Eagles/Giants game

First off I would like to thank my wife for the ‘Honey-Do’ list I was given 5 minutes before the game started.  But by running back and forth during commercials and halftime I was able to complete it.  Actually, these things needed to be done and I’m the man for the job.  Now don’t bug me!!

At halftime it’s a baseball score, 10 to 8 Eagles.  Now a few observations from the first half:

1.  Both teams pretty much suck, although the Giants are sucking more, but not by much.

2.  Eli Manning is WAY over rated.

3.  The officiating, as usual, is horrible.

4.  Tom Coughlin is a terrible coach! 

5.  Players are dropping like flies.

6.  I like the Joe Buck,Troy Aikman announcing team.

7.  I wonder what Andy Reid’s cholesterol reading is!

8.  The Giant’s kicker had missed 3 field goals all year…..  He has missed TWO today!

9.  The officiating is STILL horrible!!!

10.  The Giants have ZERO sacks against Donovan McNabb in the 12 quarters.

11.  These teams hate each other!!

12.  Did I mention that Tom Coughlin is a terrible coach??

Best quote of the first half:  After this HUGE (6′ 6", 380lb) Giants lineman made an interception and rumbled for 20 yards, Troy Aikman said, "For a big guy he runs pretty well".  Joe Buck countered with, "He had the wind behind his back"!!  HAHA!!

It’s now 13 to 11 Eagles and I’m squirming in my seat!  GREAT game!

20 to 11 Eagles!!  Giants are in trouble!  I hope!

That idiot Coughlin made a stupid challenge and lost!!  So now they only have one timeout left with a whole quarter to go. 

Final score, Eagles 23, Giants 11!!!  On to face the Cardinals!!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I apologize for this post….. I guess it was mainly for me because I was going crazy and needed something to do!  Now on to the Chargers/Steelers game!  Don’t worry…. I won’t post about it.  GO CHARGERS!!



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8 Responses to Eagles/Giants game

  1. Beth says:

    I hope your team wins!!

  2. Jude says:

    Football???? What is this Football???Muahahahahaha 😛

  3. Dana says:

    UGH…. I was more interested in the honey do list. There’s only one thing worse than watching sports on tv and that’s reading about it! But I still love you Bob… (throw in a pic of the dogs or the crazy neighbor for us ‘not so crazy over sports’ friends.) :)Go whoever in the jersey people on the tv!!! teehee

  4. Sue says:

    I knew the Eagles would win it! But will they beat the eversolucky Arizona team????

  5. Joe says:

    Heh, I come from a state that revels in low quality football….those that do that are in a class all their own I’m afraid because along with hunting I couldn’t care less. Funny how that is…fun to hear you get worked up over it though LOL!

  6. Cindy says:

    Hey Bob,I’m back on line and able to comment and post. Although I am unable to get any kind of messenger on this piece of crap now….The computer guy told me not to put any more money into it…But this thing will have to do…Come say hi and catch up.(((hugs)))

  7. Jill says:

    woohoo! go STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. BRIDGET says:

    Ah Bob…you crack me up! That’s about all I can say about that! :o)

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