The Gaza Conflict

WOW!!  My last post generated alot of comments and messages!  Seems as if I hit a nerve. I was only suggesting that thanks to the early Christian Church deciding which books should be included in the Bible (of which there are many versions), just maybe, Judas got a ‘bad rap’!  Looking at the whole picture it doesn’t really matter, but……..  OK! Enough!

When I started this space I made two rules for myself

Rule #1  Do NOT post about religion

Rule #2  Do NOT post about politics

Well, now that I have broken rule #1 I might as well go all the way!


It is most unfortunate that the protesters just don’t understand the justified reasons for Israel’s retaliation against Hamas.  We all know that Hamas struck more than the first blow.  We all know that Hamas fails to give any legitimacy to the right of Israel to exist as an independent state.

We all know that Hamas uses the funds it receives to battle Israel instead of building a decent infrastructure.  We all know that Hamas teaches it’s citizenry that hatred of Jews is a good thing.  We all know that the moderate Arab countries have used the Palestinians as their proxies to battle Israel.  We all know that the moderate, rich Arab countries have done nothing to help their fellow Palestinian brethren live a decent life.

But you see, by keeping the focus on the deplorable conditions and blaming Israel, the real truth is obscured.  The only nation that is trying to do anything to help the situation, surprisingly, is Egypt!!  And talk of Israel actually fighting Iran in Gaza is BS!  When Hamas rose to power, it spurned Iran’s initial offer of aid and since then Iran provides little more than lip service to Hamas’ cause.

Israel has every right to defend it’s citizens from terrorists. though unfortunately you can’t destroy a group like Hamas, as it has little trouble getting fighters to replaced those killed.

What is needed now is strong American leadership in the region.  Let’s all hope that the Obama administration does a better job at diplomacy than our current one has. 

One last thing…..  For those criticizing Obama for not doing more on this Gaza conflict??  Can we at least let him become President first???

OK!!  I promise to go back to ‘normal’ posts tomorrow!

One of my favorite songs tonight!!

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13 Responses to The Gaza Conflict

  1. Beth says:

    Bob, your posts are great no matter what you write about. So spout off all you want about anything, we your loyal readers are fine with it! 😉

  2. Grandma's says:

    Hi BobI agree with you on your rules about not blogging about certain topics…namely religion and politics. I did that once (about religion) and man…did I ever get slammed….never again…gun shy I guess.I agree with you about your post on Gaza. Also agree that people should stop criticizing Obama and let the poor guy take over the reins first.Can’t wait to read the comments you receive on this post. Have a wonderful day tomorrow, Bob.God Bless*Hugs*Karin

  3. Sue says:

    But when we censor our writing, does our blog remain a true mirror of ourselves? What is the purpose of blogging? Is it to reflect ourselves and our personalities and beliefs, or is it to entertain? If the latter, then yes, religion and politics are topics best avoided. If the former, and the blogger has personal opinions, then is it stifling oneself to avoid certain topics? A couple years ago I had a close friend who objected to finding herself written about in my blog. She also felt that much of what I said was disrespectful of others, and she confronted me with it. Turns out she had grossly misinterpreted what I had said due to a lack of information about the parties concerned. After that I found I was guarding very closely what I said in order not to offend her, with the result that the entries became bland, and non-representational of myself and my life. (She finally took offense one time too many, and removed herself from my life, and the blogs went back to being me.) Just a thought. Anyway, it seems like no one reads my blog anymore, so I don’t worry about offending, lol!

  4. Dana says:

    Ok Bob, there goes any chance you ever had to be Pope.. what were you thinking speaking your mind on your blog? LOLAgain my world is "jimmy crack corn and I don’t care" not apathetic about the issues, just don’t care if others have a different opinion. So sing with me… Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care…..:)

  5. Jaysey says:

    Nothing wrong with a controversial post–good for discussion–and discussion makes people smarter. People who don’t want to discuss and just get mad are orons and will never grow or evolve as humans, but that’s just my opinion. 😉

  6. klaus says:

    Speak your mind my friend.

  7. Steve says:

    I too made a promise when i started to blog, no politics. well i broke that during the primaries. I received comments that others what me to continue my blogging out what is my mind. You to continue your blogging.

  8. Shelly says:

    no matter what you write, crazy neighbors, or insane government, I’ll read it. xoxome

  9. Georgia says:

    Bob, Bob, Bob…you love to stir the pot, huh….;) Really, I found your last 2 posts to be very interesting and I agree with your other reader’s comments, you should post whatever the heck you want to post! Differences of opinions are just that ~ not personal attacks. So keep at it! You’ve always got something interesing to write about and I’ll continue reading as long as you continue writing. Rock on!!And be great!j

  10. Sue says:

    I will defend your right to say anything you want on your post ("damn the torpedos"), so blog on! I happen to agree with you about Gaza. I will be interested to see what Obama does concerning this. I hope his advisors are worthy!!!

  11. Dee says:

    Good Blog and I thank you. Have a Blessed Day, Annie

  12. CAROL says:

    Yeah we make promises and then there is a monumental life changing political year that really was something and we are hard up to NOT say something about things.. Hard to stick to things sometimes. Hope you have a wonderful day BOB.. I am stuck on the beach with some hussy who is harrassing BONNIE.. what a rude dog.! Bonnie gonna take her out though I think! LOLBLOG ON FRIEND.. BLOG ON!! : )

  13. Joe says:

    The balance of what to and what not to blog….well, I can’t say that anyone manages never to offend someone somewhere however that being said if you stir controversy it will also likely come back in the comments too. I guess reap to the wind and sow the whirlwind comes to mind….freedom of speech remains a two way street. I’ve had the strangest things cause controversy for me so I’m claiming that I’ve not had my share of trouble once in a while. I’m going to see if I can catch some pictures of the melting mess outside for a few pictures on a new blog and that’s my excitement for the day. Have a good one Bob.

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