The Gospel of Judas

OK, this post will be both controversial and maybe hard to believe.  I watched a program today on National Geographic channel and they claimed that there were over 30 Gospels written (Mary, Timothy, Thomas, Peter, etc) and now archeologists have found ancient manuscripts titled ‘The Gospel of Judas’.  It was so deteriorated that experts had to put it together like a jigsaw puzzle.  They did carbon dating on it and it was found to have been written in 100 AD. So it is claimed to be authentic.  Now, 4 things:

1. The ancient Christian Church decided which of the 30+ Gospels would go into the Bible

2. There was no Bible until at least 70 AD

3. Back then there were many, many Christian sects

4. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John had been dead for 100 years when their Gospels were written.

Now, the kicker!!  According to the Gospel of Judas, Jesus took him aside and told Judas he needed his betrayal!  And that he would be despised forever. 

Interesting??  There was ALOT more!!  If you get a chance to watch this program, do it!  And BTW, I am a Born Again Christian so this was kind of a shocker!  But I would love to read the so-called ‘Lost Gospels’)


I’ll be taking the dogs through the neighborhood tomorrow!!  That is ALWAYS interesting!!  I’ll bring the camera!

Have a GOOD night!!  Playing a song I haven’t played before.

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14 Responses to The Gospel of Judas

  1. Beth says:

    Very interesting.

  2. TRACIE says:

    That is interesting!

  3. Joe says:

    I’ve seen many such specials and heard such arguments for "lost" bible books before but I remain skeptical of many such things to be honest. I understand it being a curiousity but regard it as little else. I’m looking forward to your photos, I am never dissapointed by your stuff Bob! Get some good ones!

  4. Sue says:

    Well, in a slightly flippant manner – if you were Judas, wouldn’t you try to clear your name? That does sound like a very interesting program though. Would love to catch it.

  5. Hope says:

    I saw the program Bob, and was a little surprised by it.. there are many "Lost" books that could have been put into the bible,but those who had the "authority" at that time on which was to be in the bible and which was not makes one think.. even today we have two bibles, the Catholic, and the Protestant.. in the Catholic bible, there is 4 ( I think its 4 anyway).. more books than what the Protestant’s have.. why? why were the 4 books removed..? lots of questions and reasons I would guess ..and why were some totally banned? its just like our goverment, there are things that are keep from us, because they don’t think we could handle it.. handle what I am not sure.. but it does make one wonder.. and as with the church at that time, they figured that if some of the "lost" books were read, then we might not understand their meaning. and take things wrong.. lead us down the "wrong" path..and who knows maybe it would have..but again it does make one wonder.. and in ways I think its wrong.. but we have what we have, and we believe in what we believe..its easy to be mislead .. and in this time and age.. we are being mislead in so many so many what do we do? we hold on to our faith.. and let God take care of the take anyway.soft hugs

  6. CAROL says:

    Dont get that channel on basic cable but it sounds interesting. I dont believe it until I really investigate things throroughly.It would take time for me that is for sure. Yeah get some good pics BOB.. always somethign exciting going on there. I am in Hawaii reach me by e mail heheheheh : )

  7. maillady says:

    Kinda hard to believe. YOU watchibg National Geographic? C’mon LOL

  8. klaus says:

    Well…, talk about "taking one for the team" if true. But then, again, his betrayal was, actually needed in a way, to make the entire rest of the story fit.

  9. doodle karen says:

    thanks…..R U serious?……….i will see if i can get that on the computer- no t.v. down here in the dungeon

  10. LAIRD says:

    just passing through your great space. I am just surprised you are surprised! Like government handouts of today the truth is surpressed and like mushrooms "we the people" are kept in the dark. !!

  11. Jade says:

    yes, I have read about those facts…There is ALOT of things many people are unaware of when it comes to history and how people have manipulated it for their own purpose.

  12. Sue says:

    I have heard of this before and believe it could be true. I also think we should confuse religion with actual history. I’m sure there are many other "books" of the bible out there that have been hidden or destroyed over the centuries. I also think that Jesus COULD have been married at some point and had an heir. It’s entirely possible. All this information should have no affect on what religion represents.

  13. Jaysey says:

    I saw this program or one like it on the History channel. I have also watched programs on the other missing gospels. and I have read some of them myself. It’s been a well-known fact for years that the "canon" of texts included in the Bible was decided upon by the Church. After all, it weren’t so, why are there several different versions of the Bible, each one including different texts. For example, look at the Book of Tobit. Is it in your bible? It’s in mine. It is not in everyone’s.

  14. Dana says:

    That is interesting, I’ll have to see when it comes on again. I love that kind of stuff. Oooo more pics of the neighborhood, I’m really excited to see them!

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