana says:

    I’ve heard of shi%#y internet service but that’s just nuts! I wish I had neighbors I could see. I only saw one coming after his great big old lab dog that had wandered over here to check out my girls. That’s it, nuthin exciting. Yeah I too will hold you to the trip.. my toes are craving some warm sand!

  7. Deborah says:

    I noticed we have alot of friends in common, so I just stopped by to see what all the cop commotion was about. Yes, you sure do have an interesting neighborhood. Thanks for the lively reading this morning. Oh — I might be from NY, and hubby is a Giants fan (he’s lookng forward to the game as well)….but I would LOVE to see Eli’s butt kicked. Too many Giant fans around this house for this Charger fan! Especially since he once dissed my Chargers…who needs him anyway.Have a great day!Deb

  8. Sue says:

    Anytime you see a plumbers truck you invariably say, "uh oh…" That can’t be good. Hope your leaf blowing buddy doesn’t go nuts when the Santa Anas come blowing in! He’ll never be able to win that one…

  9. Kat says:

    Christmas dinner after affects???LOL–ok…that was bad….

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