Another Day I Won’t Get Back!

The cable guy showed at 8:00 and guess what??  Different guy and without the promised equipment.  But it’s working on wireless now, see??  Had to uninstall my security (Zone Alarm) and install Trend Micro.  But both of these computers are ticking me off.  I can’t get sound on the PC and can’t download ‘Live Writer’ on the Laptop, so I am running them both!  Between the two I might finish this thing!!  LOL!

I spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready for the oncoming rain and doing laundry.  They are talking rain from tonight until next Thursday.  My bonsai will LOVE it!!

I also spent the afternoon watching and listening to Country Music Videos!!  I found some good ones on Yahoo.  It’s amazing to me that when I hear a song on the radio or CD, I think I know what they are singing about.  But when I watch the video, it’s completely different!!  Happens all the time.  Case in point, "What Hurts The Most" by Rascal Flatts…. A band I LOVE!!!  There are only three of them (singer, guitar and bass) but they bring in ‘studio musicians’ who are awesome!  But the video… I would never have imagined. Anyhow, I am playing that song tonight and I will try to post the video.  If not, go to Yahoo/Music/Videos/Country and look for it!!  It’s a tearjerker but GOOD!!!  I think you will like this song and this Trio!!

Here is my new computer setup (Control Central!!)  LOL!!  I keep grabbing the wrong mouse!! 


Yeah, it’s busy but it works for me!!  That spray bottle??  For the dogs!! lol  And this post is on the screen!  Think ‘Starship Enterprise!!’!! 

OK! I’m outta here!!  Hope you all had a Great ‘Hump Day’!!  And really!!  Find and watch that video!!

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10 Responses to Another Day I Won’t Get Back!

  1. Beth says:

    You always make me smile Bob, and that is good!

  2. Fizz says:

    I can’t begin to describe how much I loath country music… dear Lord, how are we friends??? ;-D

  3. CAROL says:

    Hhehehe I cant believe you have so many computer troubles .. I sure hope you get it all solved soon. Rain boy we wont see that for some time to come.. Lucky to just get to 30.. Hope you have a great day too! : ) LOL laughing at FIZZ.. I tend to agree I am not a fan of country that much either but to each his own taste I guess. ; )

  4. rebecca says:

    Hiya it’t Mrs. RU….girls just imagine living with a guy who loves his country so much…dang it all and twang it all , i just can’t do it. Heehee…I’m loving my classical rock, Pavarotti, etals…..

  5. R U Serious says:

    Note to wife! ‘Classic Rock’ is dead and so is Pavarotti! Country is the NEW Rock unless you like Rap or Hip Hop!!

  6. Kat says:

    There has been numerous occassions where the video has been very different than I imagined.

  7. Jude says:

    ‘Scuse me?? Classic rock is dead??? I think not, young man!!! That’ll be enough of that talk! I hear far too much country as it is, thanks all the same! LOLHope you have a better day today 🙂

  8. Shelly says:

    I suppose next you’ll say that Motown is dead too? shame on you Mister! Your wife has the right to listen to some of her favorites too! Be careful she might just HI_JACK your space and make it play classic rock all week long! Tee hee ha ha So in So CAL what prep work is there for the rain? tee hee!! I’m telling you your BONSAI would love melted snow way better than rain. Come get some! Me, Stephen and CarolDee have plenty to share here in Michigan! Take care darlin and I hope that you get your computers running properly! ttfn

  9. renay says:

    hope that you get things in working order.

  10. Sue says:

    Sounds a lot like our set up—only our non-laptop one is way older. Am thinking of getting hubby a new computer for his birthday (in May) and can’t decide whether to get him a laptop or a desktop with a great screen. Thoughts on that???

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