A Meal To Die For!

First I have to tell you…. I’m about ready to throw BOTH of these computers in the ocean!!  Just to get online and on IE on the Desktop, I had to run ‘System Restore’ THREE times in Safe Mode. After I ran a Virus scan, Spy ware scan and Registry scan.  But I’m using it now.  As for the Laptop, it takes forever to connect although the connection is great!  So I’m on the Desktop but not for long.  I’m going to be on the Laptop tonight so expect anything!!  LOL!!  If I could just remember which mouse to use!!  HAHA!!

Well, we are expecting lots of rain but so far the weather gods have been teasing us!  That’s life in So Cal!  Storms move in, move out, gain strength or disappear!!  You never know.

Did anyone watch the music video from last night??  HAH!!  I thought not!!  The video for the song I’m playing tonight is even better.  Brad Paisley is always good! BTW, Brad Paisley does his own guitar playing,

NOW!! The title for this post!!  I received this from a good friend today and it cracked me up!! 

Take care My Friends and enjoy this link!  HAHAHAHA!!!

A Meal To Die For.


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14 Responses to A Meal To Die For!

  1. Beth says:

    I have seen that video before. How can anyone eat all of that stuff? lol

  2. Twila says:

    Oh yeah! I’m so there! Next time we head that direction, Heart Attack Grill is on our list of stops! 🙂 At least once!

  3. Kat says:

    Oh wow those burgers are HUGE (so are other things there) my son has decided we need to eat there when we visit our family in Phoenix LOL

  4. Joe says:

    I totally hear you on computer issues…I was preparing to post and had a major crash requiring a total scrub of the hard drive and now finally here at nine in the evening I think I’m sort of where I started…just great…I hope to post again when I can in the mean time to visit you…bet you’re blessed out of your mind LOL!

  5. CAROL says:

    What in the word is going on BOB.. you have new equiptment you should not be having a lot of troubles?? Hope things calm down soon. Take care and have a WET weekend! : D

  6. KatSoup says:

    I’m getting the hell out of here before I catch something.:)I hate the spaces changes.

  7. Sanjana says:

    gee and i thought i was the only one with computer issues. imagine i have warranty on the hard disc for three years which should be ending sometime october this year and ive had the disc replaced seven or is it eight ive lost count now…………………… its crazy cant remember it workign ever at a stretch of even a month withotu some glitch…………….ive been wanting to chuck it out myself. this is the last hard disc if this one doesnt work, im actaully going to throw the cpu out and get myself a new one……..enough is enough. cant seem to catch you online………thought i would yday but unfortunately the server in our area decided to die on me……LOL……….well anyways take care and take a chill pill……………………

  8. Sue says:

    That video was absolutely obscene! Thanks for your computer expertise. I’ll probably go with the desk top as I have a great lap top for travel. We have AVG free on both computers and love it for spyware protection. So far, so good with it! Have a great day and I hope you get all those computer problems straightened out soon!!!

  9. Shelly says:

    I saw that when it was on TV. Also, hubby just called and said he fixed heart smart eggs this morning. (cooked in bacon grease) He’s at the cabin and that’s the only reason he’s getting away with it! I hope the computers get you figured out. tee hee ha ha !!

  10. Cin says:

    I have three.little.letters for you regarding your computer problems….MAC!ThotladyThotlady.com

  11. bamacatlover says:

    We’ve got some of those clouds down here that promise rain…we’ll see. My computer just got a laxative yesterday and defragged to the max, it’s still slow….hope you get yours straightened out soon

  12. bamacatlover says:

    Just watched the video, made me want a Sonic, lol

  13. Sanjana says:

    hey if you checking out your blog im still on messenger………….wakey wakey………bob.

  14. Louise says:

    Hi Bob, having computer trouble are we??? I had a blooming bug in my works this week grrrrr, but its sorted now phew. I could do with some so cal weather at the moment my backs proper giving me some gyp I could use some heat lol.(((BIG HUGS))) and bright blessings xxx

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