Short Post Today


Busy day and no time for pictures even though, Dang!!  I was at the Mall!!  REAL strangers there!!  HAH!!

But today I took my wife’s car to the carwash, grocery shopped, went to the mall and bought her a 2lb box of dark chocolate creams, brought my and my neighbors trash bins in from the curb, dusted, cleaned the kitchen, mopped the kitchen floor and polished the kitchen sink!  Whew!!

Anyhow, the main reason I posted was to post this song which I hadn’t heard in years.  I’ve always liked Lee Ann Womack.  It’s really funny but you may have to listen more than once.  She has that ‘twang’ in her voice that I love!! 

The cable guy comes tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be posting on my laptop.  About time!!  Take care and enjoy the song.

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10 Responses to Short Post Today

  1. Dana says:

    Chocolate? Did you say chocolate? And cleaning? You’re the man Bob, that’s for sure!

  2. renay says:

    hope that you had a good day.

  3. Beth says:

    Chocolate, yes I love chocolate and a man who grocery shops and cleans is a rare gem.

  4. Jude says:

    What….no chocolate for the rest of us??? lolHope you’re doing well, hun 🙂

  5. CAROL says:

    DANG I missed out onthe chocolates!! Lucky Woman.. was it SEE’s I love that kind! Take care and have a good week.. : )

  6. Sue says:

    Sounds like you were too busy yesterday! And how could you? How could you eat those chocolates in front of me (or behind me or in the other room or…) when I’m on a DIET?!!! Hope your laptop is up and running soon…and not outrunning you!

  7. Shelly says:

    ummm can you give lessons on cleaning? I want to marry you !! tee hee ha ha!! CHOCOLATE is good for the heart and soul!

  8. Joe says:

    Dude, you need to come here,,,I think everyone has a natural twang LOL!

  9. Cin says:

    Boy you were a busy little beaver. I like Lee Ann Womack

  10. Grandma's says:

    Chocolates? Cleaning? Shopping? Hmmm it was either Becky’s birthday, an anniversary, or you are sucking up….or you are just one of those rare men that know how to treat their lady. Kudos to you Bob.Love the song….I think the twang is kinda cute.*A well-deserved hug* to a great neighbor and hubby.~Karin~

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