Always something happening in this crazy neighborhood but this was a good thing!!  My neighbor Kurt, Redneck #1, had that eyesore of a pickup truck towed away today!!  WOOOOO!!!  It was quite the ordeal seeing as how it had four flat tires!! 

Ole Blue 001

Here is Kurt moving his life’s possessions out of the truck.

Ole Blue 002

We have contact

Ole Blue 003

Off the ground at last!

Ole Blue 004

I hope they didn’t pay this guy by the hour!  It took forever.

Ole Blue 005

And away she goes!!!

Ole Blue 006

He donated Ole Blue to a high school auto mechanics class.  Good luck!!

After all that, Kurt disappeared so I helped Charlotte (Crazy Lady) clean up the driveway and sprayed the weeds that had popped up.  Then she points out a 3" pink, dayglo dot painted on my neighbor Mike’s curb and tells me that she thinks it means the city is putting IN a shopping center!!  I’m like "What???"  Where does she come up with this stuff??  She gets wackier every time I talk to her!  BTW, That dot was right in front of a streetlight pole and they are rewiring them!  Before I left she blamed me for putting her trash bins on her patio BACKWARDS!!!!!  They are round!!  That woman wears me out so I left!  But with Ole Blue gone, I can actually see down the street!

That’s all I have for today. 

Oh wait!!  I have this.  Read this today in the sports sction:

Just call Updike the Splendid Printer

By Grahame L. Jones, Los Angeles Times 
January 28, 2009

Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist John Updike, who died Tuesday, was a baseball fan pure and simple. Anyone doubting the depth of his feelings for the game need only refer to a New Yorker magazine piece he penned in 1960 on Red Sox legend Ted Williams.
It was a 5,880-word essay, each sentence perfectly crafted. Here are just a few of them about watching the home run that Williams hit in his final at-bat. Williams was 42 at the time. Updike was 28.

"The ball climbed on a diagonal line into the vast volume of air over center field. From my angle, behind third base, the ball seemed less an object in flight than the tip of a towering motionless construct, like the Eiffel Tower or the Tappan Zee Bridge. It was in the books while it was still in the sky. . . .
"Like a feather caught in a vortex, Williams ran around the square of bases at the center of our beseeching screaming. He ran as he always ran out home runs — hurriedly, unsmiling, head down, as if our praise were a storm of rain to get out of. He didn’t tip his cap. Though we thumped, wept, and chanted, ‘We want Ted’ for minutes after he hid in the dugout, he did not come back."
One man could hit. The other could write.

Now I’m done!!  New song by Phil Vaser.  Good One!!

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9 Responses to FINALLY!!!

  1. Jude says:

    Dude…..someone’s gonna come after you with your camera! LOL I wouldn’t do that around here, mind you, I’ve got enough pictures of my neighbour to last …….ooooh a lifetime! ROFLMFAOHope it’s not too cool down there! It’s warming up again here muahahaha 😉

  2. Holly says:

    how nice for you…here in bayou country my neighbor’s truck will enjoy a happy rusting 12 ft. from my house. It may feel violated after all its good parts are picked secretly off, but the tires remain inflated! I’d buy on for my land to abandon 12ft. from their home, but then strangers would come by to inquire about them both when I am bathing. [or sleeping] One is enough..

  3. Grandma's says:

    Oh Bob…how could you!! Poor Charlotte, those backwards garbage cans must me driving the poor lady nuts. You know what you should do…build garbage can holders for her on her deck….square ones.Glad the eyesore is gone from your neighborhood, but what will he come up with next?? One never knows, with neighbors like yours. What a hoot they are.Have a wonderful Thursday.*Hugs*~Karin~

  4. Beth says:

    You are a good neighbor to Charlotte and you will get your rewards in heaven. That is what my mom always told me anyway, and I believed her. Now make sure you get the garbage cans positioned correctly the next time.Hugs, Beth

  5. John says:

    I hope he gets a Tax Break on his Taxes? Do you people have Taxes? Here in Oregon, we have a place you can take your rigs to running or not, then they will give you the money back to you at the end of the year. (what it was worth Low Blue book, running or not) I Bet your Neighbor keeps you in check with your self!JohnPS. That truck did not really look that Bad, But i did not get to see the other side!

  6. CAROL says:

    YEp I bet that shop class gets that thing running like a top and boy someone will really benefit from it. LOVE to see the results from their hard work. I bet Kurt would be shocked at it and so would you. Here shop classes are a thing of the past..just like art and choir, Home Ec etc. No money to hire the teachers and no kids who are interested. Boy for the good old days… Take care : )

  7. John says:

    Hey Bob, It Sure was nice Chatting with you Earlier today, So I looked up what you have, and as you already know! You need to stay off of your Feet or foot?, as much as you can, Because you do know that you can end up losing your whole Foot and even your Life, and i am not just saying this, this is what it said on Google, Do not even know you that well, but since we had our little Chat today, I would really like to get to know you even better, so you know what this means? You need to stay OFF YOUR BAD FOOT or FEET!!!JohnPS. Did your Hockey team win?PSS. What Stage are you in with your feet? Are you in a Cast, in a wheel chair, on crutches, or Braces for your Feet or Foot?

  8. Shelly says:

    You are so kind! Poor lady. Take my body leave my mind!

  9. Sue says:

    Ah Updike was quite the poet/writer! He will be missed. Loved the pick up pictures. The shop class will have fun with that one!

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