More Odds THAN Ends

My neighbor Mike, the only sane one on the block, has his new patio almost done.  I’m expecting to be invited for a big BBQ!  Today the lumber arrived and the workers spent all day painting the boards in the street!!

Mike 004

Mike 005

I have actually become friends with them and of course, bring them water!   Speaking of water, we have three leaky faucets that I cannot fix.  Because I’m:

#1  Lame

#2  NOT a plumber!

So a real plumber will be here Monday morning.


There has been a lot of sports talk and analysis about this weekend’s upcoming NFL playoff games.  Here are a few selected pearls from David letterman’s "Top 10 Signs You’re Watching Too Much Football".

"When your wife finishes making dinner, you dump a jug of Gatorade on her."

"Laura has to keep reminding you that you’re still president."

As I often do to get through a day, I have been making lists – shave, get dressed, breathe deep, that sort of thing.  In this case, I’m making lists for Brett Favre.  Does he stay or go?  Pros and cons.  Pluses and minuses.  It’s almost impossible not to have a little fun.

Reasons for Favre to retire…

*  Keeps falling asleep in huddles.

*  During coin flip, refs offer him an AARP discount.

*  CBS planning new show:  "CSI: Brett Favre."

Reasons for Favre not to retire…

*  A little gut looks good on a quarterback.

* There are 29 teams he hasn’t played for.

*  Even in a wheelchair, he can always beat Chicago.

See, Favre loves football the way I love raindrops on roses and meatballs on toothpicks.  This retirement of his is a complicated saga, deeply personal and compounded by the fact that even when he goes, he sometimes ends up staying.  There is something marvelous and vaguely Shakespearean in his grinding passion for our nation game.

Hamlet in a chin-strap…. refusing to take a knee.


Have a wonderful Friday and weekend.  I’ll be around to visit tonight and tomorrow.  I owe you ALL!!!

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16 Responses to More Odds THAN Ends

  1. Dana says:

    Favre is my number one favorite player ever… I even have a Packers coffee cup that no one else is allowed to drink out of. I tease you about football but I do love it. I haven’t watched a lot of it this year and the main reason is that Favre left the Packers. Arghhhh. The packers were the first team to toss themselves to the people after a touchdown. I just love that. SO this year because of the saga of Favre I haven’t watched even one game. It just deflated my want to watch. It made me feel like I was only rooting for a uniform instead of a team I loved because the players change all the time. I loved that at Favre’s age he could bust some moves that younger players just couldn’t figure out. Now what??? Crap.

  2. CAROL says:

    wonderful alright. sitting inside the house waiting for the thaw that will come about JULY.. hmph I think Shelly has decided on the size of that if we all can sync our schedules we will be there to eat oranges off that tree! : P

  3. Grandma's says:

    Just let us all know when Mike is having his BBQ….we will be there….and don’t forget to bring some of your oranges.Oh….and if you get anymore 98 degree weather how about sharing it? Parts of Canada and the US are in a deep freeze while you guys down there are running around in short sleeves sucking on oranges. No Fair!!

  4. Deborah says:

    I’m with Carol Dee — sitting inside waiting for the thaw. We have no tempurature today. Its 0 — that’s it. No minus, no nothing. It’s early yet though. If we are lucky maybe it will come back and we will get to 5 — I felt the same way Dana does about Brett Farve when Michael Jordon left basketball, and the Bulls fell apart. No fun anymore watching Basketball. Have a great day — keep on enjoying that weather. Deb

  5. Beth says:

    Well, Bob, my friend, it is 20 below zero here this morning and I can’t even go outside so I can go to the post office to check my mail. I don’t keep up with football but I hope your team wins.Hugs, Beth

  6. Shelly says:

    Afraid of a lil fire scarecrow? tee hee ha ha what no comment on our "plan"????? hmmmmmmtee hee ha ha

  7. Sue says:

    Erm…why are they painting the boards out on the street? Don’t most people build the deck/patio, whatever, and THEN paint it after it’s assembled???

  8. Sue says:

    Hope that patio gets done and they can have a BBQ before the rains set in. Love the Letterman quotes! But no one better dump any Gatorade on me! Count me in on the Orange Caper with CarolDee!

  9. Jill says:

    i like how you manage to sneak in our beautiful weather without mentioning it — i.e. the guys wearing shorts in january, painting outside with the gorgeous blue sky above them….way to go, Bob. hehehecan’t wait for the games this weekend! go STEELERS!!!!!!

  10. Joe says:

    Look at the bright side Bob, you aren’t a plumber so in turn you must not show a plumber’s butt! LOL! That is good because the image I have after your last comment about Speedos has already scared me for life! BTW, better eat some BBQ for me since I ain’t got any here…sniff, sniff, feel sorry for me yet? Throw some down next time your house flies by!

  11. Gina says:

    Hey. I talked about you today on my blog, ya big galoot. ;o)

  12. Cindy says:

    I’m typing this from inside Shelly’s van. We’ve finished the bottle of Baileys and we’re not even through Iowa yet! As for Mr. Favre! Please Brett, give it up. The last thing we want is another tearful retirement press conference, then a couple months later all Brett, all the time! It’s time for ol’ Number 4 to retire for good.

  13. Kuskulana says:

    Nice looking weather there!Happy New Year and Barbecue!As far as football isn’t it great to watch a bunch of millionaire while away their time playing ball? LOL

  14. Shelly says:

    We are on our way!!

  15. Gina says:

    Hey Bob, I just want you to know that if ANY of those pics could be taken from your backyard… I’d be a regular visitor. No… REALLY. :o) You’d get used to me. (and, I am housebroken) hehe

  16. Jill says:

    woohoo!!!! steelers won!

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