Freeway Tragedy

I debated with myself about posting this.  It was so horrible!!  I feel SOO sorry for everyone involved…. except the idiot driving the wrong way !!!!!

Two die in head-on collision on 10 Freeway

By Corina Knoll
January 29, 2009

A Culver City police officer and a 21-year-old Van Nuys man were killed Wednesday in a head-on collision that closed several lanes of the 10 Freeway for hours during the morning commute.
Sgt. Curtis Massey, 41, was driving east on his way to work when he was struck about 5 a.m. just west of National Boulevard by a silver Toyota Camry traveling the wrong way, said Officer Miguel Luevano of the California Highway Patrol. Massey’s unmarked police car, a four-door Dodge Charger, was engulfed in flam

No one else was hurt, and the CHP is investigating. Pete Demetriou, a radio reporter for KFWB-AM (980), was driving to work about 4:55 a.m. on the eastbound 10 when he saw a car, driven by the Van Nuys man, coming toward him.
"You’re used to seeing headlights coming at you, but you assume they’re on the other side," he said. "At about 200 yards I realized he was coming in my lane." Demetriou said he called police after the car passed him traveling about 65 mph. All eastbound lanes and two westbound lanes of the 10 were closed at the 405 Freeway until about 1 p.m.
Massey, who is survived by a wife and three young children, was a 17-year veteran of the Police Department and was most recently assigned to the juvenile detective bureau.

Police Chief Don Pedersen told reporters that Massey dedicated much of his free time to working with at-risk teens and every year volunteered for the Santa sleigh, a holiday event in which officers escort Santa Claus around the city and distribute presents to children.
"He was a friend and trusted colleague who could always be counted on to be the first one to volunteer for an assignment," Pedersen said of Massey, who was a Medal of Valor recipient. "The community today has lost a dedicated police sergeant."
Megan Gallagher, 28, a former community service officer who worked with the department for five years, was shocked when she heard the news about Massey, a colleague who had served as her mentor.
"He was someone I looked up to and someone I trusted at the station — being one of the few females there it’s kind of hard to talk to everybody," she said. "When I started there, we have to get our uniforms and he offered up his jacket so I didn’t have to spend the money. He made my first days there comfortable. He was an automatic friend from Day One."
On behalf of Massey’s family, the department has set up the Sgt. Curtis Massey Memorial Fund. Donations can be sent to Culver City Employees Federal Credit Union, 9770 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232.

crash 2

The car that caused it

crash 3


crash 4

What a mess!

crash 5

What’s left of the policeman’s car

crash 1



In a sort of related freeway story, a woman stole a U-Haul truck and led police on a 150 mile high-speed chase until she ran out of gas.  At least she was driving in the proper lanes.  Those never turn out well and yet the local news channels drop everything to cover them!  More idiots!!!


Santa Ana winds are back!! GRRRRRR!!  They just kill my sinuses and lungs.  Here for a few days and 78F today!  GAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

George Strait song today.  Of to work on my tan!!  KIDDING!!!

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11 Responses to Freeway Tragedy

  1. Beth says:

    Very tragic Bob! The pictures tell the story.

  2. Kat says:

    Ugh. Thats so sad 😦

  3. Joe says:

    I saw the bit about that lady in the U-Haul…terrible and always rediculous isn’t it? You’ve got our temperatures beaten by about 35 degrees…nice…tanning in your speedo…ah, good times! LOL!

  4. BRIDGET says:

    It always saddens me when they only talk about all the good things a police officer did AFTER he/she is killed. The media is so quick to print/report anything negative about the police that it’s seriously one of the major reasons that I’m considering getting out of this profession. And you know those people who had to wait in traffic were angry that their day got interrupted and they had to wait (sorry if I’m a little bitter). RIP Sgt. Massey. I will sadly listen for your name in May when it is read at the National Law Officers Memorial. Much respect from a sister in Blue.

  5. CAROL says:

    OH how tragic.. prayers to hisfamily for sure. Hope your weekend will be less windy. : )

  6. Shelly says:

    What a tragedy indeed! I can only imagine how hard this hit my friend with a great big loving heart. Sending love and hope your way Bob. xoxoxoxo

  7. Rambling says:

    I really really appreciated the hunts on using the grilling pan. So that’s where I went wrong. Thinking I had to do this in the oven. I will follow your advice and go to that site and THANK YOU! MUAH!

  8. Greg says:

    Hello Bob…Tragedies really make us stop and think. My sister almost 30 years ago was hit by a drunk driver driving the wrong way on Interstate 90 in Minnesota around 9:00 am. Fortunately, my sister, her passenger friend, and the drunk driver were not killed. They recovered from serious injuries.With it being Super Bowl weekend…Let’s not drink and drive.Everyday is a blessing. Let’s all be thankful for all the little things we take for granted.Lakers/Celtics….Next Thursday.Make sure you use suntan lotion, travel safe, and you and your loved ones be well…Greg

  9. jenna says:

    Hi Bob,yeah those dumb Santa Ana winds! They always made me feel spacey!Jenna

  10. Rambling says:

    come on over. I saved you some chicken and that cherry bread pudding is to DIE for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. John says:

    That’s Messed up on the Wrong way Driver, Been there done that, Meaning i was the Idiot driving the Wrong way, But not far and no cars were around, when i did this 25 years ago.I am really Not liking the Media that much any more, we have a young kid that was Drunk and he killed four people, and yes the young man should get the Death penalty, But I do not like what the Media is doing to this young man, and they making him out to be a really Bad Guy (He is for Drinking and driving and killing four people) But he was not a bad kid, before all of this happened, but the good ole media sure is making him to be a bad guy, the Drunk driver Had a Myspace page, that said if you do not crash then you are not driving fast enough, and for all of you people that do not know what this means?, this is for People that ride Dirt bikes, this is a saying for dirt bike riders, and it says what i just said, But the Media did not mention that he was a dirt bike rider, but they did show a picture of him once, he was posing with his dirt bike, But the next time they showed a picture of him, the dirt bike was taken out of the Picture, Photo shop.I Do not know this Drunk driver, and i am NOT defending him.I am just Mad at the Media for not telling the whole Story, which they seem to be so good at!!!JohnPS. The young man will never live in the real world again, he will be locked up for life!

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