Soapbox Time, GRRRRR!!!!


Three months ago we opened a a checking account and a credit card at Ch*** Bank.  Double air miles and a great interest rate on the credit card.  Since then our relationship with has gone downhill…. FAST!!

Here’s a short synopsis:

1.  I wrote a check from our home equity account at another without checking my balance (my bad!) and it bounced.  Ch***’s solution was to put a $1,000,000 debit on our account!!  Ch*** wanted a letter from the bank that the check was written from but said bank never received it back and considered still open.  Turns out that Ch*** was sitting on it!  That’s how Ch*** handles fraud I guess!  That took two weeks to resolve.

2.  For some reason we decided to consolidate our credit cards, home equity loans and refinance through them.  BIG mistake!!  They sent out an appraiser, really nice guy, who took measurements, etc  but as it turns out, Ch*** sent the appraiser an email telling to stop where he was, debited our account and then never paid the guy!!

3.  We received a letter and a check in the mail informing us that they were closing our checking account.  No explanation!!

4.  Our other bank called and offered to consolidate and refinance at HALF of the interest rate.  When I called Ch*** and told them they said, "Oh, we can do that!!!".  Oh yeah??  Then why am I shopping around and why do I have to call YOU??? 

5.  I am in the process of trying to recover that appraisal fee but getting no where.

6.  The branch I am being crazy with is in AZ so every call is long distance.  After far, $170 in calls!

So I think we are calling it quits with them.  Beware!!  The miles are not worth it!


I saw Billy, my homeless friend today!!  (You remember him!) He had music blasting!!  I said "Oh! New radio".  His reply was, "Yeah!!  I saved the money you gave me and bought it!!".  WOW!!!!  How cool is that??  But as usual, I forgot my camera!!


It was 83F today with even more wind!!  I’ll trade anyone this for 3 days of snow!!  83F in January is just wrong!!  No rain in sight!!!!  UGH!!

Have a COOL Tuesday!!

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12 Responses to Soapbox Time, GRRRRR!!!!

  1. Beth says:

    How come you don’t have a setup with free long distance. I have cable/telephone/internet hookup and my long distance is free.I hope you get the banking stuff all straightened out. That would be a royal pain in the wazoo.

  2. renay says:

    hope htat you get everthing straighten out.

  3. maillady says:

    OMG! How frustrating!

  4. CAROL says:

    WOW glad I dont do any business with them.. what a mess. hope you get it all solved soon. Glad you had another bank to work with too. 83.. oh my…. we will be lucky to get 23 tomorrow. (sigh)… ; S

  5. Joe says:

    Sorry for the mess Bob, I have to say I trust almost no one who offers deals like that because trouble is so frequent with others I know. I almost fell off my chair when you said 83 degrees! Holy smokes that’s incredible! I figure we won’t have weather to be envied for around three months still!

  6. Ms.Kitty says:

    Sorry you’re having so much trouble, Bob and I hope it clears up for you soon. Now that is some warm weather you’re having. 37F here….Ms.Kitty

  7. Cindy says:

    Sorry you are going though all that….But I will trade the cold for the heat…At least at that temp I could go out!

  8. Deborah says:

    Good morning Bob — I’m sorry to hear about that mess also. I have my mortgage with the same company. All I can say is …. don’t go there. I really don’t think you want to trade places with me. We are in the single didgets this week (I believe it’s 9 degrees right now) and there is so much snow and ice, there is practically nowhere to put it. If it snows again, we will be completely buried. Besides — you’d have a hard time getting me to switch back…lol!Yep, I introduced my Charger Jersey to the laundry bin. I am proud however of how far they did get. They were nowhere close to playing the way they did last year. Oh – and no one, not my husband, or my son, will discuss the Giants game. They just get a disgusted look and shake their head. I did win 5 bucks though — the Chargers scored more points than the Giants. ; o )Have a great day my friend. I think it’s time to update. It’s only 4:30 a.m. here so I know you are still sleeping. Deb

  9. Shelly says:

    Dealing with financial institutions is just a headache!I love that he bought the radio. Next time slip him a few batteries… I’m sure he’ll enjoy it. Oh and here’s an idea, may be two sets of rechargable ones and when you see him swap them out?! I hope you have a great day and don’t let the bank piss ya off any more. xoxome

  10. Sue says:

    Banks can be a pain sometimes!!! We’ve threatened to change to another one too—it always happens when THEY make a major mistake and start charging YOU for it!!! Good luck with that…

  11. Kat says:

    Stressful!!!! I’m sorry you’re going through so much hassle. Not fun. :(and…..83 degrees, seriously? DUDDDDDDDDDDDDDE…don’t you even DARE complain!!! (cries) I miss Sunshine!!! 😦

  12. Hope says:

    sounds like a nightmare .. hope things get straightened out soon for you..80 degrees and your complaining ? I would be so thrilled if it would get that high here.. worried but delighted.."Smile"

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